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"Terrible Things Are Happening"

June 24th, 2014

Hello, Harold:

Terrible things are happening, and I only hope this letter is able to reach you. 

I almost died yesterday, and I've gotten one concession--I have been moved to a larger cell with dimmer lights. As you know, the jail tortured me with terrible bright lights for 34 days, from May 20 to June 23. On June 17, shortly after I made the mistake of mentioning I'd sued the jail, they began provoking confrontations. That night, after being awakened again in the middle of the night, I stopped eating and drinking until six days later when they took me to medical and let me sleep in a dark room. I lost 18 pounds. 

Today, after eating and drinking water, my blood pressure stabilized. I am still weak, my innards are a mess, and I may have kidney or liver damage. I am not permitted to recuperate in medical, and I am now back in the isolator. 

The day after the jail began its provocations, a Sergeant [name redacted] decided to physically and sexually threaten me. He threw me against the wall in handcuffs and threatened me with a drawn taser after describing to me his sexual fantasies about stripping me naked and watching me on camera. Then he ordered me to stop complaining. 

While I lay dying--and if I was not moved, it was entirely my intention to follow through to death--the jail also cut off all my communication with the outside world. They may still be cut off. If this letter reaches you, they are not. 

I have no phone access and only today was allowed to buy stamps. I was told by the jail that I could only send legal mail and that before I could send it they would read it to determine whether it was about my case or a "personal" letter to my attorney, i.e. whether I was discussing the mistreatment to which I have been subjected. 

Also, throughout this entire time the jail was lying about me. A roly-poly buffoon, one Captain [name redacted] sent out an e-mail comparing my lawsuit about the torture to an inmate complaining that someone else's piece of cake was bigger. [It is not clear to whom this e-mail was sent. - HAC] Knowing that I was dying, this chucklehead just laughed and slouched it off--"that's inmates for you."

What is happening in this place, Harold, can only be described as pure evil. Yet the fault for this evil equally lies with those who tolerate it.

I would like to say more, but I can't. I am waiting for more news. The lights have been turned down--a small thing. Things are happening, and I will let you know of them if and when I can. I don't know, really, if I am okay or not, or what they are planning. 


* * *

Personal from HAC: In my opinion it defies credibility that the United States Attorney prosecuting this case is unaware of the mistreatment of a federal prisoner by the creatures who control the Seminole County jail, or that he could not put a stop to it with a single phone call. I consider it highly probable that he or someone above him in the hideously misnamed Justice Department actually ordered it, to punish Bill White for refusing to plead guilty to a crime they are acutely aware he did not commit, and spare them the embarrassment of a trial in the Facebook case which could blow up in their faces.

The foulness that rules this land must be brought to an end.

Some More From Chapter IV.

[By request, a continuation of Chapter IV from Freedom's Sons. I won't run the entire chapter, because it's too long. - HAC] 

For Amber Myers, the dreaded Knock On The Door finally came one balmy evening in late April. Actually the Knock On The Door was a ring at the doorbell, and it came just as the family was sitting down to dinner.

“What’s for dessert?” asked Georgia, as she usually did at the beginning of any meal.

“I made us brownies,” said Amber. “I wanted to serve ice cream with them, but there’s no more ice cream in the stores.”

“Why not?” asked Georgia.

“Because the Nazis ate it all!” replied Amber viciously.

“Mom, I’m ten years old, not four,” said Georgia in disgust. “Come on, really, why is there no ice cream in the stores?”

“Because the United States government has imposed economic sanctions on the Northwest,” explained Dr. Clancy Myers. He pointedly avoided using the term Northwest Republic to avoid setting off his wife into another one of her hissy fits. “That means that no one in America is supposed to do business with us or send us anything to buy or sell. The sanctions aren’t working very well, at least not so far. Too much border, and too many people interested in making a buck off smuggling. The U.S.A. was never able to seal off the southern border sufficiently to stop illegal immigration, and they’re not having much more success now with the even longer border around the Northwest. Certain items like gasoline are more expensive than they used to be, and a lot of luxury items aren’t available any more, but nobody is actually going hungry, or doing without basic needs like clothing and heat and most medicine. But one effect of the sanctions is that there’s not the kind of big selection of merchandise there used to be in the stores. Sometimes we run short on certain items. This week it happens to be ice cream.”

“The shelves in Southgate Mall are half empty,” said Amber mournfully. “So are the shelves in Safeway. Mighty Mart is even worse.”

“You always hated Mighty Mart, Mom,” said Georgia. “Mighty Mart never had anything but cheap Chinese crap anyway, you said so.”

“That’s true,” agreed Clancy. “Now people in Missoula can go downtown to stores owned by local people, small businessmen who can make a living once again now that they don’t have to compete with Chinese slave labor via Mighty Mart. Also, it means we get things fixed when they break and we don’t just throw them away and go to Mighty Mart and buy another one.” He avoided saying “white people” for the same reason he avoided saying “Northwest Republic.” Clancy was coming to realize that the Party and the new authorities weren’t quite the ogres everyone had expected, but he was still worried that his wife would one day lose it and go off into an anti-NAR tirade in public that might attract the attention of this new Bureau of State Security that everyone was whispering about."

“And you didn’t used to like all those Mexicans, either,” said Kevin reminded his mother as he spooned mashed potatoes into his mouth.

