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Bill White And "The Following"

Fox Network's "The Following": 
The Government's Template For The Bill White Case

The dictatorship has created its primary narrative in the Bill White case without any bona fide evidence that White has actually committed any crimes. 

Such evidence does not exist, and must be created prior to trial through FBI intimidation, fabrication, subornation of perjury, and collusion with federal prosecutors to pursue a purely politically motivated case, to the point where the sentencing judge in the last trial admitted in open court that Bill White was being persecuted for his political and racial beliefs. (And then sentenced a man he knew to be innocent anyway. Gotta keep up that 97% conviction rate!)

In the absence of any genuine evidence that Bill White has committed any crime at all, the Eric Holder Justice Department, with the assistance of the United States Attorney's offices in Roanoke, Virginia and Orlando, Florida,  appear to have become fixated on a bizarre internal case narrative of their own, which seems to be based on a television show. What can speak more eloquently of the whole American experience during the Age of Obama?

The frightening question is: are the dictator's servants cynically using this narrative to manipulate dazed and confused American juries into convicting an innocent man through fear and intimidation, or are the FBI agents and United States Attorneys involved sufficiently out of touch with reality outside their carpeted and air-conditioned offices to believe it themselves?

Fox Network's The Following stars actors Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy as the archetypes of good and evil: Bacon is the flawed but noble good guy (an FBI agent, of course!) and Purefoy is the completely evil villain who persuades his "followers" to commit unspeakable acts of violence and terrorism for no apparent reason.

(Hollywood movies and television series never adequately get into why the evil terrorists, domestic or Muslim, are doing what they are doing. As someone involved in the 9/11 investigation once said, "9/11 was the only homicide case I've ever worked on where the investigators were politically forbidden from looking for a motive for the crime.")

In The Following, British actor James Purefoy portrays Joe Carroll, an insane professor of English literature, of all things, who somehow from his faculty lounge in a second-string university creates a world-wide death cult based on--wait for it--the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. 

He does this by mesmerizing confused and distraught young White people in a Svengali-like way (we are shown this in the backstory sequences) and then somehow (we are never quite sure how) he makes the leap to persuading his brainwashed and utterly loyal "following" to commit acts of pointless non-political murder and violence while wearing Edgar Allan Poe masks. Yes, I know, this sounds ridiculous, but Purefoy and Bacon are pretty good actors and they manage to pull most of it off despite the wildly improbable plot and script.

The series consists of good FBI guy Bacon chasing bad White guy Purefoy through multiple episodes (all the while carrying on an affair with Carroll's wife, thus demonstrating that those who serve the dictatorship are the ones who get the pretty White woman), and yet Carroll and his wicked "followers" always seem one step ahead of him.

It seems that Joe Carroll's "followers" have almost magical powers of ubiquity and malice. Like pod people, the "followers" are everywhere--teachers, lawyers, junkies, cops, media reporters, federal officials, nannies and babysitters, the waitress at the diner who fills the heroic FBI agent's morning coffee cup, the heroic FBI agent's intermittent girl friend (besides Carroll's wife, of course) next door who sets him up --in Hollywood heroic FBI agents who hunt down other White men at the behest of a Third World dictator get a lot of nookie--anyway, these "followers" are everywhere, concealing themselves, working their secret malevolent evil. 

People who think White Nationalists are paranoid should pay attention to some of the officially-promulgated cultural tropes put out by the establishment to get a glimpse of the kind of paranoia that infects the life of the typical FBI agent or United States Attorney. The Following is a good example. Brave and noble government officials in expensive suits and with wonderful lives are being stalked and attacked at every turn by ordinary, mostly White people who are conspiring against them, and so they just have to intercept our e-mails and listen to our phone conversations and follow us around with drones in the sky, in order to maintain their lives of privilege and power. Of course they do.

Okay, cynically framing innocent people through planted evidence and suborned perjury is an old tradition in federal law enforcement, but the idea that these expensively-suited people getting the six-figure salaries courtesy of the taxpayer actually believe some of the drivel they come up with in court is creepy and frightening. Power and psychosis is not a good combination, and being governed by crazy people is not a good thing.

The courtroom narrative which the United States Attorney publicly maintains regarding Bill White is that he is a Joe Carroll-like cult guru with a nebulous band of "followers" who are hiding somewhere out there, hatching nefarious schemes of various kinds. 

No one is quite sure what Bill White's mysterious "following" is planning and no one seems to know exactly who or where this nebulous "following" is. But they were the excuse used by the United States Attorney in Roanoke to anonymize the jury and thus terrify them out of their wits, letting them know before they had heard one word of testimony that Bill White was a wicked, dangerous man with an invisible army of "followers" who would hide under their beds at night and eat them all up, if they didn't do their duty and convict White because the United States Attorney assured them that he was this bad man and should be in jail forever and ever.

The fact that there is not one jot, not one tittle, not one scrap of evidence that this "following" exists anywhere outside the feverish and paranoid minds of certain United States Attorneys--possibly not even there, they may know full well it's all crap--apparently does not matter.

"Oh, byewww-tee-full for spaaaaa-cious skies, 
For amber waves of graaaaaain......"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ever see the ABC show "Scandal"? At first glance it looks like the usual cultural marxism of the yellow media, but there is an unmistakeable point, that our Washington DC rulers are soul-less, totally un-scrupulous Whites, plus non-Whites, jooos, pervs, and that these people murder, lie, and backstab in any way necessary to achieve goals,

Apparently it is OK to broadcast all this to the lemmings if the heroine is a she-boon and jooo fags are portrayed as noble, and
kool, etc,


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