Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Another Letter From Bill Wanders In

[I guess the FBI guy or gal either forgot to stick this into the stack to be finally forwarded to me, or else they kept it back in order to run it through the mass spectrometer looking for racist cooties or secret Da Vinci Code-type messages to Bill's mysterious "followers." The letter either was not dated, or else it was cut away by someone; the top margin is suspiciously irregular and very narrow. - HAC]

Hello, Harold:

I received a notice today that I have been prohibited from receiving six packets of unidentified "papers" you attempted to send me and a second "bag of books." This after spending three days after fighting to find out what the items are. 

The jail has been erratically denying me my mail for many weeks now, although every now and then they will either loosen up or someone makes a mistake and they deliver a letter anyway. I have no idea if any of my outgoing letters are being received. Thank you for trying and for not giving up on me, Harold.

Their latest claim is that they have the right to deny me newspapers due to my "disciplinary" status, my "disciplinary" infraction being to file a complaint about the torture and abuse they are inflicting upon me. I have been informed that "the floggings will continue until morale improves." (Joke. They don't actually hit me, at least not so far, although they do everything but that.)

Before, they would not deliver the mail and then claim not to have it, not to know what I was talking about, claim they delivered it all, etc. Now they just tell me outright I can't have it because they say not. Less hypocrisy in that, which I suppose is an improvement of sorts. I expect that my civil suit against the jail will be certified under the PLRA soon and when that is done, I will add the complaints about mail theft to it.

I'm doing poorly. Sleep is almost impossible under these glaring lights, and I am only able to sleep in snatches. My head aches from the lights and I think dehydration as well. The food, what there is of it, is full of strange evil tastes and has probably been spat on or urinated on, although so far I have seen no signs of drugging. 

I was told that someone from my lawyer's office would come on Monday but either they didn't show or they were denied entrance by the jail because the deputies accuse them of allowing me to nap in the interview room. My beard has gone mangy due to some kind of skin condition I've developed, almost certainly due to not being allowed to bathe. 

Evidence of my innocence and the guilt of others in these "crimes" [politically incorrect Facebook posts. - HAC]  is growing. The actual perpetrators have boasted about it and about their relationship to the FBI to anyone who will listen. There are serious questions, and not just from me and my attorney, as to whether the FBI and the United States Attorney's office were complicit in committing these "crimes." My treatment in jail may be an answer to that question. They have to get someone to plead guilty to this.

[Rest of letter and signature cut away]


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This website has mp3 files from the 1975-1982, discussing what is, now, ancient history concerning America's descent into its current morass.

Maybe, you could find something useful here.

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