Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Radio Free Northwest - April 24th 2014

Our official April 20th podcast. Liv on honor, Lord Lucan on Tory Jews, and HAC on queers, plus a distinct Germanic lilt in the musical selections.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And so it begins... the rancher Bundy made some comment about how Blacks don't seem to better themselves and just rely on government assistance and suddenly he's the most evil of "pro-slavery" racists:

As if "pro-slavery" could ever be a viable position like "pro-abortion." But it begins, the erosion of this man's character, until they bury him enough with false charges, maligning him, lies, until at last they can take his farm from him by force and all that will happen is the sheeple will say "couldn't happen to a more deserving wicked man!"

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