Saturday, May 03, 2014

Northwest Front Forum 

In view of my recommendation this week that we start phasing out Stormfront and VNN: guys, you do know the Northwest Front has a discussion forum of our own, right? I am always astounded that it gets used so little.

Our forum is moderated to keep the kooks and the weirdos out, which is a very definite plus.Yes, I know, many so-called "White Nationalists" don't want to post on a moderated forum where they will be forced to be civil and sane. That, I think, says a lot about the nature of the problem right there.

I really hate to sound like a crabby old coot, but a lot of people are e-mailing me personally with questions and comments that could be dealt better and a lot more quickly with by the group as a whole on this forum.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey HAC!

You had been telling us that the forum at that link was for discussing migration and migration issues only, which is why I don't think there is a lot of participation there.

So you are changing that policy officially with this post?

9:08 PM  

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