Friday, May 23, 2014

Order Veteran David Tate Writes

May 15th, 2014

Dear Harold:

Grüss Gott! I’ve been meaning to drop you a few lines and thank you for the Northwest Observers. Just received the May 2014 issue with a good article by Bill White and the interview with Edgar Steele. I love those guys. God help them.

Thank you for also publishing my old essay “The Movement is Dead, Long Live The Cause.” I wrote that when I was in the hole five months into a retaliatory investigation as a legal beagle and Brother Murphy and I were preparing to file a suit for White Christian Separatist religious services here in the state of Misery. (That trial and a later one were both stolen by the federal judiciary which proved a better defense for the state than their attorneys' purely political rulings, not even equal treatment for White can be allowed in Amurrica.) When I wrote “The Movement Is Dead” I had just read several Movement classics, including James Mason’s Siege, and the combination of that and being pissed off for being in the hole yet again for no reason had my ire stirred up. Some Christian Separatist friends were planning to start a new publication, the Nationalist Free Press, so I set out the basics. The publication failed because of lack of Movement interest (a common occurrence) but my essay has survived.

“The Movement is Dead” is the bare-bones basics of what I took away from a couple of decades of Movement activism.  Nothing has changed. The state of the Movement is even worse than when I wrote my essay. Hard to tell where the Movement stands when the only real “activism” anymore is on the internet. Our only hope of a future for White children in this country seems to be some sort of collapse and a spontaneous reaction from the sleeping sheeple. I certainly don’t see any movements accomplishing anything of note. Like Steele I see more hope (politically speaking) of a future for our race in Russia and certain eastern European states.

Seeing my essay in print again made me think back to the old days when my family first became involved in the old original Church of Jesus Christ Christian (later Aryan Nations) in Hayden Lake, Idaho. I was in my mid-teens, and would spend hours in the basement under Pastor Butler’s house going through old newsletters, publications, and materials from his days in California from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, organizations that no longer existed even then. File boxes from cities throughout California of known race traitors, Commies and active Zionist Jews with old clippings and info on them all gathered for the “revolution” that was to come. All these dozens of organizations were already defunct when I became involved in the late 70s. And of course, the revolution never came. Even our “year of living dangerously” in the Order was just a flash in the pan without a discharge.

Today I think back on all the resources, time and effort that was wasted by half-assed movements even before I became involved (or was born) and it is no wonder that this country has become the leading edge of race-mixing and degeneracy in our generation. Such despair and anger as I sat in the hole over 12 years ago is what inspired “The Movement is Dead, Long  Live the Cause.” Nothing has changed, and our only hope remains an eventual collapse of the system. Something we all see as inevitable, and yet which never seems to come.

I can hope that from our youth there might rise some youngsters of leadership quality. But I think rather any leaders in our future will rise rather from the ashes with metal tempered by trials and fire and disaster to come, because unless such collapse does come I hold little hope after all these decades that our Folk will accomplish anything on their own. At this time I find it hard to imagine little more than the slow death of our race in the toxic Amurrica in which we are drowning. Will Amurrica become the next India, Pakistan, or Mesopotamia? God help our children and long live the Cause. 

David W. Tate W/155209
300 Pedro Simmons Drive
Charleston, MI 63834


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