“Kevin, that’s not true!” snapped Amber.

“Then why did you always wrinkle your nose and tap your toes and snort like a horse when they held us up in the line?” asked Kevin. “I guess it’s true what Mr. Overbury at school says. Liberals are hypocrites. They want to tell everybody else how to live, but they don’t want to live in the messes they create.”

“Oh, my God, what are these monsters turning you into?” moaned Amber. “I suppose the Nazis make poor Mr. Overbury say those things, or else they’ll come and take him away in the night. And don’t tell me they’re not doing just that very thing, Clancy! You ought to know, after what happened to poor Linda!”

“I have no intention of denying it, dear,” said Dr. Myers with a sigh.

It was true. Linda Barnard at the University had disappeared on Christmas Eve, and Clancy had been delegated by the faculty to approach Jason Stockdale about it, since he seemed to have a friendly relationship with the new chancellor. Stockdale had proclaimed an open door policy, and so Myers took advantage of it. He went to Stockdale’s office on the day after New Year’s and knocked on the door, noting with approval that the young man had exchanged his NDF uniform for a sober and more academic suit and tie. “Linda who?” Stockdale had replied to the question, arching his eyebrows.

“Professor Linda Barnard from the Media and Journalism Department,” said Clancy patiently. “She’s missing, but her mother is still in the nursing home, her car is in her garage, and I’m told there is no sign she took any of her things with her or that she left voluntarily. Mr. Stockdale, you know quite well who and what I’m talking about. I don’t expect you to reveal classified information, if that’s what this is, but if she’s dead, her friends would like to know. I’d also like to know if we’re going to be arrested and disappear ourselves, if we have a quiet private memorial service for Linda and for the Copettas?”

“I repeat, Linda who?” asked Stockdale. “There is no record of any such person ever having worked here at the University of Montana, on the faculty or in any other capacity,” he went on. “Check the computer and personnel files yourself if you don’t believe me. In fact, you will find that no such person ever existed. No driver’s license, no voter’s registration, no bank records, no property listing. If you go to the house this imaginary individual allegedly lived in, you will find that the premises have been taken over by the Bureau of Race and Resettlement, and for all I know there may be a family of white refugees from Florida or Toronto living there already. I suspect that given time, there will eventually be no birth certificate or old social security number or anything like that. We’ve got a lot of really good computer people working for us over in Olympia who specialize in correcting erroneous public records all throughout North America, and even the world. You won’t even find any references to any such individual in back issues of the school paper. Those files have been sequestered until a number of factual errors in them can be corrected. It seems our student reporters were very sloppy; there are all kinds of references in there to people who never existed and events that never occurred. Don’t worry; we’ll have definitive editions back in the archives soon.”

“Good God, it’s like 1984!” groaned Clancy, slumping down into a chair in front of Stockdale’s desk. “Right down the memory hole! Mr. Stockdale, I …”

“Call me Jason. You did when I was in your class, and I see no reason to get all formal now.”

“Uh, I did explain to you that the favor you think we did for Jenny was done without the knowledge of my wife or myself?” asked Myers.

“Yes, I know, it was Peanut and Kevin and Bobby, but the end effect is the same,” said Stockdale. “My wife owes her life to your family.”

“Then hopefully I can speak a bit more freely than most without going down the memory hole myself,” said Myers. “Jason, I won’t deny that I see a lot of good coming out of your revolution. I see it already, here in the university where we can actually teach without fear again, to students who really want to learn. Not to mention our new faculty—my God, we now have three Nobel laureates teaching here who have fled from Europe! Just not having to worry about the constant petty crime from Mexicans and drug addicts is wonderful, being able to leave my house and my car unlocked, and not having to worry about Georgia if she’s an hour or so late coming home from school, because I can be sure she hasn’t been snatched off the street by some kind of pedophile freak. I’m genuinely grateful for that, Jason. We all are. You guys are well on your way to winning people’s hearts and minds, and then you go and do something like this! I suppose my attitude is typical of people around here for whom the jury is still out: thanks for getting the American assholes off our backs, now when are you going to stop killing people?”

“Hmmm …” said Stockdale, tapping his pen on the desk. “Look, Dr. Myers, I was just a Volunteer, a common or garden-variety shoot-’em-in-the-head and wire-a-bomb-to-their-car type. I’m not a trained Party political officer or a historian like Doctor Luger, but I’ll answer that as best I can. I think if you asked every Northwest Volunteer why he or she did what they did during the war, you’d get a different answer each time. I admit that a lot of us—hey, maybe most of us—joined the NVA and staged this revolution purely out of personal motives of anger and revenge, and there’s nothing wrong with that, or unexpected. Very few people are deep philosophical types, and fewer still actually base their behavior and their lives on profound moral principles. Hell, we were lucky enough back in the ‘teens to find that first thousand white people who still could base their behavior and their lives on some kind of idealistic principle. I was one such person, though, and here’s my take on it.

