Sunday, July 06, 2014

Letter From Bill White 6-29-2014

Hello, Harold:

My personal situation here has stabilized, although I still am not well. I have been assured that I will be moved soon, either by the U.S. Marhsals to the Orange County Jail, or by other means out of this district. 

On the basis of this assurance I have resumed eating, but my medical and living conditions are still awful. (Be interesting to see whether or not they mysteriously "forget" to keep that promise now he's broken off his hunger strike. - HAC)  

I was finally allowed a shower today and was able to look in a mirror. I seem unable to grow a full beard right now, and I have a kind of Yasser Arafat look. I have also grayed tremendously in the past few weeks. One day, like Winston Smith, I will wake up and look in a mirror and not be able to recognize myself.

My civil suit against the jail is moving forward. At least one of my pleadings to the court appears to have been stolen or diverted. But my attorneys this time are some pretty good people, and they are now coming to the jail regularly and refusing to leave until they have seen me and checked on my condition. 

Other than that I have no contact with the outside world and I have received no mail from you since June 18th. As soon as I am able I will find out what of mine has been published lately and square accounts; I just have not been able to do so.

Legally, my case is still headed to acquittal, by all appearances. Also, my conviction in Chicago appears en route to being overturned. I can do nothing on the Roanoke conviction until I have access to a law library.

The only good news is that I am back working, since the lights in my present isolator cell are sufficiently low so that I am not crippled by blinding headaches like before and I can think straight, more or less. I am finished up with Paulus Diacanus's History of the Lombards and will be sending you a TBR essay on the subject soon. I would also like to thank everyone out there who is contributing books and money so I can finish Serpent's Blood

You will understand that it's difficult under the circumstances, and there is much happening that I cannot write about, but I am making progress.


* * *

From HAC: All of my mail to Bill White is now being returned to me by the Seminole County Jail marked "unauthorized mail." It used to be that there was a white sticker on the outside claiming that it was "internet-generated" (including material that wasn't, such as chapters of Bill's work that was simply typed) but now they don't even open the envelopes any more, they just slap that big "Unauthorized Mail" rubber stamp on there and send it back to me in batches. I have sent him several hand-written letters which are clearly not "internet-generated"; they seem have simply disappeared, since Bill makes no mention of them.

If anyone is able to get through to him at all, please let him know that his letters to me are being published on this blog. 

William A. White #201400005514
John Polk Correctional Facility
211 Bush Boulevard
Sanford, FL 32773


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