Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Why, Sometimes I've Believed Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast"

[This came in off the net without attribution. Probably the work of some anonymous office or intellectual worker who would befoul his fruit-of-the-looms if there was any chance his real identity would be revealed and his precious job and access to worldly goods threatened, but that seems to be what we have to make do with these days, and this isn't half bad. - HAC]

You know the quote, right?

Through the Looking Glass.

The White Queen.

In BRA, we don't even qualify as Alice...

Doesn't it just sum up our age, under the auspices of Black-Run America (BRA), where an entire religion has been created out of the deification of the black man (with apologies to the second and third part of this unholy trinity, outright and eternally in-your-face homosexuals and illegal immigrants).

While waiting for a flight recently, I had the displeasure of conversing with a purportedly white woman who once called a Midwestern state home; her visceral hatred of this locale was only usurped by the ludicrous jubilation she recounted for her new, adopted home (city redacted).

It was hip, diverse, and everything a 21st century "white" woman would desire, as long as it was anything except the lily-white refuse dump she grew up in and found an undesirable reminder of a normal existence she rejected.

On a lighter note, it is said humans pick out dogs that, at an unconscious level, look like them: it should be noted this woman had a bulldog with her as a companion, which proceeded to pass unimaginably putrid gas every other minute or so.

Sitting there, listening to this individual pontificate about the joys of being an urban pioneer and abandoning the home life she had come to despise with every lasting fiber, she said something about the noticeable drop in crime (correlating to the increase of whites in the same real estate once occupied by blacks where crime was an every day reality) causing me to instantly put down my beer.

"Oh," I replied curiously, "You mean individual acts of criminality aggregated together are so miniscule now, businesses have opened where once boarded up buildings were the norm?"

She thought about it for a second (while her dog passed gas again), and said, "I guess."

Taking an enjoyable sip of the beer, I inquired, "Funny, because once individual acts of criminality aggregated together to confirm a reality you choose to ignore, which formed the primary reason for the property you've terraformed into something livable was once a ghetto... a slum."

She looked at me for about five seconds, an unsettling scowl appearing on her already unsettling face.

Before she could say anything, I flipped a $10 bill to pay for my tab in the direction of the bartender, grabbed my bag and started to walk toward my gate, before turning around and saying, "Blacks."

I think it startled her, and I'll forever have a mental picture of her body language as I continued: "It's individual blacks engaging in acts of criminality, aggregated together to confirm a reality you will always choose to ignore."

Turning around to make my way to the gate, I stopped briefly, looked back at her and mockingly stated, "Probably the same reason you hate the town you grew up, because it lacked a black population you know admire from afar. Right?"

As I walked away, not even the unpleasant smell of her dog could wipe the smile of my face.

In closing, I believe there's no point in engaging with Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) anymore than I believe there's hope in convincing someone who believes the movie America: Imagine a World Without Her will inspire a radical change in the direction this "nation" is headed they might be wrong...

Thus of us who can see are living in a country so completely insane, it wouldn't be imprudent to suggest completely divorcing oneself from caring about politics is the smartest manner in which to retain some sense of sanity.

Just as it's not prudent to advise people to believe they can change the minds of either a DWL or a conservative from believing whatever ideas help buttress their own world-view: they've already decided to, like the White Queen, "believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

But the most impossible thing both have been groups have been able to convince themselves of (before breakfast, lunch and even after dinner) is this: that race doesn't matter.

What are some other impossible things conservatives and DWLs have been able to convince themselves to believe?

Audience participation time.



Anonymous Dave said...

That was from Stuff Black People Don't Like, a blog useful for beginning to change people's minds about blacks. But it doesn't often go into what should be done about them.

12:23 PM  

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