Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Movement Inside

[Normally I do not become involved in the politics within the prison world, because I know nothing about it, and am unqualified to discuss it. However, there are reasons I won't get into for my publishing the following article. It is written by a serving prisoner with a bona fide Movement background, whose name, as one of my favorite medieval movie characters said, "It seems both pious and prudent to omit." Unlike many who are inside, this man has a reasonably foreseeable release date and I don't want to do anything to jeopardize that or make his remaining time go any harder. - HAC] 

As a member of American Front, now a political prisoner, I am not unfamiliar with doing time. But there are many on the outside in the Movement who have never seen a jail cell, which is for the best. Yet many will heed the call from God or the gods of Aryan man  to take it upon themselves to battle for their race and nation. If not killed outright, they will end up in federal prison.

Federal prison has many gangs and cliques, with rules and codes and power-shifting between them on the yards. Within a blink of an eye a race riot can occur and blood will flow. Those coming in from the streets, new to prison life and its rules, find themselves surrounded by non-White gang-bangers and criminals. Newcomers can easily fall prey, be overwhelmed, and end up six feet deep if they look the wrong way, say the wrong thing, or do something they shouldn't.

Where could a White man turn for help? The political prisoner of the Cause who got a huge amount of time fighting ZOG for his race, how can he survive in such an environment? A man who sacrificed his freedom for the 14 Words who has never done time could lose his life for what he did for his people. A sad ending for one deserving of our utmost love and respect and support.

Little is known of the history I am about to reveal. But this history is true, and it is high time that the Movement knows this truth which only a handful have had the privilege of knowing. As a Skinhead, and activist of many years on the streets, not even I knew what you know now. The privileged few have asked me to tell it, to illuminate the life and work of one of the 20th century's greatest White soldiers, a martyr whose memory must never be forgotten. 

His name is Bob Mathews. He founded the revolutionary group known as the Order. He died for his race, and his dedicated followers went to prison. Many of these men will never see the streets again, noble men who had never been in a cell, but are now doing the rest of their lives in the GULAG of Zion.

But Bob Mathews was a visionary. He foresaw events and planned accordingly. The Order was to start the Race War, leading the charge for a White Aryan homeland in the Pacific Northwest. He knew they could end up behind the walls, and with the Race War begun many soldiers would follow suit. Thus these Aryan freedom fighters would become POWs and need a support net inside the walls to fall back on for their survival. These POWs would be targeted by non-Whites for their deeds.

Bob Mathews contacted a man who was in prison he had heard about, who was doing time on the first hatecrime charges in the federal system. Bob told him about his concern for the future POWs, many of whom were not criminals and did not know a thing about doing time. 

Bob told this man that he wanted there to be an organization that would be dedicated to the Movement and its POWs in the prisons of ZOG. As the POWs come in, there needed to be an organization of Movement-oriented men who were there to teach them about doing time, to be there for them and to help them get on their feet. 

This organization would always be there to stand with the POW and any problems which might arise against other races or gangs who sought to prey on them, but especially in battle. POWs must live by certain codes of conduct as all convicts do, but other than that, the POWs do their time how they want. 

It was decided that this organization would be called ARM. Bob Mathews even sent in a card with a picture of what became the organization's patch. 

The first inkling of ARM the Movement heard about was from Bob Mathews' own Declaration of War, before he was burned alive by the dictatorship on Whidbey Island, Washington. This ARM stood for the overall Aryan freedom fighters, the Order members, and the hoped-for soldiers who would join the battle in the Race War, with a prison support organization already in place. This is the Aryan Resistance Movement, i.e. ARM.

ARM today is still a force to be reckoned with. ARM is still focused on the Movement, on helping political prisoners and POWs, on educating and looking out for the White prison community in general.

ARM refuses to see Whites preyed on by anyone, taking their position as soldiers of Aryandom seriously. Those who may one day become a part of ARM undergo a strenuous physical and mental conditioning to prove themselves, not just to the organization, but to the Movement as it stands today to become an active part of the Cause not just behind these walls but on the streets as well.

ARM's goals are to do as much for the Movement as one can from behind the wire, and continue to to so when returning home. Their cause is to serve the greater Cause.

Many ARM members are Odinists, and part of the ARM prospecting involves learning and reading many Odinist books. But some in ARM are Identity or National Socialist. As long as a member's religion doesn't conflict with securing and advancing Aryankind, religious preference is one's own.

For those of you reading this on the outside who may possibly be incarcerated in ZOG's dungeons in the future, know now that you will not be alone, forgotten, or neglected. You have a dedicated organization which will help you. Those who are like-minded and who will give you aid when in need. A group of soldiers who are educated and in the know on prison life even if you're not.

Bob Mathews is looking down from Valhalla proud  that his vision is a reality of dedication for the Aryan race,  a support network if and when the shit hits the fan, not just on the prison yard but also when the race war becomes reality. ARM is here, as am I. Will you be?


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