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Letter From Bill White - "I Prefer America With The Mask Off"

May 20th, 2014

Hello, Harold:

And good morning from the Seminole County Jail. I received your letter of May 14th, and as you might expect, I have a bit of news of my own--not much, but a bit. Mostly, I have stories. I am in a filthy, under-equipped jail with a week's worth of beard, as I cannot effectively shave. I had an interesting conversation with a negro pimp. And I am hoping to get to trial here by July, despite an interesting and revealing plea offer from the dictator's servants. I'll begin with your questions.

First, I will be here in the Seminole County Jail until this Orlando case is concluded. A tentative trial date was set for July 1st, though it was set in the usual "har-har, yeah, right" way that the American court system acknowledges all of a defendant's rights. I intend to demand a speedy trial, though I am always cognizant of the fact that the Soviet Union, too, had a wonderful Constitution.

Second, I can receive paperback (not hardback) books here. I cannot receive "internet material", defined as anything with a URL, so set your browser to print without a URL. Otherwise, there are no important mail restrictions that I know of, although all the mail here is Xeroxed and sent to the U.S. Attorney's office, causing an extra delay in delivery.

Let people know that I do not have my address list yet, so anyone wanting to correspond with me needs to send a letter again.

As for this case, I was arraigned May 15th. Under the Speedy Trial Act, they have until July 23rd to try me, though there will likely be some more time bought with pre-trial motions (which are excluded from the 70-day restriction of the Act.) The Public Defender's office has yet to assign me counsel, but the woman who represented me at the arraignment was really on the ball. So, we'll see. Before arraignment the dictatorship offered me a concurrent sentence--7-9 years, as I figure it--if I would just save everybody a lot of time and bother, and plead guilty to a crime which they appear to be aware I did not commit. 

Though this would have added no time to my sentence, I said no. I am not pleading, and if I pick up 11-13 more years, so be it. I hate America. I don't want to be part if its society or culture, and the idea of being released from prison so that I can re-join the filth of Judaized America does not appeal to me enough to make me plead falsely to a crime I had nothing to do with. I prefer America with the mask off, which is what I see here in prison. The true face of America.

The facility which is holding me is the kind of filthy, exploitative place which, unfortunately, typifies much of both the American  jails and the American South in particular. Part of it is that I've been waiting for money, as everything is for sale here. 

The jail, for instance, does not issue inmates socks or underwear--you must buy them at inflated prices off the commissary. It does not allow inmates razors--only Magic Shave, a negro hair care product that burns White skin, is allowed, and it also must be purchased. Writing materials are not issued--I've borrowed this sheet of paper and a pen. There is no law library--one must ask to have legal research done for you, and that is only done if you are a pro se. 

In short, you have the typical federal holding scam--isolate the prisoner in an ugly, uncomfortable place, deny him access to the law, and push him down the railroad tracks. This system is part of what makes the Talmudic justice of American federal courts such an evil fraud.

And it should come as no surprise that this is where George Zimmerman was held when the Ministry of Justice tried to frame that Peruvian Jew for plugging Trayvon Martin. The negroes here are still up in arms over Mr. Purple Drank. I have heard more anti-White rhetoric from black half-wits since arriving in Florida than is typical. The Michael Dunn case and the negro woman who fired a warning shot have also been driven into the local negro consciousness. The idea that their own bad behavior may contribute to the consequences they face or that they do not have a right to be disrespectful to and annoy society simply never occurs to them.

Take, for example, a 45-ish year-old negro pimp who was brought in with me--really, a mixed-race pimp. The fellow is clearly head of a 50-man case involving the trafficking of underaged White prostitutes between California, Vegas, New Orleans, Virginia, and Florida. From his conversation I take it that drugs, primarily methamphetamine, money laundering, and insurance fraud are involved, too. Right now, this pimp without a limp is facing a mandatory minimum of 12 years for selling an underage girl. He spent the two days I spent with him telling everyone who would listen that the victim defrauded him by showing him false ID. The idea that he should not have been trafficking in women at all simply never occurred to him. The idea that trafficking in drugs and insurance fraud were wrong never occurred to him. His entire focus was on how he was the victim of a teenaged girl he had sold. And a victim of the White man, of course.

His White prostitute-buddy, who also travelled with us, was simply sad. The girl was very pretty and under 21. She had been with the pimp "3-4 years," meaning that she had been a teenaged victim. She was convinced she'd get probation, when she was facing a 12-year mandatory minimum. The pimp was telling her not to cooperate, and she was adamant that she wouldn't. She also denounced "racism" and spent much of her time in transit bouncing around to rap music and discussing whether or not she could go back to "working:" or "dancing" if she was on probation. The girl had no clue that everything about her was wrong, just dead wrong. Where she will be in 12 years, God only knows. All I know is that as long as America is allowed to exist, there will be more like her.

So this is where things are. With luck, I'll be equipped with money and overpriced necessities Wednesday. I've also been sick, as both Oklahoma City and this jail have refused me my necessary allergy pill, so I hope to see a doctor as well. If given a capable attorney, I think everyone knows I will be acquitted in this case, insofar as any acquittal is possible in a federal court with a predetermined verdict. Both black pathology and the American pathology it is part of trudge on. And I wait to hear news of the pending Northwest revolution, so stay in touch.

Thank you for all of your support, Harold.


[I have since learned from another source that Bill has been placed in solitary confinement as a punishment for refusing to accept a plea deal and plead guilty to a crime which the United States Attorney is perfectly well aware he did not commit. I do not know if the dictator's servants are still withholding his medication, another standard punishment for stubborn Whiteboys who refuse to bow low before our Lords and Masters. He may not be in any condition to answer letters. but we still need to flood the jail with correspondence. The worst thing that can happen to a prisoner is for his captors to get the idea that he has no one on the outside who cares about him and who will ask questions and raise a ruckus if anything happens to him. - HAC]

William A. White #201400005514
John Polk Correctional Facility
211 Bush Boulevard
Sanford, FL 32773


Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

The prosecutors are a lazy bunch of bastards. Accepting a plea bargain makes life so much easier for them. By fighting them in court; they actually have to earn their pay. The horror, the horror!

With any luck, Bill White is doing his bit to drive the system into bankruptcy.

5:15 AM  

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