Thursday, June 26, 2014

"The United States Rules By Naked Force"

[This is the last letter I have received from Bill White. The delay seems to be a little over two weeks, so I presume this was written before Bill began his hunger strike. - HAC]

June 9, 2014

Hello, Harold:

I'm just writing a brief note in the hopes of this one day reaching you. The jail is supposed to have settled my mail issues June 5 and June 6 [?] so I would hope that some of my correspondence has reached you. 

As you may know or will soon learn, most of what you sent me has been returned by my captors or else destroyed. This is both illegal and un-Constitutional and I am preparing a lawsuit, but it is very difficult to get citations when I can only communicate in 15-minute phone calls, so this is taking time.

Enclosed is an essay on the state and National Socialism in Julius Evola's Fascism Viewed From The Right. I know that you hate Evola. You're wrong about that, LOL. [Actually, no, I don't hate Evola. Not sure where he got that idea. - HAC]  But please put this in the typing pile and send it to [name and list of publications redacted] when done. You can publish it too, if you like.

Nothing has changed here. The conditions I am being held in are clearly not just inhumane, but illegal. However, how does one enforce the law in the face of an utterly lawless government? Hell, my very indictment was illegal, LOL! But what am I going to do about it? People assume the government and law enforcement obey their own laws, but they don't. The United States rules by naked force.

Last year the Eighth Circuit found that videotaping inmates while we use the toilet is illegal (Arnzen III vs. Palmer). But now I have to make the Eleventh Circuit find that as well. And I have to do so without counsel (unless your readers know someone who is willing the represent me). I have to overcome the Prison Litgation Reform  Act, which prohibits most prisoner lawsuits and effectively cuts off inmates in the prison-industrial complex from the courts.  I must do so without a law library and with only such ability to receive case law through the mail as my captors decide to allow me.

I won't rant on about the joys of democracy. Enjoy the enclosed essay.


[No update on the hunger strike yet. Trying to get local journalists interested without success; the entire Bill White case seems to be blacked out in Orlando. No word yet on Bill's medical condition or whether he has been taken to an actual hospital or just the prison infirmary, where I suspect conditions are almost as bad as the punishment cell. - HAC]


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