Sunday, July 13, 2014

Greville Janner Beats Buggery Rap Again

Recently the Brits have been conducting a kind of witch hunt against elderly White men. 

(En passant, what in God's name is this obsession democracy seems to have about hunting down and torturing old men for real or imagined crimes decades after they occurred? After no one remembers anything about it, and whatever the crimes were, they are now beyond proof? We see it all over the Western world.)

Like most witch hunts, this one is marked by an excess of shouting and posturing and a paucity of fact. There doesn't seem to be any evidence against these elderly celebrities except for the testimony of "victims" 30 and 40 years after the fact.

God knows I am the last to be soft on faggots, but burying elderly men alive solely on the more or less unsubstantiated word of some attention-seeking git pointing a finger in order to get his 15 minutes and maybe a book deal about how Jimmy Savile popped him in the can in 1982 is contemptible.

Anyway, notorious shirt-lifter Jew Greville Janner has escaped again.  This is the same court system that recently locked up 84-year-old singer Rolf Harris on 30-year-old paedophilia charges. Harris has dementia as well, and reports from the prison say that he doesn't seem to know where he is or why, but he's not Jewish, so he is going to die there.

The law in Britain is simple: gentiles go to prison, wealthy and influential Zionist Jews walk away with a doctor's note.

This is from Comrade Paul in Airstrip One:

* * * 

So it would appear that "Lord" Janner of Braunston just walks away from it all. Again. There are about 10 levels of justice, or rather injustice in this country.

Perhaps he will make a miraculous recovery like Ernest Saunders [who had a Jewish father] in the Guinness Share Fraud [see Wikipedia]. 

“He was initially jailed for 5 years for false accounting, conspiracy, and theft and this was halved on appeal. After medical evidence was produced to suggest he was suffering from a mental illness. Saunders was suggested by doctors at Ford Open Prison possibly to be suffering from premature Alzheimer's disease....He made a recovery unique in medical history. Alzheimer's, like all dementias, is usually incurable, being a progressive degenerative disease of the brain. Saunders has since maintained that he must have been depressed. The press presented it as Saunders being deceptive and ridiculed him and the decision to release him.” 

Former judge Butler Schloss is so ancient that she would be hard pushed to get a job as a lollipop lady, however "competent" she may be. She is a safe pair of hands to wrap this scandal up. 

The article on the following link alleges her husband was a paedophile.

"....another of our great judiciary, His Honour Joseph Butler-Sloss admits "using"  prostitutes in England and in Kenya. What even the News of the World did not print was that  he did not care how old they were and many were child prostitutes  Butler-Sloss said  "It's not at all expensive. You pay 300 Kenyan shillings (£10)...”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leon Bitten (jew) also seems to have escaped any punishment for "losing" a file on establishment paedophiles which, seeing as the UK has the most jew law makers outside of Israel, must have included more kike nonces than just Janner.

We live in a Kikeocracy

1:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These "old men" all all race traitors. They deserve what they get. Do you think that there is no connection between Britain's descent into a multi-culti hellhole and the sexual proclivities of these "old men"?

It would seem that the late Jimmy Savile was a real live Norman Bates and a procurer of children for top politicians and their masters.

Ted Heath was another monster.

1:57 AM  
Anonymous Barney said...

The perverts at the top, including those in the palace and the top cops, protect perverts below them until it suits them to scapegoat a few.

The former pop singer known as "Cliff Richard" apparently has some kind of court order protecting him from being identified as the child abuser he apparently is. I predict that he'll be the next "Jimmy Saville" once he's dead and beyond the reach of "law enforcement".

That's the way things are over here, and I can guarantee we won't be seeing any "royal" perverts exposed either. One man tried that a few years ago after being buggered, by ponce Charlie I believe, and now he's dead. Funny that.

Some people coming forward as "victims" are probably not genuine, but many who tried to complain at the time were warned off by the police, who see their job as being to "protect and serve" the wealthy jews that commit this type of crime, knowing they'll be protected at least for life and probably beyond.

10:31 AM  

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