Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"A Bizarre Sort Of Theater"

[Today I received three letters from Bill White all at once, dated May 22nd, May 26th, and June 4th respectively. Clearly all of his mail is being withheld and photocopied and then sent on whenever the FBI feels like it. - HAC]

May 22nd, 2014

Hello, Harold:

It's another wonderful day in prison.

You know, I told you things were bad here, and that seemed like an invitation for them to get worse, which they quickly did.

Shortly after I wrote, I was transferred to the most inhumane and filthy solitary confinement cell I have ever been in. I can say three good things about it--it is heated, it is not infested with rats, and there are no human feces on the floor. Other than that, what is being done to me is a human rights abuse.

I have been moved here solely because I have refused to plead guilty to a crime I did not commit, and which the United States Attorney is aware that I did not commit. Yes, this is a Constitutional violation, but there is little I can do about it. I will bring a Bivens 2241 and 1983 action if I can, but there is a process, and it's not a quick one. The Supreme Court has ruled that prisoners may experience soft torture for up to seven days without a violation; it takes six to twelve months for a "liberty interest" to be impugned. I will beat trial July 1st, in 39 days. So what to do?

The issue is this: the United States Attorney offered me a plea to a concurrent sentence of 7-9 years. I have nine and a half years left to serve. But I'm innocent, so I turned the plea down. Apparently the dictator's servants are under pressure to pin these internet posts on somebody, and they want me. 

But there is zero evidence linking me to this. Their only witness [name redacted; the same woman who actually committed the crime Bill was convicted of in Roanoke in the trial where the judge admitted at sentencing he was being prosecuted for his political and racial beliefs] has recanted her only statement implicating me two or three times. She was clearly coached into the original statement by the FBI, back when she was trying to keep me in prison so she could steal my car. Two other people have already confessed to making the posts in question since my indictment. There is no forensic evidence at all linking me to the posts. I didn't know any of the people involved. I have no motive. So why am I here?

Given that this is the situation, the regime has decided to give me the innocent person treatment. This is what they did to George Zimmerman when he was here. Knowing he was innocent, they tortured him by housing him in filthy and abusive conditions to try to force him to plead out.

I am under 24-7 lockdown. I am in a 7.5' X 10' room. Less the toilet plumbing, I have 68 square feet. There is an open sewage drain with stagnant, fetid water in the middle of the floor. The toilet is full of mold. I am under a bright light 24-7 and watched by video cameras 24-7; the physical conditions remind me of Orwell's description of Winston Smith's confinement in 1984. I am told I will receive a shower twice a week, but that hasn't happened yet. I cannot shave. 

The Supreme Court says that I am entitled to an hour of outdoor recreation five days a week; I have been told I will get it three days a week, maybe, if they feel so inclined. I have just today been allowed to purchase underwear at $12 per set and some writing materials and stamps. 

There is no running hot water in the cell. The cold water is some form of brine with a distinct odor. There is no window, so I cannot tell if it is day or night. This is the kind of cell Solzhenitsyn describes as being used by the KGB before they shot dissidents in the basement.

I have three unit mates. Two are accused murderers and one is a member of al-Qaeda. I am here for allegedly making politically incorrect comments on Facebook.

The jail says I am here because the U.S. Marshals ordered it. I have not yet been given any official reason as to why I have been placed in solitary confinement, but I meet none of the official requirements for solitary. I am facing less time than many mandatory federal minimums. I am a low security prisoner with no disciplinary history. I was doing well in population, and my case has had no media coverage since my arrival.

All I know is that I met with the AUSA, was again presented with a "no time" plea offer, refused it, and was immediately ordered into isolation on my return. The intent is obviously to make me appear at trial dirty and unkempt and to persuade the jury that I am thus someone whom it is okay to abuse.

Please get my new address out there. I do not have my address list from the Roanoke city jail--it's gone missing--so I can't write to most people unless they write me first. I cannot receive materials with URLs on them. I can receive books. 

I am also told that this place is very bad with mail. Mail is taking several days to reach me after it arrives here, and all incoming and outgoing mail is being Xeroxed and given to the U.S. Attorney. So anyone writing should be patient with me. My outgoing mail is being similarly delayed.

I find all of this dishonesty and security-state junk nonsense. I've spent two years in prison with no one looking at my mail. All of the investigation and preparation for this case is long done. But the deranged love these Talmudic scum manifest for these power games they play in their law courts sickens me as well. 

No one with half a brain thinks that anything that happens in a federal courtroom has any intrinsic value at all. Both the law and the facts are set aside, and what occurs is a bizarre sort of ritualistic theater preparatory to the sacrificial destruction of a human life, like the ancient goat-plays, the tragedies dedicated to Yahweh-Dionysius. 

Because federal court proceedings are just lowly theater, they are of no more consequence than a TV show--yet these evil men and women so value the ego gratification they derive from the exercise of pure, brute force that they will commit any crime to "win" their squalid little paper games, and they assume I will do likewise. It's like Plato's cave--a lot of half-wits fighting over shadows on the wall.

I hope to get a real newspaper here soon. For the moment I am stuck with the Orlando Sentinel, a cartoonish nothing-paper that makes USA Today look weighty. Once I do, I will send you more AFP material.

On the upside, I have an excellent book on Eleanor or Aquitaine, which was randomly on the library book cart. I hope to have my geneology and manuscript in here soon, and this book solves several general questions I had. I have had a little sun, enough to give me some color again, after years of cave-like pallor.

I hope this letter finds you well. Please stay in touch.


William A. White #201400005514
John Polk Correctional Facility
211 Bush Boulevard
Sanford, FL 32773


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