Friday, June 06, 2014

Bill White Being Held Incommunicado

It looks like the dictator's servants learned their lesson in Roanoke, and they are holding Bill White incommunicado in the Seminole County jail in Florida--not the actual Orlando federal facility, but the stinking corrupt county jail. It is unclear whether he is receiving any mail at all, but he is unable to send any, or else the FBI is simply stealing it all. 

In the one letter I did receive from Seminole County (on borrowed paper, written with a borrowed pen, and sent with a borrowed stamp, since he was allowed no commissary to purchase these items) Bill told me that the FBI is now having all of his incoming and outgoing mail photocopied and presumably sent to the prosecutor, possibly so this will get out and intimidate people into not writing him. They're definitely trying to isolate him and make him feel cut off from the world and disoriented so they can pressurize him into plea bargaining.

They have also banned him from receiving "internet material", however that is defined. He suggested we make sure stuff off the Net is separately printed and all URLs are removed.

Also, a comrade with the computer skills to track legal documents online tells me that Bill's request for a speedy trial has simply been ignored, and his trial has been postponed to September some time. Maybe. Apparently the female public defender who represented him at arraignment, whom Bill liked, has now been fired by the government, possibly for the very reason that he did like her and asked her to stay on. No new public defender has been appointed yet, so he doesn't even have a lawyer even to go through the motions of representing him.

All this is presumably part of a campaign of pressure and intimidation meant to coerce Bill White into pleading guilty to a crime the United States Attorney and the FBI are perfectly well aware that he did not commit, and which they don't want to bring into court because their fabricated case is so thin and shaky it would embarrass even them, no matter how bent the judge. They will presumably spend the Florida summer holding him in a sweat box concrete isolation cell, most likely not air-conditioned, and denying him contact with the outside world to depress and disorient him. 

If that doesn't seem to be working, the dictator's servants may apply other "enhanced" techniques. After all, they have a 97% conviction rate to maintain.

Don't let them buffalo you into stopping correspondence with Bill out of fear. Don't give in to institutional terrorism. Write to Bill at:

William A. White #201400005514
John Polk Correctional Center
211 Bush Blvd. 
Sanford, FL 32773


Blogger brian boru said...

The persecution of Bill White really is reminiscent of how things used to be in the Soviet Union and other countries unfortunate enough to fall under the total control of the jews. It's remarkable how totalitarian the US has become in such a short time. The communists could make the most outrageous accusations against an idividual and he had no recourse but to confess or undergo unlimited torture. The treatment of White, Steele and others is quite similar, although they have not yet been subjected to unlimited torture. But, a regime, which for a century has been involved in starting and profiting from wars based on lies and false flag incidents, is capable of anything. Every day it becomes more like the monstrous abortion in occupied Palestine and the Communist system which tortured Russia and eastern Europe for so long. Hardly surprising as it is run by the same tribe. Why they singled out White and Steele for such diabolical treatment though is hard to fathom. Perhaps dry runs just to see what the reaction from the sheep would be before they open the GULAG in earnest.

1:10 AM  

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