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That Horrible Terrorist And Criminal, Bill White

[This is what millions of taxpayers' dollars have to be spent and Bill White has to die in prison in order to protect us all from. - HAC]
June 9th, 2014

Hello, Harold:

After many weeks of misery and time-wasting, something useful has emerged from my medieval torture-world. As you know, there are those who believe that the entirety of Europe's nobility is either Jewish, reptilian, or otherwise tainted in the blood, and that the current situation of Jewish power and rising Zionist internationalism is the result of this crypto-Judaic taint. One of the few good things that has happened since I arrived here is that a book on Eleanor of Aquitaine fell into my hands. Books and bullets have their own destinies, as I believe Ernst Junger used to day.

Well, some of my main genealogical chart--all but the 12th-18th centuries, unfortunately--was delivered yesterday. Using the genealogies of Eleanor and the Plantagenets found in Eleanor of Aquitaine, I have been able to understand the reasoning behind the assertion of a general blood-taint in Europe's nobility. None of the major blood-line conspiracy books explain this; all just assert it without detail.

Makhir, aka Natronai bin Habibai, aka Thierry IV of Autun, was Nesi of Narbonne from 768-793 A.D. Nesi is a kind of Jewish prince and Makhir was the rabbi who came from Babylon to Narbonne in 763.

One of Makhir's sons was St. William of Gellore, from whom the first two Williams of Aquitaine were descended. Makhir's daughter (unknown name) married Solomon Hornbreaker, Nesi of Narbonne from 851-868 A.D. (Here, I question whether this is a daughter or a granddaughter, due to the time frame. Either that or Solomon was much younger than his wife.) Solomon was then the father of Bernard I d'Auvergne, who reigned from 868-872 A.D.

Now, even the above is somewhat controversial, as there are four near-contemporary Bernards: Bernard Plantevelu, Bernard I d'Auvergne, Bernard II d'Auvergne, and Bernard of Septimania who are confused in the histories. I am following the Jewish professor Zuckerman and his Jewish Principality In Feudal France in much of this genealogy, though Zuckerman has his issues, and I am aware of them.

What follows, though, is the bigger question: was Ranulf, Count of Poitou and Aquitaine (r. 888-897) descended from Bernard I, as Zuckerman asserts?  If so, the entire line of Aquitaine from Ebles the Bastard to William III Towhead to William IV the Strong to William V the Great to Guy-Geoffrey William VIII to William IX the Troubadour to William X to Eleanor of Aquitaine and then the Plantagenets and much if not all of Europe's landed nobility and royals are tainted by a small admixture of Jewish, hence reptilian blood.

Now, the trouble is that Ranulf is of uncertain descent. His family asserted descent from Charlemagne, and this genealogy gives him descent from Charles Martel, whose daughter married Makhir, instead. However, he was a distant cousin of William I and II, and I have no doubt in my mind of their crypto-Judaism and their occult influence, via the Abbey of Cluny, and the Catholic Church. I would like to know what the Aquitaine's claim [rest of sentence illegible. Bear in mind all of this is being written in "the place where there is no darkness" on several literal scraps of paper.]

Yet the line of Aquitaine preserves all of the occult trappings of Merovingian Dionysism--the "long-haired" religion of the original kings of France. Aquitanian nobles wore their hair long, unusually exalted women, had what were considered unusually loose social mores, and their leaders were violent, passionate, and luxurious. The Plantagenets, of course, believed themselves descended from the Devil--but, through the blood of Anjou, not Aquitaine. Melusine, daughter of the Devil, mythically founded the Angevin line.

Ultimately, the question needs more research. I need early and original sources on Aquitaine and, of course, I'm barely getting any mail. But now I understand the theory, I can evaluate it.

It's taken me almost four years, Harold, from the first time I read Icke's assertion in The World's Biggest Secret, and two years since I read Holy Blood, Holy Grail after my re-arrest in 2012, to reach this point where I understand why these authors make the claim they do.

I am still miserable, but I am at least mentally stimulated. I don't suppose that this letter will reach you before July, but at least it may reach you. I hope all is well with you.


P.S. If correct, this would make essentially the entire Capetian line of France crypto-Jewish, as Hugh I Capet's queen was Adelaide of Poitou and Aquitaine. This then quickly bleeds into Portugal, Castile (Spain), then the German countries. So, I have some skepticism and some questions on this, but if true, it is what it is.

P.P.S. I have started to read Other Voices, Darker Rooms. I really should have paid more attention to you as a writer 10-15 years ago, Harold, and I'm sorry I didn't. The opening of Old Asgrim captures the style and atmosphere of Lovecraft. Unfortunately, since Lovecraft avoided dialogue and tended to the first person, the dialogue somewhat breaks this up. 

P.P.P.S. What is a minyan in Hebrew? It's also a name that appears in Greek myth about Dionysus. Perhaps it is a Semitic borrowing?

P.P.P.P.S. Whisper Her Name On The Wind was quite good. You should post or re-post it on your web site,or mail it over to Wendy for circulation.

[Letters from Bill are now delayed approximately two weeks, and all incoming mail, from me at least, is simply being stamped "unauthorized mail" without even being opened and returned, so it looks like "incommunicado" was at at least the semi-correct term after all. - HAC]


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It gets worse - telephone contact with Bill is now also gone.

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