Saturday, May 10, 2014

Republicrats Turn On Bundy

by Bill White

(I apologize for the time lag in Bill's commentaries. It's the whole prison snail mail thing.)

Republican internationalists turned viciously on Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, attacking the man for making honest comments about race. Radio talk show hosts Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity both exposed their true agendas after Bundy was quoted in the New York Times as musing whether negroes are better off now, under welfare, where they have large numbers of abortions and many of their young male population in prison, or under slavery, when Bundy believes they worked and had families.

Bundy's comments, while not artful, were neither "racist" nor motivated by hate, and addressed the fact of the animal-like way in which many negroes choose to live under American democracy. Under Southern slavery, living conditions for blacks varied greatly, with most receiving free housing, free food and healthcare comparable, relative to the times, to that provided by Obama today. However, as Bundy noted, black slaves worked, while modern welfare recipients usually don't.

The slave system was instituted in the United States by Jews, and was used by a corrupt White business elite to keep down agricultural wages in the South. Jews and the corrupt White business elite use illegal immigration today for the same purpose. 93% of Southern Whites did not own slaves.

Bundy has drawn support from patriot groups by confronting the Bureau of Land Management. Corrupt elements of the Republican party have tried to corrupt Bundy's movement, split his supporters, and help maintain the status quo while flaunting "conservative" credentials. Bundy's remarks had no relationship to his land dispute and were reported by the New York Times in order to split Bundy's supporters. Beck and Hannity immediately picked up on this liberal lead, denouncing Bundy and agreeding that "racist" people do not have rights that the federal government must respect. Both men suggested instead that Bundy's supporters should rally behind Texas Zionist-Republican governor Rick Perry, who has started a dispute with the Bureau of Land Management to distract Patriots.

This kind of treachery is de rigeur for Beck and Hannity. Both are ultra-Zionists. Beck is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations' Religious Forum and has never held a principle he won't betray for his elite masters. Last year, for instance, Beck aligned himself with PFLAG and began denouncing "hetero-fascism" as part of the internationalists' anti-Russian propaganda. Hannity has demonized sincere anti-abortion activists like Todd Akin, who made a principled stand against the human sacrifice of babies during a 2012 Senate run.

The subversion of patriot movements is a standard tactic of the Republican party and its conservatives. Periodically, often when the Democrats are in office, the Republicans create phony "grass roots" movements like the 1990s militias, the 2000s Minutemen, and the current Tea Party, to control dissent. These movements are rolled up after an election is won, and are carefully monitored to make sure true nationalism never emerges from them.

Beck is so useful to world Zionism that the Mossad provides him with a phalanx of bodyguards. Rcently, Beck boasted of his links to U.S. Army units he said would "slaughter" patriots. The U.S. Army has recently lost protracted conflicts with Afghan goat-herders and Iraqi camel-riders, but Beck is certain it can defeat the American people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember those days long ago when you could not only speak your mind, but speak honestly. You could say something at work or home and not have to worry about guarding every word, every syllable. Stressing about how the nuance and undertone of every term you used would be taken by someone who already hates your guts.

Poor Old Bundy just didn't realize that he's living in a time when honesty is NOT the best policy. You do NOT answer questions honestly or truthfully. You do NOT say what's on your mind, you merely regurgitate the party line.

I lost a chance for a very good union job lately because I let my "underwear" show so-to-speak. I had a muzzie go postal on me at work and reacted wrongly, I fought back. You're not supposed to do that. Not sure what you're supposed to do, but standing up to third world scum threatening you in the name of Allah is not it.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the old days, politicians used to have to kiss babies and please the constituents. Oh sure, they still lied, cheated, swindled, but they lied, cheated and swindled the people who they wanted to put them in office.

Nowadays, the power elite (the Illuminati, ZOG, Joos, whatever you want to call the things that rule) are who the politicians and politicos must please. They can still lie, cheat, and swindle but they have a different master than in the old days when that master was nominally The People of the constitution.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Luek said...

I still can't understand how a cattle grazing hassle between a rancher and the Federal government way out in Nevada where there are few niggers got permanently entangled with the mythology of the alcoholic and consort of prostitutes not to mention plagiarizer of other people's works MLK and the plight of the nigger in the US.

Be that as it may, racially concious white people missed the race war boat way back in the late 1950's when they blinked when the 101st Airborne was sent in to intergrate Little Rock's public schools. Things would have been a whole lot different if they had only confronted and WON against the Federal forces invading their once safe and properous culture.

6:31 PM  

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