Monday, June 30, 2014

"Terrible Things Are Happening"

June 24th, 2014

Hello, Harold:

Terrible things are happening, and I only hope this letter is able to reach you. 

I almost died yesterday, and I've gotten one concession--I have been moved to a larger cell with dimmer lights. As you know, the jail tortured me with terrible bright lights for 34 days, from May 20 to June 23. On June 17, shortly after I made the mistake of mentioning I'd sued the jail, they began provoking confrontations. That night, after being awakened again in the middle of the night, I stopped eating and drinking until six days later when they took me to medical and let me sleep in a dark room. I lost 18 pounds. 

Today, after eating and drinking water, my blood pressure stabilized. I am still weak, my innards are a mess, and I may have kidney or liver damage. I am not permitted to recuperate in medical, and I am now back in the isolator. 

The day after the jail began its provocations, a Sergeant [name redacted] decided to physically and sexually threaten me. He threw me against the wall in handcuffs and threatened me with a drawn taser after describing to me his sexual fantasies about stripping me naked and watching me on camera. Then he ordered me to stop complaining. 

While I lay dying--and if I was not moved, it was entirely my intention to follow through to death--the jail also cut off all my communication with the outside world. They may still be cut off. If this letter reaches you, they are not. 

I have no phone access and only today was allowed to buy stamps. I was told by the jail that I could only send legal mail and that before I could send it they would read it to determine whether it was about my case or a "personal" letter to my attorney, i.e. whether I was discussing the mistreatment to which I have been subjected. 

Also, throughout this entire time the jail was lying about me. A roly-poly buffoon, one Captain [name redacted] sent out an e-mail comparing my lawsuit about the torture to an inmate complaining that someone else's piece of cake was bigger. [It is not clear to whom this e-mail was sent. - HAC] Knowing that I was dying, this chucklehead just laughed and slouched it off--"that's inmates for you."

What is happening in this place, Harold, can only be described as pure evil. Yet the fault for this evil equally lies with those who tolerate it.

I would like to say more, but I can't. I am waiting for more news. The lights have been turned down--a small thing. Things are happening, and I will let you know of them if and when I can. I don't know, really, if I am okay or not, or what they are planning. 


* * *

Personal from HAC: In my opinion it defies credibility that the United States Attorney prosecuting this case is unaware of the mistreatment of a federal prisoner by the creatures who control the Seminole County jail, or that he could not put a stop to it with a single phone call. I consider it highly probable that he or someone above him in the hideously misnamed Justice Department actually ordered it, to punish Bill White for refusing to plead guilty to a crime they are acutely aware he did not commit, and spare them the embarrassment of a trial in the Facebook case which could blow up in their faces.

The foulness that rules this land must be brought to an end.


Blogger FasciNation said...

I knew something awful had happened to Bill : (

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

regarding Bracken: I think what is missing is the "Northwest volunteer army"


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