“At some point in time, a long time ago, our whole civilization started to slide off the tracks. There’s all kinds of debate as to when that point was, and everybody’s got a pet theory. Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati, the Civil War, the establishment of the Federal Reserve, the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whatever. The fact remains that by the time you and I were born, all of Western civilization was off the track and sinking into a swamp. Not only civilization, but the very existence of the race that created it was in question. You know the rap, I’m sure. I won’t ask you if you agree, because what matters is that the new government agrees.” Stockdale leaned forward. “For the first time in generations, Dr. Myers, white people now have a country of our own, and the forces resisting the existential crisis of the white race now have the full power of a modern state behind us.

“What we have to do, Dr. Myers, is wrench that train of Western civilization back onto the track by force, the same way we took this land from the United States, because it is now apparent that nothing else will work. Our enemies are utterly implacable, they are impervious to civil argument or reason, and so from now on, they get a club upside the head. Among other things, that means avoiding the mistakes of the past. This experiment was tried once before, during the last century in Germany, and the Germans made a terrible mistake that eventually cost them the life of their nation. They allowed the Jews and the lefty scum to conduct a six-year campaign of incitement to hatred and economic warfare. Eventually the Jews got their war. That’s not going to happen this time,” Stockdale went on in a grim voice. “We will not allow disloyalty, subversion, incitement or cultural poisoning from within the Republic or from outside it. This non-existent person you referred to and all like her are finally going to hear the word no, loud and clear. She’s heard it already, and though I don’t know for certain, I suspect it was the last thing she ever heard.”

Clancy groaned and buried his face in his hands; Stockdale ignored him. “We are now a free country, but in order to keep us that way, we do make a few very basic demands of our own people. One of them is that every young man must become a soldier for a time, and defend their country and their civilization, including your son Kevin and my brother Bobby when their time comes. Another demand is that from now on, our people refrain from two or three specific behaviors that our instinct teaches us are vile and wicked, and which our history and experience as a people teaches us are socially and culturally poisonous.

“Avoiding these behaviors is not particularly onerous or hard; there is nothing at all painful or intolerably restrictive to anyone’s personal liberty about not doing these things. I, for one, have never had any difficulty refraining from fucking other men in the ass. It’s an incredibly easy thing to not do. Nor have I ever been so bloody, bird-brained stupid as to believe that the Jews are God’s Chosen people or that NS Germany gassed six million of them. Even if I did, I would have sense enough to keep my mouth shut about it, find something else in life to concern myself with, and not attempt to do harm to others for the sake of this weird notion. This non-existent person that you speak of was fully aware of what her position would be in a society run by moral decency, and yet like so many of her kind she was so stupidly arrogant as to believe the rules did not apply to her, and that what she did was a personal matter that was none of anyone else’s business. She found out the hard way that she was wrong, but she wasn’t just wrong, she was bad. Sinful, if you want to put a religious slant on it. We are returning to the old ways where gray areas are few and far between, and what is bad and sinful is not only not tolerated, but punished.

“As to the removal of such people from the historic record insofar as it is possible for us to do so, there are two reasons for that. In the first place, we have no intention of allowing our living enemies to make political and propaganda hay from our dead ones. They will anyway, since of course, we can’t completely erase a hundred years of filth from official memory, but as a matter of policy we intend to make it as hard for them to do so as possible. We don’t give them a single inch, not ever. The second reason is a moral one. This endless procession of deviancy and corruption and sin that has trooped through everyone’s lives for the past century deserves to be forgotten as much as possible. There is always shit in the sewers, but it needs to stay there and not overflow into the streets and onto people’s lawns. Allowing these people to have names and human faces detracts from the overriding magnitude and import of their crimes. It generates sympathy they don’t deserve. We don’t want anyone to put a human face on their revolting behavior. It is enough to know that it happened, and it must never happen again. We don’t need to wallow in endless details.”

“And what the hell gives you the right to erase human beings from memory as if they never existed?” Clancy demanded.

“What gives us that right?” chuckled Jason. “We’re the guys with the guns and the will to use them, that’s what. We gained that right when we finally stopped tapping on computer keyboards and stood up to ZOG with weapons in our hands and spilled blood, including our own, to obtain it. Dr. Myers, there are certain things in life that simply have to be done, for no other reason than because they are right. You don’t agonize or introspect over these things, you simply do them, and you never, ever talk about them afterward.”

“But these are people, dammit!” shouted Clancy.

“Of course they are,” said Jason, nodding in agreement. “Bad people. People are the source of everything that’s wrong in the world, in case you haven’t noticed. Back in the old days, screwed-up angst-ridden and disillusioned young white people used to moan about how life sucks, and the world is a horrible place. Not true. Life is actually wonderful, and the world is a beautiful place. It’s people and their behavior who make it horrible and sad. Now there are a few less of those people here in the Northwest.”

Back at the Myers family dinner table, Clancy asked Kevin, “Overbury is your history teacher, right?”

“Nobody makes Mister Overbury say anything, Mom. He’s just saying what he always wanted to say,” Kevin told his mother. “He explained that to us. Now he’s free to teach us real history, what really happened, and not what some politically correct school board full of mud people and faggots say happened, most of which is bullshit.”

Amber was about to light into her son for his language when the doorbell rang. Amber got up and peeped out the curtains she always kept pulled over the picture window these days. She turned to her husband, her face white as a sheet. “Clancy!” she whispered. “It’s happening! They’ve come for me!”

Clancy got up and looked out the window. “Amber, that’s just one of the new police cars,” he told her.

