Friday, May 09, 2014

Bill's Last Letter From The Roanoke Jail

May 4, 2014

Hello, Harold:

Thank you so much for the work on Serpent's Blood. My markup of Chapter 10 is enclosed. I have sent my draft out, so I am not able to copy the changes.

I expect to move Thursday. Since the dictator's servants do not appear to have filed a detainer on me in Florida, I should return to Loretto. I will then probably move within a month.

I hear that the U. S. Attorney's office is denying that they targeted me due to my political and racial beliefs. The judge's finding that they did so and his endorsement of me should invalidate my sentence. But if my appeals panel is a Jew and a negro like last time, probably not.

Sam the negro, the fellow down the hall, cut himself to pieces Friday night, which provided some distraction. Sam's case has gone badly, and he went over the edge. On Thursday he came back and went crazily paranoid, claiming that I wasn't sentenced, but had gone to court to testify against him. (I hadn't.)  Friday night he took a knife he had been saving to stab his U.S. Attorney with and sliced open both arms. There was a lot of blood. He was wheeled out of here semi-conscious and feeling cold, but he survived.

I have tried to tell people that my experiences in prison from 2008-2011 left me with post-traumatic stress. Setting aside the abuse and the drugging I suffered, just the bloody violence I've seen has been more than sufficient to evoke PTSD. I think of the screaming lunatic I saw picked up, carried across MCC Chicago, thrown down, forcibly stripped naked, and chained to a concrete block on the floor. There is the fellow who cut his throat (and survived), his blood shooting--gushing--to the beating of his heart across a 15-foot cell. There was the Norteno gang member beaten down by three Surenos, then beaten again so badly it took three days to pressure-wash away the blood. I have seen much blood and trauma.

I hope this letter finds you well, Harold. Thank you for all you do. Please remind your readers that I am still raising money for investigators. I have not checked lately, but I know that my legal defense fund still needs well over $2000 for this.

Be well,

* * *

Update Saturday May 10th. Bill was not taken to Loretto. Instead he is now in a transit camp in Oklahoma. It will probably take about a month to get him to Florida and I will post no addresses until then because the mail will simply miss him, nor does the BOP forward mail.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You think this is bad, you should see the prison where they sent Bernard Madoff! Why, he only gets two martinis a day and the whole place only rated two stars in the Michelin guide! The staff is willful and surly, room service is slow and atrocious.

Bill White thinks he's got it bad? He should spend an hour or two in Madoff's personal jacuzzi in his cell-block sometime!

1:19 PM  

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