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It Ain't Me, Babe

The middle-aged adolescents are striking again, it would seem. I understand that there have been one or more internet trolls posting on Stormfront and VNN and either using my name outright or pretending to be me under a coy pseudonym.

For the record, I do not post on either Stormfront or VNN. I have no account with either, covert or otherwise. I have not even looked at either site in several years. They are irrelevant to anything in the real world.

Not sure what else to tell you people who have asked. It ain't me, babe.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - January 29th, 2015

HAC on the Butler Plan, Andy Donner on Real Politics, Edgar Steele on anti-Semitism, and some pretty good music this time around.

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Northwest Front Forum

Just a general reminder: this is the link to the Northwest Front Forum

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From A College Student

Dear HAC:

Yes, the address and zip were correct but the apartment number was wrong.  I somehow fogged and posted my previous apt number, but XXX is the correct apartment number.  Thank you for resending it, and I look forward to receiving it and following up with the NW as soon as possible. 

By the way, a few of my college professors are familiar with the Northwest Homeland and your published works.  I'm amazed at how many college students at this institution have already heard of the movement.  

Also, on another positive note, I have noticed that many students partaking in classroom lectures here at [redacted] are openly discussing demographic concerns and foreign policy regarding AIPAC and Jewish influence without paranoia or fear of institutional repercussions, so that is definitely a good sign.  Moreover, some professors are starting to make parallels between Thucydides' infamous Melian dialogue and US-Israel relations whilst covering the topic of Realism in the international realm.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Letter From Bill White - November 27th, 2014

