Saturday, June 07, 2014

Bill White Update

The only other "authorized" Bill White blogger, Gabriel D'Annunzio, tells me that Bill has in fact received some letters in the Seminole County jail, although so far ten of them with URLs printed on them have been rejected as "internet material."

Bill and Gabe are both of the opinion that outgoing mail is being intercepted by the FBI and allegedly held in some unspecified place for reading and photocopying to make sure Bill isn't sending secret orders to kill kill kill to his non-existent "followers", a la Joe Carroll, the name of the character portrayed by British actor James Purefoy in the TV series The Following, which is apparently what the FBI and the United States Attorney's office are basing their Bill White narrative on.

Gabe receives occasional phone calls from Bill himself, heavily monitored, of course. I admit that I am frankly twitchy about knowingly allowing the FBI to record my normal speaking voice, although God knows they have enough intercepted phone calls and podcasts to fabricate whatever audio they want of me trying to hire a hitman to kill Khloe Kardashian or whatever bizarre fabrication they come up with. 

D'Annunzio is apparently also actively involved in the case in some way I don't understand, and was a possible witness in the Roanoke trial, if my senile memory serves, but for some reason he wasn't called.

He also tells me that Bill now has a court-appointed lawyer, which I did not know, because I have heard nothing from Bill since he left Roanoke, other than the one letter I ran a couple of weeks ago and in this month's Northwest Observer. I hope he is able to re-establish a connection so we can get back to work on Serpent's Blood, preventing which may also be a secondary cause for his present solitary status, although maybe that's a wee bit too paranoid even for me.

I have received nothing returned from the Seminole County Jail yet, including copies of these posts from which I cut the URL off. I have address label sheets with nothing but labels with Bill's address on them, and I try to send him a couple of items every day.

No word yet on whether Bill was allowed to receive any of the paperback books I have sent him.


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