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"The Worst Fate In The World Is To Be Innocent"

[The last of the three letters I received all at once on June 10th.]

June 4th, 2014

Hello, Harold:

Today I received your letter dated May 22nd, 2014 and two of your books, Vindictus and Other Voices, Darker Rooms. I also got a slip indicating that ten other letters you've sent me have been returned because they contain "photocopies and/or pages from any publication, brochure, pamphlet, newspaper clipping, e-mail or internet-generated mail." All of this was delivered to the FBI.

[NB: These returned letters arrived on Friday, June 13th, all in one big batch. - HAC]

I am definitely not okay.  However, having received a small amount of the mail I got from May 19-24, I am doing better, LOL. As I previously mentioned in letters you apparently have not received, I am still in what can only be described as a medieval torture cell. Usually these cells are reserved for murderers facing life or the death penalty. There is also an alleged Al Qaeda member facing ADX. But I, who am not facing any of that, am also here.

I cannot discuss my case in any detail, but it is clear that the dictatorship hung their indictment on what may be politely described as a forensics error and more accurately described as deliberate and malicious misrepresentation to the grand jury. [In other words, the United States Attorney simply lied to the grand jury. I'm shocked, I tell you, simply SHOCKED! - HAC]

I am furious with this, as you can imagine, but I have come to expect no better. I wish I could tell you more, because there is much more to this case than I have been charged with, but I can't. Suffice it to say that the regime's allegations against me are in complete contradiction to such actual evidence as exists. 

My feeling is that having investigated these internet posts for two years and failed to identify any of the people they are looking for, the dictator's servants have decided to pin it on me just to close the case and not appear completely incompetent before their political masters in Washington, D.C. I expect that all these things will come out at trial. My new attorney seems to be quite good and appears to be putting a lot of time and energy into the case, and so I am respecting his wishes by not saying much.

Because of the terrible abuse that the dictator's servants are inflicting on me here, my counsel has requested that I be transferred to the Orange County Jail where conditions are more humane. No response yet. No one seems to want to explain exactly why I am in isolation. The jail blames the U.S. Marshals, the U.S. Marshals blame the jail. Both, of course, are working together, along with the FBI, in order to punish me for not pleading guilty to a crime they are all fully aware I did not commit.

I have been deteriorating rapidly in these circumstances, losing about a pound a day. There have been some minor alleviations this week. After long argument the jail provided me with a religious vegan meal and the medication that I need daily. And part of my mail has been given to me, although I suspect it is only a small fraction of what I actually receive. But things are still very bad.

In good news, the regime has decided not to defend my conviction last year in Chicago, and I have moved for default judgment. My conviction should be overturned there this month, though nothing is certain in the sclerotic federal system. But it does look like I will be getting 42 months back and will be in a halfway house by 2018.

Because there is no law library whatsoever in this jail, I am delaying my coram nobis appeal in Virginia against my 2010 conviction. A direct appeal is pending in the 2013 case, the one where Judge Turk stated in open court at my sentencing that I was prosecuted by the regime for my political and racial beliefs. [And then SENTENCED HIM ANYWAY, knowing him to be innocent.  That's what gets me about that little incident.- HAC]

My trial here is now set for September 2nd, 2014. I am very happy about this. I have been persuaded by my attorney to waive speedy trial, but I wasn't sure I could take the abuse here until then. I still may not make it, especially if they start withholding my medication again, but I hope so.

And that is all the legal news, except that either I or my witnesses are paranoid, or all the dictator's servants in the FBI and in this jail are doing everything obnoxious they can. People I don't know keep approaching me with strange conversations about hassling people over Facebook. There is nothing the United States Attorney hates more than a not-guilty plea. LOL.

The worst fate in the world is to be an innocent man in the federal prison system facing a weak case. This is what I went through before my acquittals in Chicago, and it's what they're doing again now, applying NKVD tactics right out of Solzhenitsyn. The only thing missing so far is actual, physical beating. which they usually (not always) tend to avoid because it leaves visible marks. Everything else Solzhenitsyn describes in his books is being done to me.

When Russia or Iran do half of this, the United States calls it torture. When will people start calling what the United States and its dictator do on a routine basis by its true name?

Stay well, Harold.

William A. White #201400005514
John Polk Correctional Facility
211 Bush Boulevard
Sanford, FL. 32772

Jesus, it breaks my heart to see him so optimistic and upbeat. My view is that if there was any intention of letting him be acquitted on the evidence, he wouldn't be there. 

Bill White was brought down there so that they can browbeat and buffalo some jury of pig-ignorant blacks, browns, and White dumb-asses who watch TV with the most flimsy of fabricated evidence and some half-assed narrative apparently based on the Fox Network television show The Following

By hook or crook they are going to paste that third strike on him--remember that Saddam Hussein-like 97% federal conviction rate, which even lefty-libs find a source for humor and mockery--and they are going to keep him in prison until the day he dies as a "career criminal." 

All without ever having committed a single violent or illegal act. Just for allegedly posting material to the internet that someone with wealth and power didn't like, material which in at least two cases (Roanoke and Orlando) he didn't even post, but which was done by the prime government witness against him, in the Roanoke case at least while she was physically in the presence of U.S. Marshals--the same U.S. Marshals who are now keeping him in the punishment cell to force him to plead out.

Anyway, more Bill White writings, news, and information at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed, the fact that they put him in the cell for those usually facing 'life imprisonment' seems to be rather ominous sadly. It's a strange world when anonymous comments on the internet carry greater penalties than real crimes involving violence.


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