Saturday, April 19, 2014

Letter From A New Contact


Dear HAC:

I hope this email finds you in good spirits and health.  My husband has written to you on several occasions and spoke verbally to you , but I wanted to take a moment to address you and the movement myself.

First of all, I’d like to commend everything you have done and are doing.  I have never seen my husband so excited about anything else.  He has so much hope and just a different view of life in general knowing there is this place that awaits us and our kind.  We live in [redacted].I’m not sure if you are familiar with this area, but we are already the minority here.  Plus the majority of the Whites we do have here are so far gone I feel they deserve to stay here with the blacks they pity and try to emulate. It’s actually rather sad.

We were loyal Catholics to our local church, but we just got fed up with all our donations going to Haiti and the lazy blacks in the area. Our long term goal is to move to the NW and hopefully be able to contribute not only with money but with our time, and any other way we can help.

As I mentioned,  we have a long term goal to  move to the the Northwest once we no longer have elderly family holding us here. We are hardworking business owners and we would love to open our own small [redacted] in the Northwest.  Obviously this is a huge step and not one that can be taken quickly or lightly.  I’d like to have a few scouting trips to see the area and decide which area would best suite our business needs.   We have already put some thought into it.  It could not be around the metro area or where public transportation is the #1 means of transportation.  We need to be where a car is a necessity.  On my free time I have looked at a few sites that show commercial real estate and found a few buildings that may suite us. They are  in the Vancouver and Yakima areas- that is where my  searches were led. What do you think of these areas? Any suggestions?

We  am planning to make a small 3-4 day trip in the very near future. Hopefully June or July/ please any suggestions on this would help us a lot.  (Which flights/Airports/ hotels/ areas/ etc.)

Again I would like to thank you for bringing hope back into our lives and giving us something to work towards to make a better life not only for us, but for our kind.   Thank you and God bless.

-L. G.

We have enjoyed the CD’s you send so much that we have purchased a Aux cable so we can hook the Kindle up to the stereo in my car  This way we can listed to all your podcasts while we are driving. I am in search of something similar for the house with large speakers so we can also listen on our off days from work. Thanks again for everything. 


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