“The blue, white and green ones?” asked Kevin.

“Yes. The Civil Guard, it’s called now.”

The doorbell rang again. “I’ll get it,” said Clancy steadily. He was unsettled and nervous; despite the lack of any real outward appearance of a totalitarian police state, he couldn’t help but remember Linda Barnard’s disappearance. Had they just sent one single car for her?

“No, don’t interfere, Clancy, it’s me they want!” announced Amber dramatically. She threw open the door.

“Good evening, ma’am,” said a male voice outside on the front steps. “Are you Mrs. Amber Myers?”

“That’s Ms. Amber Escott-Myers to you, fascist scum!” Amber replied in a snide yet shaky voice. His wife was genuinely terrified, but she was still trying to show courage in front of the children, and Clancy couldn’t help but admire her for it. “Finally made it to the top of your little list, did I?”

“Uh, yes, ma’am, you did,” said the voice. Clancy stepped to his wife’s side and saw a single police officer standing on his doorstep, a large genial-looking man wearing the new uniform of dark green trousers with bloused boots, light green shirt with a slightly different version of the eagle-and-swastika emblem from that worn by the NDF, and a green-billed cap with silver sunburst-type crest on it.

“I’m Doctor Clancy Myers. What can I do for you, Officer, uh, Rhinehart?” asked Clancy, looking at the man’s nametag.

“Actually, it’s Guardsman Rhinehart now,” replied the cop with a smile. “Don’t worry, I’m still not used to it myself. I’m here to …”

“I know why you’re here,” said Amber, re-appearing at the door with her coat on and holding her purse. The two kids crowded behind her, staring at the cop with wide eyes. “I don’t know who denounced me, maybe even someone in my own family.” (She glared at Clancy.) “But whoever it was, they’re right. I am still a loyal American, I love and respect people of all colors and religion, and I will never give in to you murdering racist bastards! No matter what you do to me! So go ahead, you son of a bitch! Drag me away from my home in front of my children, and show them just what you are! Take me down to your secret torture chamber and do your worst! Beat me! Waterboard me! Put your electrodes on my nipples and fry my tits to teriyaki! Gang rape me! I will tell you nothing! Nothing!” she shouted, her voice rising to a frenzied scream.

“Oooo-kaaaaay,” said the puzzled cop. “Actually, that’s not why I’m here, ma’am.” He handed her a bulky manila envelope. “Here’s the deed and property title to your house.”

“What?” said Amber, surprised.

“The deed to your house,” explained Rhinehart patiently. “Basic Law of March Seventh. No more mortgage payments for anybody. Your house is all yours, now. No more property taxes to pay, either, so long as people are actually living here full time. One of you needs to sign for these papers.”

* * *

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Edgar Steele Interview

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This Is What Victory Looks Like

[Excerpt from Freedom's Sons.]

IV. – New Dawn
(Six months after Longview)

“I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it” – Thomas Jefferson

The following document, subsequently known as the Basic Act of Establishment and General Repeal, was published in all major newspapers and posted to all major websites of the Northwest Republic, and delivered in the form of a nationwide televised address by the acting State President on March the seventh. Although predating the actual ratification of the Northwest Constitution by some months, the Basic Act laid down the ground rules for the new state, and is considered by historians as the formal beginning of the new Republic and the end of the Cleanup, by virtue of formally reinstituting the rule of law:

The Constitutional Convention and government of the Northwest American Republic, assembled at Olympia, in anticipation of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic by said Convention, do hereby declare and proclaim for the purpose of interim governance the following acts of repeal, and do also decree the following affirmative statutes and acts, to wit:

1. The Constitutional Convention now sitting at Olympia, and the government instituted by the Convention, are henceforth the sole governing authority of the Northwest American Republic. Martial law is hereby rescinded in all remaining counties of the Republic wherein it is still in effect, and the entire Republic is henceforth under civil authority.

2. All federal, state, municipal, county, and other law enforcement agencies that existed under the United States are hereby abolished. All law enforcement plant, property, premises, and personnel are herewith consolidated into the Northwest Civil Guard.

3. Elections for all offices under the new Constitution to be promulgated and ratified by the Convention will take place no more than thirty (30) days after ratification, the precise date to be determined by the Electoral Committee.

4. Graduated Franchise: For the purpose of the Republic’s initial national elections only, any resident of the NAR over age 18 may be granted third-class citizenship and one (1) vote thereby, provided they swear an oath of loyalty to the Republic before an election commissioner and bring the notarized instrument of said oath to the polls on Election Day. 

Residents requesting third-class citizenship must also produce a certificate from the Civil Guard, affirming that the individual in question did not commit any acts or crimes in the service of the United States government and/or its multifarious agencies during the War of Independence that were of an especially heinous, cruel, or violent nature; and that furthermore, according to all information available, the said petitioning individual did not at any time during the war act in the capacity of an informer or collaborator with the United States forces.

Second-class citizenship, carrying two (2) votes for electoral purposes, is hereby granted to all serving members of the Northwest Defense Force, as well as to all women who can prove they are the mother of three or more children living in the home or resident elsewhere in the Republic.