[I found this letter from Bill at the bottom of a stack of stuff. – HAC]
Nov. 27, 2014
Hello Harold,
Happy Thanksgiving. Enclosed are two more AFP articles. I'm loading you up before I go into transit. Once I arrive in BOP, my mail should normalize. (It has not. Bill is being held in solitary confinement and incommunicado. – HAC) Here, I'm finding out, not only has my legal mail been stopped, but also, letters I've sent to uncalled witnesses trying to find out why my attorneys didn't call them.
You know, I have been reflecting on the problem of American complacency. You know the problem well: you confront a person with an obvious fact, like multi-culturalism has led to violent anti-White racism. Advocates of violent, anti-White racism will both deny and justify this, but "normal" reply like cattle with one of three responses: 1) amnesia, 2) abulia, or 3) apathy - like of memory, lack of will, or lack of caring. They stare at you like cattle and either refuse to examine the facts or refuse to believe that anything can be done. In fact, people can become quite violent, screaming "I don't want to look at the evidence" and breaking down into all sorts of dissonant states  when the evidence is placed in front of them.
For decades, I have seen White activists acknowledge this, vent frustration at it, and often, give up in the face of it. In response, I can only issue my view.
First, we don't have to win over the goyim cattle because they will follow the leader. We only have to win over the minority capable of leadership and displace the existing ruling minority. This means that the limited resources at our command should be primarily directed towards our elite and against the enemy elite. This is why I cringe when I see someone throw his life away shooting people or even police at random. Such acts do not harm the power structure and have little effect on the popular psyche. They are not what needs to be done.
Second, the glazed-over effect is a psychologically conditioned effect. We live within a vast processing machine. All of our social institutions, from the educational to the informational, to the religious to the entertaining, are designed to implant messages into us - to condition us. Those of us who are awake can vastly assist ourselves by immersing ourselves in our own conditioning tools - music, society, media. But, we also have to continue to develop conditioning tools for the masses. These run the gamut from philosophy and religion to informational and propaganda - and they need to expand into neglected areas, particularly education. The White "movement" no longer provides schooling of any sort, from elementary to university-level, or almost any material for parents with children. I don't think we should target disaffected teenagers; I think we need to provide more support for parents and children. Newsmedia, we have. Entertainment, we do okay. Education, social support and services, and community building, we do badly.
Part of this fits into your complaint - that we don't meet face to face anymore. But we also don't invest in meeting places. We don't build institutions. We don't act collectively. Why is there no maturity and long term planning?
Part of this, also, is your complaint about money. The problem is not lack of money in White organizations. The problem is both dispersion of resources and the fact that what money is out there is constantly being stolen or squandered. There are tons of money in White organizations - I would guess that the major White and White-oriented organizations in the U.S. see between them $5 - $10 million dollars a year. But none of that money is retained or captured, and there is no oversight. When money does accumulate, it is quickly stolen in lawsuits because it is poorly organized. Worse, when confronted with money issues, even awake White people often develop cattle eyes.
Take yourself, Harold. You have a substantial audience - and you don't need a large audience to be substantial. Can you think of two to four people besides yourself that you could trust to sit on a board and turn your Northwest Independence movement into a professional organization? And I don't want to pick on you, but why don't you incorporate? Probably because you lack assets. Why don't you raise money to buy a small piece of real estate - maybe a building in some rural town - for cash for under $100,000 to serve as a meeting place? Wrap it up professionally as an LLC separate from your political operations, so you don't get hit Richard Butler or UKA style, rent it back to yourself, insure it so you aren't fire bombed - and then make it into a community center for charity and White families?
And that's not just  you, but why don't any White groups do this? This is how people are brought out of their goyim-cowan-cattle shells. And even if it can't be done immediately - why does no one attempt it? I know of one White group which finally, after years of improper delays, has bought an office park in the DC area. Just forty years ago, there were book stores in many major cities. Fifteen years ago, there were a good smattering of compounds and mini-headquarters. And I'll take that back - I know of one other group with a rural living facility, besides the disputed National Alliance compound.
Anyway, Harold, I diverted somewhat from my intentions when I started writing, but I feel great frustration at what I see in the world. I spend a lot of my time, with my limited resources, trying to bring White projects together for positive things while all the while being attacked with nonsense legal allegations and besieged on all fronts. I don't just think, but know the government is much more afraid of White people who want to build things than they are of the kind of nonsense they accuse me of, and that  my imprisonment is much more intended to stop positive things than disrupt any imagined crimes.
Anyway, Harold, if I were to sketch a direction for the movement in 2015, I would suggest the following:
1. Build White Publications. There are two White publications: The American Free Press and The First Freedom, which are the White movement's most effective advertising venues. Advertising dollars spent there return 2 to 5 to 1 if done properly. Every White organization should be working both to build and to use these publications to build themselves. There are several ways to do this:
A. These publications need broader subscription, retail and distribution bases. This means that, instead of reinventing the wheel, smaller White publications would do well to merge into these bigger ones and transfer their subscription base. For example, say that you publish a one-man magazine. You have 300 readers paying $30.00 a year - or $9,000 a year. You would be infinitely better off publishing a weekly column for AFP, which pays $7,200/year and up, and sending them your subscription base. You eliminate all your mailing and publishing costs and give AFP $18,000/year in revenue. You reach a larger audience (20,000 print/250,000 web) and you contribute to something bigger than yourself.
B. The larger AFP audience helps build your project. Say you are a small book seller. An AFP ad, 2/3 page, run once with 5-10 titles will sell 80-120 books. Wouldn't  you like to sell 960-1440 books a year? Why not do the same for music? How about using AFP to build your membership organization? Your storefront? What can an audience of 20,000 motivated people do for you? And The First Freedom works just as well. A half-page ad reliably sells 80-120 books. I'm sure it sells other things as well.
2. Acquire Real Assets. There should be a White meeting place within an hour of every major city. In fact, there should be more. Every White project should immediately professionalize itself so that it can hold and receive assets and then begin raising funds to acquire and fund a meeting space of some kind. Further, every serious White group should start looking for a small commercial space with some foot traffic to acquire - probably in a small town on a major city's outskirts. I can't see any reason, Harold, why your group, for instance, shouldn't have $100,000 set aside in a building fund by December 2015. To do this:
A. Groups need to set up boards and real financial accountability. I know of one group which recently transitioned from the single-leader model to management by a real, five-member board. I believe that the National Alliance RRG is also set up on this model as championed by William Pierce. I cannot think of any group that is effectively led by one man without some sort of board or cabinet. I also know that people are leery of giving money to groups without financial oversight and proper accountability. Developing a building fund is a great time to build a professional management structure.
B. Groups need to properly organize corporately. If Richard Butler had had an LLC, there'd still be an Aryan Nations compound. Ditto for Matt Hale and the UKA. When you buy a building, you put it in a single asset LLC and rent it back to your group's operation. Time for everyone to learn this. With these things done, there will be a reason for responsible people to increase their levels of giving.
3. Build Worthwhile Projects. As I discussed, the handful of worthwhile projects out there need to get more attention, and "the movement" needs to start narrowing its energies so that they are driven into these projects, not diffused everywhere. If I were directing resources, I would do as follows:
A. To you: I really admire your efforts, Harold. I think your books should be disseminated. I think that people should be engaged in community building in the Northwest, and I think that your web media and radio show should be expanded. You should make your project a regional hub: set up meeting spaces near Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Coeur D'Alene, etc. I really hope that your group puts together  a real proposal to professionalize your operations, and if you haven't, to build both online community and social media as well. The online aspect of White activism is really vacant at this point - AFP has tried to expand there, but has had limitations, and no one capable of bigger things other than yourself is really working in this space.
B. To the NARRG: There are two reasons to support the National Alliance RRG. One, to rebuild the National Alliance; and two, to stop Erich Gliebe and Kevin Alfred Strom from sucking well-intentioned White people into a dead end. The second should not be discounted: The potential toxicity of the Weenie is significant. The two are an unproductive laughing stock with nothing to contribute, and they  need to be denied resources until they shrivel up like a weed.
Right now, the NARRG is primarily fighting the Weenie in court over both the old headquarters and several hundreds of thousands of dollars in estates. These resources need to end up in NARRG hands. However, like you, Harold, I would like to see the NARRG put forward a real program for action and start investing in the future. Rebuilding their media, literature distribution and meeting network  would be a blessing for White people.
C. To Karl Hand: Karl Hand has two vastly under-appreciated assets: One, his prisoner support network, and two, his White Christmas Drive. There is nothing that builds goodwill like acts of kindness, and I don't know of anyone other than Karl and company who are engaged in charity for indigent White people. Someone - maybe you, Harold - should take this idea and run with it. Why not set up a new Winter Relief? Why not set up a  [illegible] to provide food and clothes to indigent White people - not just Christmas gifts. This is where the future of our movement is, Harold.
D. To Michael Hoffman: Michael Hoffman is not a White activist per se, but he is the only serious scholar I know of in the United States doing the kind of independent research people need. He supports himself from his work and is planning serious expansion into his own building and the like. His Revisionist History project does not get the resources and attention it deserves, and Hoffman is also a very capable person - someone who can build and administer an organization rather than squander its resources.
Anyway, Harold, I've written much more than I had planned, but I think I've laid out some ideas here that I may gadfly onto others.
Slowly, Harold, over the past few years, I've been able to nudge people into doing the right things. I just hope it continues.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - January 22nd, 2014

