Friday, June 27, 2014

We Need To Prepare For Bad News

I've been asking around, and apparently the letter below from Bill White dated June 9th is the last anyone has heard from him directly. That's eighteen days of silence, and that's disturbing.

I haven't asked Gabe D'Annunzio about his sources for Bill's hunger strike, because of the NSA's e-mail interception, but this doesn't look good. He is supposed to be in some kind of medical intensive care unit, somewhere, no one can determine where. It's no use calling the Seminole County Jail or the United States Attorney's office. They simply hang up.

That's pretty quick for a hunger strike to take effect, until you bear in mind that Bill was already broken down by six weeks of what is known as "soft torture", i.e. torture than does not leave any actual bruises or burn marks on the body, but consists of almost everything else. This is why waterboarding is the American dictatorship's torture of choice--no "stretch marks," to use FBI parlance.

Among other things Bill was being starved on a "disciplinary" diet which is allegedly something like 700 calories per day, although that varies with the institution. This diet is designed to keep targeted inmates in a state of physical exhaustion and discomfort as part of their "extrajudicial punishment" (and that is actually a recognized legal term) for whatever their actual infraction against the power structure is. 

According to his letters he was getting one vegan meal per day, so he was in a very depleted state to begin with, once he began his hunger strike.

Bill White has been hidden away now and it is impossible for anyone to ascertain his whereabouts or his state of health. I think we need to prepare ourselves for the possibility that the dictatorship intends to end the embarrassment that this man is causing them, once and for all, if only so they don't have to take the Orlando Facebook case to trial and expose what a total cock-up it is.

Given the geographic proximity, the thought has occurred to me that he might have been "rendered" to the concentration camp at Guantanamo. The people who rule us are completely amoral as well as completely unaccountable; they can and will do anything they damned well please, to anyone they please. Who's going to stop them?

Yes, I agree, this may be crying wolf on my part. I hope I'm wrong.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reviews of the jail containing Bill.

In 1975 10 people died at this prison:,2572117

8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any excessive use of solitary confinement is deemed as violation of international law by the United Nations and Human Rights Violations. Regardless of any other allegations, this is deemed as torture under international law...and there is now no way to prove that Bill has experienced humane treatment pre-trial. US government can't trot out a corpse and by silencing him they now have to deal with UN torture allegations. Silencing Bill now was the dumbest thing they could possibly do.

10:56 PM  

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