First-class citizenship, carrying three (3) votes for electoral purposes, is hereby granted to all personnel over the age of 14 years who served in the Northwest Volunteer Army, or who served the Party in any capacity either during or prior to the War of Independence. First-class citizenship is also hereby granted to all members of the Northwest Defense Force who fought in the battle of Portland from November first through November fourth, or who have been decorated for valor in combat during the Consolidation, or who served in the unit designated as Force 101.

5. All laws and ordinances which previously existed under the United States of America and its state and local governments that in any way prohibit, restrict, control, or limit the keeping and bearing of arms, the open or concealed carrying of arms, and the possession and transportation of firearms, ammunition, powder, supplies, cartridge casings, or any other material necessary to the exercise of the First Amendment of the Northwest Constitution, are hereby repealed and declared to be null, void, and of no effect.

6. All vouchers, receipts, and IOUs issued by officers and other personnel of the Northwest Volunteer Army and the Northwest Defense Force for personal property, cash, food, supplies, vehicles, fuel, weapons and ammunition, or other material during the War of Independence and the Consolidation must be presented for payment to any office of the Ministry of Finance or the Northwest Defense Force within a period of ten (10) years dating from this proclamation. Such vouchers or receipts must be presented by the original persons to whom they were issued, or by their legal heirs. Where possible such documents shall be authenticated by the original issuing NVA or NDF officer if they can be located, before payment. If the original issuing officer is dead or cannot be located, the Ministry and the NDF shall make reasonable assumption of good faith and shall reimburse such creditors.

7. All debts owed to American financial institutions, specifically to include home mortgages and liens, mortgages and liens on any commercial or industrial property, credit card debt, automobile debt, student loans, and all other forms of corporate indebtedness or indebtedness to Jews or Jewish financial institutions that existed prior to the signing of the treaty at Longview, are hereby declared null and void. Existing home ownership in the Republic shall be determined on grounds of present occupancy. The Bureau of Race and Resettlement shall expedite the transfer of title deeds free and clear to homeowners.

8. All real estate, money, valuables, fixtures, vehicles, and other property abandoned by white persons who have fled the Republic, will be deeded to the National Abandoned Property Trust established by the Convention on February 20, and shall be placed in a state of escrow for a period of one (1) year from the date of this proclamation. During that time any person seeking the restoration of any real or personal property thus sequestered, or seeking compensation for any property which for any reason cannot or will not be returned, may make application at any office of the Trust or at any Civil Guard station, provided that such application shall be made in person by the property owner and that said property owner provide proof of their permanent return to the Northwest Republic.

9. At the conclusion of the one-year period described in the previous paragraph, any and all abandoned property that remains unclaimed may be sold or distributed to such governmental or private agencies as the officers of the Trust and the government of the NAR shall determine.

10. All real estate, money, valuables, fixtures, vehicles, and other abandoned property reasonably determined to have been owned by Jews, by non-whites, by sexual deviates, by the United States government or by any American state or local government, by any corporate entity hostile to the Republic, or by any individual determined to have been irredeemably hostile to the Republic during the War of Independence, is herewith declared to be the property of the state and shall be distributed among the appropriate government departments and agencies. The Ministry of Defense shall have first refusal on all American military property and installations. The Ministry of Race and Resettlement shall have first refusal on all housing for potential use for new immigrants. The Ministry of Finance shall receive all identifiable enemy cash, stocks and bonds, coins and precious metals, jewelry, and other movable personal property of value that can be liquidated for the treasury.
11. The retail sale of alcoholic beverages and intoxicating liquors is hereby declared to be a state revenue monopoly, and shall be administered through the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, which shall be a statutory body to be run at a profit for the benefit of the treasury. Private sale of alcoholic beverages by individuals and businesses shall be legal, but subject to taxation to be determined at a later date.

12. The retail sale of tobacco products is hereby declared to be a state revenue monopoly, and shall be administered through the Tobacco Control Board, which shall be a statutory body to be run at a profit for the benefit of the treasury. Private cultivation of tobacco and sale of tobacco products shall be legal, but subject to taxation to be determined at a later date.
13. All laws and ordinances of the United States and its several states and local authorities prohibiting the use, possession, cultivation, and transportation of marijuana and/or cannabis products are hereby repealed and rendered null and void. The Ministry of Finance and the future Parliament may at their discretion impose excise taxes on the cultivation of cannabis hemp and the manufacture and sale of marijuana and cannabis-related products.

14. The use, possession, sale, importation and transportation of hard narcotics such as powdered cocaine, crack or crystal cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, heroin, PCP and lysergic acid shall not be illegal per se, but until such time as these substances pose no further risk to the fabric of society, shall be treated by the Civil Guard and the Ministry of Justice as an anti-social activity and dealt with as the appropriate authorities see fit. The use of capital punishment is authorized in especially egregious cases.

15. Homosexuality is henceforth legally defined as a mental illness. Those suffering from this condition will be suitably confined in secure mental facilities for treatment. The Civil Guard and Ministry of Justice may reserve the right to prosecute the commission of actual homosexual acts through the criminal code.

16. The practice of infanticide by abortion is prohibited, except in cases where two physicians certify to the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Justice that the prospective carrying of a fetus to full term constitutes a clear and present danger to the life of the mother, or else that the fetus will be born irremediably mentally retarded, brain-damaged, or dead. Subsequent confirmation is to be obtained prior to any abortive procedure by a third physician acting under the direction of the Ministry of Public Health. Individual cases of infanticide will be treated by the state and by law enforcement as acts of premeditated murder.