A “back to basics” podcast to welcome all our new listeners on the American Nationalist Network.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bill White Being Held Incommunicado

I have an update on Bill - apparently the US government wants to him go insane by providing some further unnecessary solitary confinement. Anyway he is at Loretto and is apparently alive (at least in a physical sense). He can receive incoming correspondence, but for the time being cannot reply.
This has been done apparently due to Bill being a "gang leader". As to who or what he's supposed to be leading, we can only speculate. Certainly there are no gang members (or indeed ANY MEMBERS) rushing forth to read this website.
One day the US will get its act together and realise that solitary confinement is what makes its criminals 'unrehabitable'. The practice is banned in most other countries under international torture conventions.
It is my personal opinion that these long periods of solitary confinement were the cause of his entire 'Mexico incident' and that the US government itself caused any issues with his behaviour due to prolonged and extreme use of solitary confinement. In my country, he'd be able to sue them for this - successfully. - Gabriel d'Annunzio
* * * 
The dictatorship has constructed a narrative regarding Bill White based on a Fox Network television program, a crime drama called The Following, starring James Purefoy and Kevin Bacon. The Florida case especially followed this plot line remarkably closely. 
I have been unable to figure out whether any of those nimrods in expensive suits actually believe any of this crap, in which case they are far more stupid that even I believe, or whether they're simply pasting this bird-brained narrative on Bill out of simple, gratuitous viciousness, like a nasty little boy burning insects alive with a magnifiying glass.
I still think they're going to kill him. I'm sorry, I know that's depressing and not what people want to hear, but with this dictator in power there will be no happy endings for any of us. - HAC

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bill White's Last Letters

[Dissident author and religious scholar Bill White is now listed by the Bureau of Prisons as being at the Loretto labor camp in Pennsylvania, but no one has heard anything from him in almost six weeks. His actual fate is unknown. These are the last letters I received from him, when he was still in Florida.  - HAC]
Dec. 3, 2014
Hello Harold,
I have been moved to what seems like luxury housing here - a window, a mirror, a bed not made of concrete blocks. I am now getting outside every day and am almost being treated well. Why? Because I'm no longer pre-trial. They torture you until they get what they want.
The government appears to have conceded a sentencing error in the Virginia case involving my unwanted still-wife. That will give me at least 29 months back. And the Elonis case looks good in the Supreme Court, with a ruling expected before June. Any move there, and I'm good - at least new trials everywhere.
I'm still waiting to leave for Chicago - why, I'm not sure.
And it looks like my legal defense fund is hiring investigators to preserve evidence so I can be ready to §2255 if these appeals go badly. If anyone out there wants to help, send money to:
Bill White Legal Defense Fund
PO Box 2770
Stafford, VA  22555
I am waiting to hear on costs, but $2,000 - $5,000 seems likely for now. However, I have good issues. In Roanoke, my attorney has already admitted some errors, and new evidence which came out here should give me a new trial. In particular, my Roanoke attorney missed a virus in my e-mail account which allowed a third party to control it - a small error.
Here in Florida, there was some bad advice, but there was just a lot of bad courtroom practice - defense witnesses were not called and important evidence was not cross-examined - largely because my attorney was convinced of my innocence. 

Anyway, my legal defense fund seems to have good lawyers and investigators looking at this -so every dollar helps. If folks want me out of prison, there is limited time to put this together.      
Enclosed is an AFP article and sidebar to do together.
Thank you for all that you do, Harold.
* * *

