Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hungarian Jew Charged With War Crimes

by Bill White

The new nationalist government in Hungary has indicted Hungarian Communist militia leader Bela Biszku for war crimes committed against Hungarian patriots during the 1956 uprising against Soviet-Jewish rule.

According to the indictment, Biszku was a member of the Hungarian Socialist Worker’s Party central committee and the Provisional Executive Committee, who organized thugs and killers to root out political dissent in the wake of the Soviet invasion that ended the uprising. According to the indictment, Biszku directed the killing of the three civilians at the Budapest Western Station on December 6, 1956, directed a massacre of women and children in the city of Salgotarjan on December 8, 1956, and covered up the activities of Bolshevik death squads, which he was apprised of in report issued April 9, 1957.

The indictment appears to be first set of allegations raised against a European Jew for crimes against the humanity of Europe’s White gentile population.

In 1956, Hungarian patriots seized Budapest and began hanging the Jewish Soviet commissars. The Soviet Union responded with tanks. In the struggle that followed, 25,000 Hungarians and 7,000 Russian soldiers died. The Soviets then conducted a general purge of Hungarian nationalists.

Recently, the Hungarian Jobbik party won control of parliament, and began renationalizing Hungary and its economy. Hungary has quickly paid off its debts to the IMF, and is considering bringing charges against the government officials who drove Hungary into debt and began selling its people out to austerity. Jobbik has also advocated withdrawing Hungary from the European Union.

Bisku’s arrest may be the first in a changing Europe, as nationalist parties make gains across Europe. The nationalist Austrian Freedom Party recently made huge gains in the Austrian parliament. The French National Front may emerge as France’s largest party in a series of pending elections, after winning a 56% majority in an important southern French department. And, even in staid multi-culturalist Britain, the anti-EU, but not nationalist, UK Independence Party has been contending to become Britain’s third largest party.

After World War II, both Allied and Soviet forces in Europe committed atrocities, killing millions and dispossessing tens of millions more. While much of the World War II generation is dying, the generation that perpetrated the Communist war crimes of the 1950’s is very much alive--and ripe to spend their last years in prison, like so many persecuted German soldiers. What is sauce for the goose may turn out to be sauce for the gander.


Blogger brian boru said...

I wouldn't count on it unless true white nationalists take power. Remember Solomon Morell who died peacefully in Israel recently? There were tens of thousands of kikes like him who got off scott free after perpetrating vast crimes against ordinary white people. Does anyone really think that super kike criminal Henry Kissinger will ever pay for what he has done, or any of the Neo Con Kikes for the tremendous suffering they are responsible for? Lazar Kaganovitch, with the blood of millions of innocents on his hands, died peacefully in his bed in Moscow still getting getting his state pension. How many kikes responsible for murdering three thousand Americans on 9/11 and then covering it up and even profiting handsomely from it have been brought to justice? In a jew-controlled world, 'justice' is only a word.

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whaddya babbling on about these Hungarian Joos for. No one need look further than the Rosenburgs who gave their Communist fellow joos in the Soviet Union all our nuclear secrets to show that all joos are together and it doesn't matter what country they are in or who they are supposedly sworn allegiance to. Such things have no validity to the joos, they have no loyalty to anyone but themselves.

9:17 AM  

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