Friday, April 11, 2014

Madness In Roanoke

[Sorry, Bill, but sometimes I just have to "interpolate." - HAC]

April 2, 2014

Hello, Harold:

Yesterday's rumor is now today's established fact. My sentencing has now been cancelled for a third time. I am told it will take "several weeks" to re-schedule. Another source tells me the judge is dying. All of Judge [redacted's] cases which can be re-assigned have been re-assigned. He had a trial next week, for instance, which he has been substituted out of. It appears that a substitution in my case will mean a mistrial, a vacating of everything that's happened to me since last June and a return to square one. Given the state of things, I'd say this looks likely. The second possibility is a substitution and a continuance to sentencing. The third possibility is [redacted's] recovery.

I have received your latest blog posts. Very amusing. Keep telling people I'm harmless. :)

Document 189 is the dictatorship's sentencing memorandum. This is what they are saying on the record:

1) I disdain the law and have no respect for the criminal justice system. (p.2-4)

[Well, why on earth might that be, ya figger? A thought strikes me. Attorneys and secret policemen with six-figure salaries have imprisoned you, tortured you, and convicted you for a "crime" actually committed by their own star witness, using evidence that would have been laughed out of court at the Salem witchcraft trials. Might that possibly have anything to do with your "disdain" and "disrespect" for the law and the criminal justice system? - HAC]

2) I have asserted defenses and filed motions in my defense instead of pleading guilty. (p.4)

[WHAT? You have DARED to DEFEND YOURSELF? Were you not clearly instructed by us as is better than you to plead guilty to whatever lunatic accusation we choose to file? You, suh, are a howwible, wicked man! We will drop you in a hole and laugh at you while a hundred thousand cockroaches devour your flesh BWAHAHAHAHA.....]

3) I have a "reputation in the community for violence." (p. 4)

[What community might that be? No, really, I'm really curious as to how they came up with that one.]

4) I have "contacts with others who have reputations and rap sheets proving their willingness to engage in criminal activities." (p. 5)

[Those "contacts" probably consist of Movement kooks and dysfunctionals writing you unsolicited letters, either because the dictator's servants paid them to do so in order to introduce more gibberish in court, or else because they're just plain nuts. More on that in a bit.]

5) I "purportedly have many followers." (p. 5)

[The James Purefoy TV character fantasy from "The Following" emerges here, which a lot of White dumb-asses believe because they see it on television, and television is real to these nimrods. 

Actually, you have two "followers", myself and Gabe d'Annunzio. There is also a small group of people who read this blog and follow your case as a form of entertainment, a kind of horrible reality show. The United States Attorney's  office is, of course, perfectly aware of this fact. They can follow the stat counter on this blog as well as anybody else, they know its readership is minuscule, and they are fully aware that despite your humor on the subject, you represent a threat to no one. This matters not one jot to them. This case is political, they have been ordered by someone in D.C. to get you, and so get you they will. It's what they are paid those six-figure salaries for.]

6) I have posted the trial transcript and truthful information on [redacted] on the internet." (p. 10)

[A trial transcript is supposed to be a matter of public record, as are all proceedings of the court system. "What concerns all must be discussed by all." (Magna Carta) No more, I guess. Barry must have signed an executive order or something.]

7) I have told my daughter not to be a perjurer. (p. 9)

[Can't have little girls of--how old is she now? Seven?--anyway, can't have children telling the truth in court, now, can we?]

8) My "attempt to stifle divergence" [sic] is "repugnant." (p. 10)

[Ah. Now we get to the nub of it. You are not on trial for anything you have done, but because of your wicked politically incorrect thoughts. Well, we always knew that, didn't we? 

In Canada it is possible to be sentenced to a lengthy prison term because someone's speech is "contrary to public policy," which is how Brad Love ended up in a prison cell for writing letters to his Member of Parliament protesting against the Canadian government's immigration policies. 

In this country the dictator's servants are still put to the difficulty of fabricating evidence against political dissidents to "prove" that they have committed crimes, in some instances going so far as to fabricate actual audio tapes, as in the ghastly Edgar Steele incident. In your case they're forging e-mails and Facebook posts. 

Conspicuous by its absence throughout these entire proceedings has been any apparent inkling on the part of the U.S. Attorney's office that you might have a Constitutional right to be different, to think thoughts that the dictatorship does not approve of, and certainly not to criticize public officials, including politically-motivated jurors in five year-old trials or the dictator himself. 

Every week I am astounded at how the Constitution seems to be disappearing right in front of our eyes--sorry. I know. Raving.) 

If you want the truth look up an October 23, 2008 Roanoke Times article accusing me of having killed two dozen people. The U.S. Attorney's office pretends to really believe this. I have never done or contemplated any such thing.

[Who, exactly, are you supposed to have killed? Have they ever produced any evidence that any such thing ever happened? Seriously, given the way in which the media go berserk every time some Whiteboy snaps and actually hurts someone before the cops gun him down, does anyone seriously think that if any such Nazi massacre had occurred, the media would not be shrieking it from the top of the Chrysler building?]

A bizarre letter arrived today that looks like a new effort to set me up. Maybe the dictator's servants are losing confidence. 

[Okay, look. All you FUCKING KOOKS out there QUIT WRITING these stupid unsolicited letters to Bill trying to involve him in crimes, offering to commit crimes for him, none of that dreck. I understand that some of you are being paid $400 per week by the FBI to do this kind of thing, and so does the U.S. Attorney's office, but that doesn't mean they won't pretend to believe it when it's politically expedient for them to do so.

Prosecutors are not stupid. They know that celebrity defendants always get weird fan mail from mentally and emotionally disturbed people. But with this whole Bill White fiasco, they're on thin ice and they know it. This happy horse shit could still go south on them. 

This case is so bird-brained thin and so vulnerable on many points despite the taffy-pulled rulings on "inherently violent and criminal audiences" etc. that if anyone from the media or from within their own system (possibly some rival attorney or bureaucrat hunting their heads as part of one of their vicious little inter-office intrigues) ever suddenly "discovers" it, and subjects it to any legal or procedural vetting, then major embarrassment could result, since the U.S. Attorney is an Obama nominee. He could always go into private corporate practice making even bigger bucks than he does now, but some FBI guys might end up chasing Nanook of the North over the Alaskan glaciers on a dog sled.

Sorry. Back to Bill.]

Thank you for all you do, Harold. Looks like I will be here "several weeks," in other words, several months.



Blogger Luek said...

That hideous medieval woodcut print of the majesty of justice being metted out is really thought provoking! Looks like not much has changed in Obama's Amurrica since then.

5:24 PM  
Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

By not giving in, Bill White is beating them.

5:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of "controlling the narrative" by our Lawrds and Mawsters, did you know that recently Billary Clinton had a shoe thrown at her at a gala event? No? of course, never got in the news. I only found out about it from an article on a British news site the other day.

Heaven knows how many events of protest and outrage are covered up by the Communist government of O'Bummer!

1:28 PM  

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