Dec 7, 2014
Hello Harold,
A phenomenon which I have frequently encountered in prison is what I call the "banging negro". I have written about this before. This is generally a young negro, very black, often grossly overweight, who sleeps all day and devotes his evenings to banging out negroid rhythms. I find it ironic that such negroes, who generally take no exercise, find the energy to bang in such a way, as it must be quite a workout for them.
When the banging negro gets going, he is often met with the rapping negro, who chants moronic pseudo-English to the beat, and, I have seen in some facilities, dancing negroes, who are moved in the primitive tribal way of their people to strip off their clothes and dance naked as if charmed. Such is the Dionysian nature of these parodies of man.
Here, in my new housing, I am quite comfortable, but we do have a banging negro. I call him Moon Pie, not knowing his name, because he is black and round and soft at heart. You should see him on the recreation yard - he can make about two bizarre, warbling 30 yard sprints, culminating in a strange kick of the wall - before he is so exhausted, he pants. Yet, in the mind of this clearly slightly retarded sociopath, he is running the unit, the boss of bosses, so to speak. I often just find myself laughing.
One of the things I've learned, both from prison and from my experiences with my wife and [name of actual perpetrator in his cases redacted], is that a person who is big at age 20 or 21, will be grotesque by age 30, and that to be grossly overweight at such an age is a sign of serious mental disorder or sociopathy.
You know, every  month I receive the Wall Street Journal magazine, a magazine which I can best describe as a showcase of evil. When you see the people and the things that the internationalists and the Zionist elite promote, it is almost funny to see the way in which they call my words - both those actually altered, and those merely attributed - a crime. Every month WSJ magazine highlights "artists" while advertising high fashion - clothes that often cost more than a working person earns in a year.
A few months ago, WSJ featured - in a rare move - a Romanian-born model  chosen for her attractiveness and not the unattractive bizareness of her appearance, which is how most fashion models are chosen. They photographed this young woman at the property of some decadent and aging pervert on the coast of Mexico. Here, the scumbag fashioned ugliness he called art and only allowed in those members of the super-rich who annually committed "every one of the seven deadly sins". The model asked how much to rent a villa, and the man responded, "No, only the super-rich may stay here."
Last month, the WSJ showcased, for the Satanic  super-rich, an angry negro woman who made art of little black girls fellating little White boys in Civil War costumes. This month, a Jew bitch named Cohen highlights her charity "Fuck Cancer", a half-Hindu pop star poses with a White man named Riff Raff, whose teeth have apparently been replaced with metal screws, and we learn of an artist who makes decals out of pornography and sticks them onto cars.
In describing the tampering with the human genetic code and the so-called "advances" of modern science, Michael Hoffman notes that modern  man, far from being horrified by the actual evil which pervades all aspects of our society, would be much more horrified if some Taliban - or, now - Islamic state - were to come and set the whole works on fire. That, in a nutshell, is why I'm in prison.
Elsewhere, in the print edition of the Journal, they then run a lengthy book review attacking Ezra Pound for his anti-Semitism and his opposition to usury. That, and not confused, miscegenated creatures waving their middle fingers at a crowd of maniacally mesmerized youth and Jews saying, "Fuck Cancer" while talking about the need to be "direct" with "millennials", is the atrocity.
And, by the way, have we not heard enough of this "talkin' 'bout my generation" shit? The Jews target kids because kids are dumb. I was a dumb kid - so were you, I'm sure. They pump kids up with an exaggerated sense of themselves because youth is vulnerable to that, and then they lure out and eat their souls.
So, Harold, I thought of just writing to WSJ to remind them of the evil which they represent, but I realized that this was pointless. Better to share with an audience - even a small one.
But, what conclusions can be drawn?
All diversion of society's wealth - and wealth has to be looked at as a social, not individual, possession - toward decadence has to end. The best way to do this is to identify the decadent and dispossess them of their wealth. And this is not difficult, because: the big flashing road sign of decadence is usury. As a society - as an ethno-cultural organism - we should identify all the bankers and money lenders, declare their wealth void, and distribute it to the people. Then we must ban the practice of usury which allowed such parasites to grow.
Then what will be left is a mopping up operation. Those few non-usurers who promoted internationalism - the Bill Gateses of the world - will be dispossessed as well. A few thousand mostly Jewish scum will be left impoverished. Maybe 180 million of America's white population will receive the wealth. (With 20 million Whites and 15 million not really whites needing to go in the ash can as diseased and unrecoverable cells.) And the evil of modern capitalism will  be suppressed - if we can keep it. Then this artist's retreat in Mexico will dry up and maybe some villagers will move back in to fish and live in little not-very-artistic huts.
I finally received one of Karl Hand's newsletters in the mail. In it, I read of a prisoner in California  who collected 200 postage stamps to help Karl pay for shipping on his White Christmas Drive. Finally, I thought, the right idea is spreading. I made some phone calls and sent some letters. I had the inmate sent books and subscriptions with my thanks. Karl got sent money, and I hope that AFP co-sponsors his White Christmas Drive next year; they should just squeeze an ad in this year.
When I ran the ANSWP, of course, I didn't object to confrontations with negroes. If I were not in prison, I would have counter-marched in Ferguson. But I always urged our organizers to not focus on black agitation, but to focus on doing good for their White communities. And it was this that caused the federal government to target us. The feds like having people running around talking about niggers and Jews and what not. We draw dissidents out so the feds can monitor and arrest them. But what they do not want is for White people to stop being a pathological fringe and to start doing good for other White people.
I think that this goal of the federal government's - their goal to marginalize us by encouraging only confrontation and to stop any good works - has done more to harm "the movement" than any other. This, then, begs the question of: why have not more of the White leadership caught on? In part, it may be because, like Al Sharpton in Ferguson, White leaders too often volunteer themselves to be the servants of hidden forces.
Though this letter may not reach you by New Year's, Harold, I would urge all of those reading it to focus in 2015 on one thing: how to give of themselves to improve the lives of White communities. For 50 years, White organizations have focused on fighting, resistance and confrontation. Maybe some of that, if done properly, would be appropriate as armed black mobs, organized by the Obama administration and its intelligence agencies, take the streets. However, what White organization out there has the balls to confront both an armed negro mob and the police and federal agents protecting them? No - what I would wish is that "the Movement" take just one year - one year out of 50 - and spend it building things that will still be here next year, and doing good for others. Instead of "how can I get someone to send me $25?", how about "who can I give $25 to?" Instead of "I'm angry now", how about "what can I do now which will still be here tomorrow?"
Anyway, I'm ranting, Harold, but as a prisoner with nothing to do, that's my privilege.
Legally, I am awaiting transport to Chicago. The feds have admitted a miscalculation of my guidelines  in Virginia, which should give me back 2-1/2 years. I am waiting for Elonis to be decided; this will likely vacate my convictions. And I'm trying to interview and hire lawyers to preserve evidence and prepare to the numerous errors of my current, free attorneys. However,  it has  become clear to me that the only realistic legal relief I can hope for is going to come from my own efforts; meaning, I hope to one day be returned to BOP where I can access a law library.
I hope that this letter finds you well.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Year Was 2081, And Everybody Was Finally Unequal