17. National Service. The first national service intake of young people aged 18 to 20 who have completed high school will begin on June 21. All citizens and residents of the Republic aged from 15 to 20 must immediately register for national service.

National Service shall consist of one (1) year in the National Labor Service and two (2) years in the Northwest Defense Force for males, and two (2) years in the National Labor Service for females. Female citizens and residents of the Republic may be exempted from up to one (1) year of national service on grounds of impending or recent maternity. For the first three (3) years from the date of this proclamation, young men may upon graduation from high school opt to go directly into the Northwest Defense Force for a period of two (2) years.

All persons having completed national service will subsequently be eligible to attend any college, university, or technical school in the Republic free of charge for tuition and housing.

18. All laws and ordinances that existed under the United States and its several states and local authorities dealing with taxation, regulation, and/or control of private business and enterprise are hereby repealed and rendered null and void, and of no effect.

19. All laws and ordinances that existed under the United States and its several states and local authorities dealing with the taxation of income, and of homesteads housing individuals and families, are hereby repealed and rendered null and void, and of no effect.

20. The conversion of the Northwest American Republic to its own currency, the Northwest credit, shall begin on the first day of July of this year for a transitional period of six months until the thirty-first day of December, after which date no monies other than the Northwest credit shall be accepted as legal tender in the Republic. 

* * *
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We Need To Prepare For Bad News

I've been asking around, and apparently the letter below from Bill White dated June 9th is the last anyone has heard from him directly. That's eighteen days of silence, and that's disturbing.

I haven't asked Gabe D'Annunzio about his sources for Bill's hunger strike, because of the NSA's e-mail interception, but this doesn't look good. He is supposed to be in some kind of medical intensive care unit, somewhere, no one can determine where. It's no use calling the Seminole County Jail or the United States Attorney's office. They simply hang up.

That's pretty quick for a hunger strike to take effect, until you bear in mind that Bill was already broken down by six weeks of what is known as "soft torture", i.e. torture than does not leave any actual bruises or burn marks on the body, but consists of almost everything else. This is why waterboarding is the American dictatorship's torture of choice--no "stretch marks," to use FBI parlance.

Among other things Bill was being starved on a "disciplinary" diet which is allegedly something like 700 calories per day, although that varies with the institution. This diet is designed to keep targeted inmates in a state of physical exhaustion and discomfort as part of their "extrajudicial punishment" (and that is actually a recognized legal term) for whatever their actual infraction against the power structure is. 

According to his letters he was getting one vegan meal per day, so he was in a very depleted state to begin with, once he began his hunger strike.

Bill White has been hidden away now and it is impossible for anyone to ascertain his whereabouts or his state of health. I think we need to prepare ourselves for the possibility that the dictatorship intends to end the embarrassment that this man is causing them, once and for all, if only so they don't have to take the Orlando Facebook case to trial and expose what a total cock-up it is.

Given the geographic proximity, the thought has occurred to me that he might have been "rendered" to the concentration camp at Guantanamo. The people who rule us are completely amoral as well as completely unaccountable; they can and will do anything they damned well please, to anyone they please. Who's going to stop them?

Yes, I agree, this may be crying wolf on my part. I hope I'm wrong.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

"The United States Rules By Naked Force"

[This is the last letter I have received from Bill White. The delay seems to be a little over two weeks, so I presume this was written before Bill began his hunger strike. - HAC]

June 9, 2014

Hello, Harold:

I'm just writing a brief note in the hopes of this one day reaching you. The jail is supposed to have settled my mail issues June 5 and June 6 [?] so I would hope that some of my correspondence has reached you. 

As you may know or will soon learn, most of what you sent me has been returned by my captors or else destroyed. This is both illegal and un-Constitutional and I am preparing a lawsuit, but it is very difficult to get citations when I can only communicate in 15-minute phone calls, so this is taking time.

Enclosed is an essay on the state and National Socialism in Julius Evola's Fascism Viewed From The Right. I know that you hate Evola. You're wrong about that, LOL. [Actually, no, I don't hate Evola. Not sure where he got that idea. - HAC]  But please put this in the typing pile and send it to [name and list of publications redacted] when done. You can publish it too, if you like.

Nothing has changed here. The conditions I am being held in are clearly not just inhumane, but illegal. However, how does one enforce the law in the face of an utterly lawless government? Hell, my very indictment was illegal, LOL! But what am I going to do about it? People assume the government and law enforcement obey their own laws, but they don't. The United States rules by naked force.

Last year the Eighth Circuit found that videotaping inmates while we use the toilet is illegal (Arnzen III vs. Palmer). But now I have to make the Eleventh Circuit find that as well. And I have to do so without counsel (unless your readers know someone who is willing the represent me). I have to overcome the Prison Litgation Reform  Act, which prohibits most prisoner lawsuits and effectively cuts off inmates in the prison-industrial complex from the courts.  I must do so without a law library and with only such ability to receive case law through the mail as my captors decide to allow me.

I won't rant on about the joys of democracy. Enjoy the enclosed essay.


