Sunday, April 06, 2014

P.S. To Last Two Bill White Posts

Okay, I talked to a comrade who knows about such things, one of the greatest jailhouse lawyers to make it through the system (he was sentenced at age 26 and like Bill, he also was supposed to die in prison, but he made it out after four years due to prosecutorial corruption, subornation of perjury and abuse of process, which he was able to prove in open court by fighting his case pro se--an incredible accomplishment) and he tells me thus:

Yes, it would be customary in a normal case to grant Bill White a mistrial if the judge dies, and if they don't it would be grounds for all kinds of appeal if Bill can ever get an actual defense attorney as opposed to a public defender, but they don't have to. I quote: "Harold, people who keep saying 'they can't do this' and 'they can't do that' don't understand the degree to which prosecutors, especially United States Attorneys, simply make all this stuff up as they go along, in order to accomplish whatever political mission they have been assigned by the AG and the Justice Department.'"

What might happen is they may decide to re-try the case and then bring incredible pressure on Bill to take a plea bargain this time around, possibly by promising to drop the Florida Facebook indictment if he does. 

The implication will be, "Look, Bill, just admit in public that something happened and whatever it was, you did it. Vindicate us by admitting for the record that you are guilty of something, and that therefore these six years of brutalization, victimization, and incredible pissing-away of millions of dollars in taxpayer money isn't just stunning incompetence on our part and deranged personal malice on the part of the head nig-nog in D.C. Let us off the hook over this cluster-fuck, let us bury this embarrassing dead dog in the back yard, take a few more years in the mangling machine while it rends your flesh (there's a good chap) and big-hearted us, we'll forget about the Florida thing. Have you out by 2020 or maybe 2021. Or 22. Whaddya say, Bill, old boy?"

Bill White would have to have the strength and courage of an ancient Roman to resist that kind of temptation. In his position he must live on the slightest strands of hope, as fleeting and insubstantial as sunbeams in his cell, and if someone dangles that hope in front of him long enough, even one of the evil men and women who are responsible for what has been done to him, for him not to break and take a plea would require superhuman steel of character. 

For the political and moral sake of adding another heroic saga to the annals of our race, we have to hope Bill retains that strength still. If he does not, if he breaks at some time in the future, I for one will not judge him. I'm not the one sitting in that cell facing the prospect of a lifetime of torture for the crime of speaking disrespectfully of The One. Bill is. I cannot even begin to imagine the despair and the horror that must overwhelm him at times when the weight of the knowledge of what these evil people mean to do to him sinks in. I'm amazed that, demons aside, Bill hasn't gone outright raving mad.

Anyway, stay tuned for the next installment. My guess is that there will be no immediate developments for a while, so that address again is:

William A. White #20040199844
324 Campbell Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24016


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