(SBPDN is a really great site, but it's really hard to patch in here due to all the embedded graphics and formatting. Every other phrase is hyperlinked. You can and should go to the original site above, but this is at least a readable text. - HAC)

The pursuit of equality mandates the elimination of freedom and the implementation of unjust laws.

In essence, equality as the highest moral good is the embracing of injustice as the ultimate weapon to fight nature.

But nature will always win, no matter the effort to pretend she's not there.

Wait a second, what does the Gateway Arch in St. Louis remind you of...

It was only a few a days ago, in thinking about the majesty and true beauty of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis (easily the most powerful symbol of Manifest Destiny and Western Man's unabashed conquering of the North American continent) that a realization of what it truly represents hit me: the bell curve.

No matter the effort, no matter the number of programs or initiatives, no matter the number of zeros in the monetary investment, the failure for the black race to live up to the standards set by the white race in St. Louis seem inescapably connected to one unmentionable word: genetics.

Discrimination on the part of whites to hold blacks doesn't make any sense, considering the same drive, ingenuity and resilience of a people reflected off the Gateway Arch (remember, it was built to memorialize Manifest Destiny...) has now been handicapped to eternally help black people catch up...

The same problems blamed for high black homicide rates (and overall black failure when compared to white standards of civilization) at the time the Berlin Wall fell, are still blamed today when describing why heavily black North St. Louis is a food desert.

Black failures then (and now) are blamed on unemployment, drugs, inadequate housing and lack of education are cited by those who try to find the reason for St. Louis' epidemic, as well as leaning on "hyper-segregation" and isolation from amenities, opportunities and resources, making it more difficult for them to get ahead in life.

James Clark, vice president of community outreach forBetter Family Life says he realizes there is a sub-culture in the urban core where “crime and violence is accepted.”

He blames that on lack of education and respect. Better Family Life tries to give those boys and men a new vision of themselves to combat the message that they are nothing.

“So the first thing we do is we give them a thorough understanding that you are a child of God you have to be responsible to yourself, your family and your neighborhood,” Clark said.