[No update on the hunger strike yet. Trying to get local journalists interested without success; the entire Bill White case seems to be blacked out in Orlando. No word yet on Bill's medical condition or whether he has been taken to an actual hospital or just the prison infirmary, where I suspect conditions are almost as bad as the punishment cell. - HAC]

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Radio Free Northwest - June 26th, 2014

HAC describes an unfortunate incident from last week and talks about how to Come Home; Gretchen reviews a Benoist pamphlet, and Andy talks about the Space Madness.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bill White On Hunger Strike

This is kind of third hand, but it's important.

I have been informed that Bill White has gone on a hunger strike in order to force the Seminole County Jail to A) restore his telephone privileges; B) cease interfering with and returning his mail; and C) remove him from the medieval torture cell where he was placed on order of the United States Marshals and the United States Attorney's office as punishment for refusal to plead guilty to a crime he did not commit.

Gabriel d'Annunzio tells me that Bill has now been hospitalized, although I am not clear whether that means in an actual hospital, or simply taken to the jail infirmary. He also tells me that Bill's lawyer has obtained some kind of promise from the dictatorship that Bill will be moved, either out of the torture cell or to another prison. Whether or not the dictatorship will keep its word is always moot.

More details as I can learn them.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Jerad And Amanda Miller Were Police Informers

According to police, the Millers had cooperated with Nevada law enforcement twice this year to provide witness testimony, but detectives did not receive any indication that the couple had anti-police sentiments.
Information about the suspects gleaned from police and social media painted a picture of a pair with increasingly extremist views on law enforcement, culminating in a Facebook post a day before the shooting warning of the “dawn of a new day.”
Investigators have not yet found any links between the couple and extremist groups, and McMahill said police believe the pair, married in Indiana in 2012, worked alone.
- See more at:
According to police, the Millers had cooperated with Nevada law enforcement twice this year to provide witness testimony, but detectives did not receive any indication that the couple had anti-police sentiments.
Information about the suspects gleaned from police and social media painted a picture of a pair with increasingly extremist views on law enforcement, culminating in a Facebook post a day before the shooting warning of the “dawn of a new day.”
Investigators have not yet found any links between the couple and extremist groups, and McMahill said police believe the pair, married in Indiana in 2012, worked alone.
- See more at:
According to police, the Millers had cooperated with Nevada law enforcement twice this year to provide witness testimony, but detectives did not receive any indication that the couple had anti-police sentiments.
Information about the suspects gleaned from police and social media painted a picture of a pair with increasingly extremist views on law enforcement, culminating in a Facebook post a day before the shooting warning of the “dawn of a new day.”
Investigators have not yet found any links between the couple and extremist groups, and McMahill said police believe the pair, married in Indiana in 2012, worked alone.
- See more at:
 "....Investigators have not yet found any link between the couple and extremist groups...." 

Gee, I guess the Southern Poverty Law Center just plain lied to us again. Ser-prise, ser-prise, Sergeant Carter!

Needless to say, not a peep of this in the mainstream media.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hungarian Jew Charged With War Crimes

by Bill White

The new nationalist government in Hungary has indicted Hungarian Communist militia leader Bela Biszku for war crimes committed against Hungarian patriots during the 1956 uprising against Soviet-Jewish rule.

According to the indictment, Biszku was a member of the Hungarian Socialist Worker’s Party central committee and the Provisional Executive Committee, who organized thugs and killers to root out political dissent in the wake of the Soviet invasion that ended the uprising. According to the indictment, Biszku directed the killing of the three civilians at the Budapest Western Station on December 6, 1956, directed a massacre of women and children in the city of Salgotarjan on December 8, 1956, and covered up the activities of Bolshevik death squads, which he was apprised of in report issued April 9, 1957.

The indictment appears to be first set of allegations raised against a European Jew for crimes against the humanity of Europe’s White gentile population.

In 1956, Hungarian patriots seized Budapest and began hanging the Jewish Soviet commissars. The Soviet Union responded with tanks. In the struggle that followed, 25,000 Hungarians and 7,000 Russian soldiers died. The Soviets then conducted a general purge of Hungarian nationalists.

Recently, the Hungarian Jobbik party won control of parliament, and began renationalizing Hungary and its economy. Hungary has quickly paid off its debts to the IMF, and is considering bringing charges against the government officials who drove Hungary into debt and began selling its people out to austerity. Jobbik has also advocated withdrawing Hungary from the European Union.

Bisku’s arrest may be the first in a changing Europe, as nationalist parties make gains across Europe. The nationalist Austrian Freedom Party recently made huge gains in the Austrian parliament. The French National Front may emerge as France’s largest party in a series of pending elections, after winning a 56% majority in an important southern French department. And, even in staid multi-culturalist Britain, the anti-EU, but not nationalist, UK Independence Party has been contending to become Britain’s third largest party.

After World War II, both Allied and Soviet forces in Europe committed atrocities, killing millions and dispossessing tens of millions more. While much of the World War II generation is dying, the generation that perpetrated the Communist war crimes of the 1950’s is very much alive--and ripe to spend their last years in prison, like so many persecuted German soldiers. What is sauce for the goose may turn out to be sauce for the gander.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bill White Now Even More Incommunicado

I have been informed that Bill is now being denied any telephone contact with the outside world. This looks to me like they're building up to something.

