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"I'm Living In A Kind Of Monty Python Prison Movie"

May 26, 2014

Hello, Harold:

Happy Memorial Day! Nothing like taking a day to remember all those who died so that their fellow citizens could be tortured by a neo-Marxist Third World tyranny. Unfortunately, I seem to be in human rights violation central, with a front row seat to my own abuse.

I am still in my torture cell. I have discovered much about it these past few days. Apparently, John Polk Correctional Center was denied accreditation some years back because of the existence of these 1984-like, "place where there is no darkness" punishment cells. At that time, the jail administration pledged to concrete in the open sewage drains and install night lights, but never bothered actually to do so. So I'm not just complaining about nothing; even government prison inspectors have cited these cells as an inhumane environment. But the jail never acted on it, and the cells are still here.

Some readers may think that this is all a mistake and wonder why I don't complain. Well, a funny story about that. 

I attempted to obtain a grievance form to pursue what is called an "administrative remedy." I was told that I am only allowed to grieve issues if I am given permission to do so by a sergeant. I was then told to fill out a request form to get a grievance form. I did so. 

About 2 a.m. I was rousted out of my bed and my cell was tossed. The deputies searched my mail and seemed particularly concerned about the media contacts I have. Then they had a trusty, also dragged from his bunk, scrub the mold from all of my cell except for the sewer drain where the water is moldy and told me that they were responding to my grievance. When I asked for a grievance form for the retaliatory shakedown I was told that I'm not entitled to grievances. I never received any forms.

So I'm living in a kind of Monty Python prison movie, although it is in no way funny. I'll survive 35 days of this, but a fellow next door to me has spent two years in these conditions. I am told that the Council on American-Islamic Relations is planning to file a brief next month accusing this jail of torture for housing men in these conditions. Yet this place continues to abuse human rights, while Americans go about their business and celebrate their imagined freedom with backyard barbecues and trips to the lake.

The public is aware of the abuses too. I'm told that the Sanford Herald ran an article on February 9th, 2014 praising this jail's Corporal Joseph Klinger--real name--who is the jail's "intelligence officer." Soon afterward, jail employees posted a video on YouTube that went viral, proudly highlighting their human rights abuses--their mail tampering, their midnight shakedowns, their torture and humiliation of the men America places in their power. They gloried in it.

The public outcry forced the video down, but the abuse simply continues. From what I am seeing here, the jail's "intelligence program" is the typical federal scam--perjured testimony, manufactured evidence, violations of attorney-client privilege--the exact kind of abuses the Spokane County jail inflicted on Edgar Steele at the behest of the FBI.

Let me be clear: I am not in protective custody or a high-risk inmate. PC cases have a comfortable cell block in what they call B-Pod. High-risk inmates are in white jump suits across the building from me. I am in "investigative" status, meaning that since I have pled not guilty, the dictatorship has ordered me tortured in preparation for trial. 

Back here they watch very closely what books you read and what mail you receive. I have been marched past other inmates I have been told I "should know" and I am constantly being invited into sketchy conversations. I have no idea who these people think I am, that I should know random people in some Orlando jail. I haven't been anybody other than a guy trying to live quietly for years. Unfortunately the fantasy of law enforcement work--the constant manufacture of straw-man bad guys for the dictator's servants to take down--seems to be informing much of what I face.

[Refer to my previous post of some days ago regarding the apparent odd relationship between Bill White's case and the Fox Television drama The Following. It is possible that Bill's immediate captors, the jailers, have been told by the United States Attorney that he is a Joe Carroll-like "cult leader" with a secret, hidden army of  "followers." - HAC]

There is some good news, though. It appears that one of my prior convictions may be overturned. I am not going to trumpet this until it happens, but it is looking good.

I'm also reading Alison Weir's Eleanor of Aquitaine. You'd enjoy it. It's quite good. It complements the work I've been doing on Serpent's Blood and Barlow's Feudal Kingdom of England. Unfortunately, Weir does not seem familiar with Rohn's Court of Lucifer, discounts the Courts of Love, and misses the larger context of Europe's occult war during this period. But her summary of the chronicles of the 12th century and he bibliography are excellent.

Of course, to really work on this, I need my charts and my manuscript, and this is creating my last frustration--my mail is not being delivered in proper fashion. My outgoing mail does appear to be getting out, thank God. [Eventually, yes. On June 10th I received three letters from Bill all at once, dated over a period of two weeks. - HAC] But my incoming mail has slowed to a trickle and much of it appears to be disappearing, at least for an extended period of time. What, exactly, is going on other than reading and Xeroxing I don't know, but so far I have received one letter from you and one from Wendy and that's it.

Lastly, please let your readers know that my legal defense fund is planning to run local newspaper ads to address my abuse in here and needs $1000-$2000 to do so. If your readers would like to donate, please do so. [On another financial note, I assume that since he has now been able to purchase $12.00 underwear from the prison store, at least some of his commissary donations must be getting through. - HAC]

Be well, Harold.


William A. White - #201400005514
John Polk Correctional Facility
211 Bush Boulevard
Sanford, Florida 32772


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