The current methods of hot spot policing from the St. Louis police department have been highly praised by outsiders, but Clark believes that is not what the community needs, suggesting hot spot resourcing would bear better outcomes.

“If we aren’t literally in our neighborhoods going door-to-door doing assessments on everyone in the household and then delivering the resources to meet the needs of the individuals in the households this will only get worse,” he explained.

The list of resources Clark seeks is long. He said, “We need prenatal care, we need alcohol and drug treatment, we need clinical evaluations, we need employment.”

In reality, Clark's idea is to retard the advancement of white civilization so black people can catch up (after all, when resources are redirected from one community to the other, the former community is left without any investments for its betterment).
... my gosh, the bell curve!!! St. Louis is truly Bell Curve City!

St. Louis in 2015 is 49 percent black and 43 percent white; the black population is solely responsible with keeping St. Louis in the lead for most violent American cities (homicide, aggravated assault, robbery, weapons offense, rapes, and non-fatal shooting suspects..).

This is why St. Louis Blues fans are scared of coming downtown (the Blues are the National Hockey League franchise).

This is why downtown St. Louis is a ghost-town at 5 p.m. on a weekday night. 

But Wednesday afternoon, I was strolling back to the newspaper when I happened to pass Copia Wine Bar and Restaurant, which occupies several storefronts — and 15,000 square feet — on the south side of Washington Avenue between 11th Street and Tucker Boulevard. Almost passed it, I should say. I decided to have a glass of wine.

It was almost 5 o’clock. The place was nearly empty. 

Amer Hawatmeh owns and runs the place. He came over to chat. (All right. I’ve stopped for a glass of wine once or twice before.) “How’s business?” I asked.

“Terrible,” he said.

Lunch and dinner are down. Happy hour is way down. Parties have been hit the hardest, he said. He told me he had almost $225,000 in cancellations in November and December. Mostly holiday parties, he said.

“Right now the weather is bad, but even before, you could see something was wrong. We used to look out the window and you’d think this was a major metropolis, but you don’t see that any more. The street is empty.”

That is not exactly welcome news for an entertainment district.
The future seems clouded. What will Ferguson do to the convention business? But that’s the future. The present is troubled enough. Hawatmeh said he didn’t know how long he’d be able to continue.

I asked what he would do if he were in charge. “We need more police,” he said.

“Visible police. I love the police. But you need to be able to see them. You know what I would do? Put them on horses. Get those horses from Forest Park and bring them here. If there is a crowd of people, and you have a policeman in the middle of the crowd, you can’t see him. But if he is on a horse, everybody can see him.”

Downtown St. Louis would not be dying were it not for the consistent, persistent, and visible threat of black criminality (visible in the blight and abandoned buildings were commerce once flourished).

The government, both major political parties, academia, the media, and all major religions in America push equality with a ferocity even Harrison Bergeron would find shocking, but the reality of inequality remains obvious to anyone willing to consider an alternative to the madness of modernity: and this reality can be glimpsed in looking at the arch in St. Louis, a monument we will one day praise as commemorating the opening of the west to Manifest Destiny, but also to the reality of race.

For the Gateway Arch also is the perfect representation of the much denounced Bell Curve, a work whose primary theory that does far more to explain the continued inability of the black race to achieve the standards of civilization set by whites then relying on the boogeyman of white privilege to explain away high rates of criminality, dysfunction, and food deserts wherever black people in America are found.

Friday, January 16, 2015

HAC On Aryan Banking

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Radio Free Northwest - January 15th, 2015

HAC on the French “terror” attacks; the Trucker on New Year’s resolutions; Gretchen on Super-Humanism; Ed Steele on anti-Semitism, and then Harold goes on with his T-shirt Youth commentary from last week.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Novel Predicted New World Order

by Bill White 

In the early and mid 20th century, a group of science fiction writers with occult ties began to push a vision of the new World Order, working into their writings occult themes that resonate today as the Anglo-American-Zionist complex tries to break the last bastions of resistance to One World. H. G. Wells and his socialist vision is well known, as are Aldous Huxley and L. Ron Hubbard. But less appreciated today is Arthur C. Clarke, and particularly his novel, Childhood’s End.