Friday, June 20, 2014

That Horrible Terrorist And Criminal, Bill White

[This is what millions of taxpayers' dollars have to be spent and Bill White has to die in prison in order to protect us all from. - HAC]
June 9th, 2014

Hello, Harold:

After many weeks of misery and time-wasting, something useful has emerged from my medieval torture-world. As you know, there are those who believe that the entirety of Europe's nobility is either Jewish, reptilian, or otherwise tainted in the blood, and that the current situation of Jewish power and rising Zionist internationalism is the result of this crypto-Judaic taint. One of the few good things that has happened since I arrived here is that a book on Eleanor of Aquitaine fell into my hands. Books and bullets have their own destinies, as I believe Ernst Junger used to day.

Well, some of my main genealogical chart--all but the 12th-18th centuries, unfortunately--was delivered yesterday. Using the genealogies of Eleanor and the Plantagenets found in Eleanor of Aquitaine, I have been able to understand the reasoning behind the assertion of a general blood-taint in Europe's nobility. None of the major blood-line conspiracy books explain this; all just assert it without detail.

Makhir, aka Natronai bin Habibai, aka Thierry IV of Autun, was Nesi of Narbonne from 768-793 A.D. Nesi is a kind of Jewish prince and Makhir was the rabbi who came from Babylon to Narbonne in 763.

One of Makhir's sons was St. William of Gellore, from whom the first two Williams of Aquitaine were descended. Makhir's daughter (unknown name) married Solomon Hornbreaker, Nesi of Narbonne from 851-868 A.D. (Here, I question whether this is a daughter or a granddaughter, due to the time frame. Either that or Solomon was much younger than his wife.) Solomon was then the father of Bernard I d'Auvergne, who reigned from 868-872 A.D.

Now, even the above is somewhat controversial, as there are four near-contemporary Bernards: Bernard Plantevelu, Bernard I d'Auvergne, Bernard II d'Auvergne, and Bernard of Septimania who are confused in the histories. I am following the Jewish professor Zuckerman and his Jewish Principality In Feudal France in much of this genealogy, though Zuckerman has his issues, and I am aware of them.

What follows, though, is the bigger question: was Ranulf, Count of Poitou and Aquitaine (r. 888-897) descended from Bernard I, as Zuckerman asserts?  If so, the entire line of Aquitaine from Ebles the Bastard to William III Towhead to William IV the Strong to William V the Great to Guy-Geoffrey William VIII to William IX the Troubadour to William X to Eleanor of Aquitaine and then the Plantagenets and much if not all of Europe's landed nobility and royals are tainted by a small admixture of Jewish, hence reptilian blood.

Now, the trouble is that Ranulf is of uncertain descent. His family asserted descent from Charlemagne, and this genealogy gives him descent from Charles Martel, whose daughter married Makhir, instead. However, he was a distant cousin of William I and II, and I have no doubt in my mind of their crypto-Judaism and their occult influence, via the Abbey of Cluny, and the Catholic Church. I would like to know what the Aquitaine's claim [rest of sentence illegible. Bear in mind all of this is being written in "the place where there is no darkness" on several literal scraps of paper.]

Yet the line of Aquitaine preserves all of the occult trappings of Merovingian Dionysism--the "long-haired" religion of the original kings of France. Aquitanian nobles wore their hair long, unusually exalted women, had what were considered unusually loose social mores, and their leaders were violent, passionate, and luxurious. The Plantagenets, of course, believed themselves descended from the Devil--but, through the blood of Anjou, not Aquitaine. Melusine, daughter of the Devil, mythically founded the Angevin line.

Ultimately, the question needs more research. I need early and original sources on Aquitaine and, of course, I'm barely getting any mail. But now I understand the theory, I can evaluate it.

It's taken me almost four years, Harold, from the first time I read Icke's assertion in The World's Biggest Secret, and two years since I read Holy Blood, Holy Grail after my re-arrest in 2012, to reach this point where I understand why these authors make the claim they do.

I am still miserable, but I am at least mentally stimulated. I don't suppose that this letter will reach you before July, but at least it may reach you. I hope all is well with you.


P.S. If correct, this would make essentially the entire Capetian line of France crypto-Jewish, as Hugh I Capet's queen was Adelaide of Poitou and Aquitaine. This then quickly bleeds into Portugal, Castile (Spain), then the German countries. So, I have some skepticism and some questions on this, but if true, it is what it is.

P.P.S. I have started to read Other Voices, Darker Rooms. I really should have paid more attention to you as a writer 10-15 years ago, Harold, and I'm sorry I didn't. The opening of Old Asgrim captures the style and atmosphere of Lovecraft. Unfortunately, since Lovecraft avoided dialogue and tended to the first person, the dialogue somewhat breaks this up. 

P.P.P.S. What is a minyan in Hebrew? It's also a name that appears in Greek myth about Dionysus. Perhaps it is a Semitic borrowing?

P.P.P.P.S. Whisper Her Name On The Wind was quite good. You should post or re-post it on your web site,or mail it over to Wendy for circulation.

[Letters from Bill are now delayed approximately two weeks, and all incoming mail, from me at least, is simply being stamped "unauthorized mail" without even being opened and returned, so it looks like "incommunicado" was at at least the semi-correct term after all. - HAC]