Like many in the One World circle, Arthur C. Clarke was an occultist who followed the teachings of Aleister Crowley and his Order of the Oriental Temple as well as an agent of MI6, the British intelligence service, which like the FBI and CIA, the German BND and the Zionist Mossad, has been a key instrument for the authors of One World. Best known for collaborating with Stanley Kubrick in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Clarke's 1953 Childhood’s End makes the Satanic gods of the New World Order much more explicit.

In Childhood’s End, as human beings are, in 1973, about to travel to the moon, spaceships appear over all of the world’s capitals controlled by hidden beings called the Overlords. Within those silent, unmoving ships, master psychologists are studying human reactions. The Overlords have giant computing machines and a psych-social science in which such events as economic depressions, the results of armament races, the stability of social groups, political and coon, could be analyzed by the correct mathematical techniques. Using this science the Overlords dismantle all of the world’s religions, take over the United Nations, place all of humanity under surveillance and enact the World State.

The results is Utopia. Production becomes largely automatic. All the necessities of life are virtually free. Men work for the sake of the luxuries they desire, or they do not work at all. It is One World. There is no one on earth who cannot speak English, who cannot read, who is not within range of a television set, who cannot visit the other side of the planet within 24 hours. All potential criminals know there can be no escape from the surveillance of the Overlords. “And what earlier ages called vice was no more than eccentricity.”

These élite Overlords remain hidden for 50 years, two generations, before they reveal themselves. 50 years is ample time in which to change a world and its people beyond recognition. All that is required for the task are a sound knowledge of social engineering, a clear sight of the intended goal, and power.

But when the Overlords reveal themselves, it turns out that they never had the power they projected. The great fleet of the overlords dissolves into nothingness. The silver clouds that had hung for a lifetime over earth’s capitals had been an illusion; Humanity had been conquered by purely psychological weapons. As for the conquerors, “there was no mistake. The leathery wings, the little horns, the barbed-tail—all were there.” Humanity had been brought together in One World by a race of devils.

This belief, that Satan and Lucifer are extraterrestrial beings, is a very real one, known to religions 5000 years ago, and part of the official belief system of groups like Aleister Crowley’s OTO.

By the time people realize that the whole thing had been a psychological trickery people were so fat and prosperous and institutionalized that there is no will to resist. People are kept in universities on and off through their entire lives. Sexual mores are dissolved. Steadily rising standards of living are due to the Overlords. And the World State completely disarms humans against their masters forever.

What make Clarke's work unique is that all of the practices and then technologies that he describes have either come to pass or are being viciously fought for and exacted in Western states today. As such Clarke is far ahead of George Orwell, who correctly foresaw a dystopia, but whose tiny helicopters and surveillance TVs have only just come into being with drones and webcams to spy.

Humanity is then allowed to fatten for two more generations, 50 more years, before it is harvested. All human children undergo a psychic transformation into something post-human. They combine with en entity known as the Overmind and then destroy themselves and Earth. “All the hopes and dreams of your race are ended now…they will be a single entity…It would be simplest, and perhaps more merciful to destroy you…For what you have brought into the world may be utterly alien and it may share none of your desires and hopes.”

This, too, is the ultimate goal of the One World movement today. Since no later that the 4th century A.D when the philosopher Syrianus syncretized Orpheism, Platonism, and Pythagoreanism, the occult forces have achieved the substitution of the promise of reunion with the One God for the oneness of oblivion, a unit they had been pitching for many millennia before. Arthur Clarke’s Childhood’s End explicitly reveals the occult meaning in internationalism and multiculturalism, and deserves a renews look from the world’s nationalists.



Monday, January 12, 2015

From A Bygone Age

"When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know, the end result is tyranny and oppression no matter how holy the motives."  - Robert A. Heinlein