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Letter From Bill White 4-20-2014

Hello, Harold:

Quite a day today. News on my [90-year-old] judge has arrived. I was moved to a new part of the jail, and things were quiet enough so that I was able both to read Texe Marr's catalog and separately contemplate the split between Peter Abelard and St. Bernard of Clairvaulx. In doing so, I realized how much of my life I wasted not knowing as much as I thought.

Judge [redacted] has recovered. I will be sentenced either Thursday the 24th or May 1st. I will be moved May 1st, 8th, or 15th. Where they are going to take me next is not clear. I should go to Orlando, but given the standard level of incompetence and sloppiness prevalent in the prison-industrial complex, I'm betting the detainer is either misfiled or not filed, which means I will go back to BOP for a while.

I also moved within the Roanoke jail. For the past month I've been enduring a severely retarded negro, a crack addict and a rapist, who is simply too dumb and addled to shut up. No matter how much abuse I heaped on this guy, no matter what was thrown on him, no matter what reaction people had to him, nothing could make him realize how bad off he was. He was moved to my old unit because he kept taking his clothes off and assaulting the nurses when they medicated him; in my old unit, the nurses couldn't see him below the neck. 

After doing this, this fellow would then spend an hour discussing how "sexy" the nurses thought he was--when they were visibly and verbally disgusted. Well, this fellow decided to celebrate Easter by threatening to throw fecal material on me. I pre-empted him by dousing him in blue ink thickened by soap--it does not easily wash off. So, the jail moved me. 

Many folk do not recognize that jail and some prisons are warehouses for the mentally ill. The law does not allow jails either to medicate or treat these people, and so they go wild. Negroes playing with feces and masturbating at passing White women are de rigeur for solitary confinement. But the problem is that if allowed to drug and treat people, the jails would be medicating political dissidents like me for "racism" while claiming it is "racist" to say that the cultural behaviors of a crack-addicted negro rapist should be curbed.  So it's a two-edged sword--just like the rapist, sentenced to 3½ years, all but 12 months suspended, is being released from prison in August while I will still be fighting my eighth aggravated cussing case.

It is, in fact, depressing to know that I live in a world so evil that it welcomes crack-addicted black rapists but reviles and tries to destroy me.

My new cell has no window, which is depressing. However, I'll survive a few days. I sent out most of my cards and pictures last month, when I thought I was leaving, but with Easter I have 25 cards and 18 pictures left to decorate with. LOL. I thank everyone for them. My phone access has also been moved to 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. EDT.

Texe Marrs, an evangelical preacher, sent me his catalog. It has a lot of interesting stuff in it. Some of what he sells is top grade scholarly material; some of it is low-grade conspiracy rambling. It's one thing to claim the Illuminati rule the world. It's another to be able to name them, say when and where they met, and provide a history of their ideology. It's a third thing to say so correctly LOL. Marrs' material runs the gamut, leaning toward the good stuff.

With that, I've been reviewing and adding to my manuscript, last month's version of which should be available on Bill White Trial Info. ( You know, the 12th century was really a pivotal moment for Western society. During this century, the question within the Catholic Church largely changed from German Christianity v. Dionysian Christianity to Apollonian Christianity vs. Dionysian Christianity. The question of German Christianity continued through the end of the Guelph-Ghibelline struggle, but the occult paradigm of Apollo vs. Dionysus, St. Bernard vs. Peter Abelard, Knights Templar vs. Mary Magdalene, emerged and established its dominance. Once synthesized in the Hegelian manner into Freemason and Kabbalistic Jew, this paradigm defined the New World Order.

Reflecting on this, I realize what an idiot I've been for much of my life. When I was young I mastered modern progressive ideology--the phony choices of liberal and conservative,  capitalist and communist, libertarian and statist--and thought I knew everything. I knew more than most folk ever bother to, but I knew nothing. I had a general knowledge of history and philosophy, but the establishment version of them. I knew nothing. I did things which were immoral and I advocated immoral things. I have within me a drive to fight for what is right, but I knew nothing of right and wrong. I was deluded into fighting for evil.

In 1999 I was introduced to Julius Evola, and in 2003 to Savitri Devi. I became a National Socialist, and by 2005 I could discuss National Socialism better than most. I thought I had mastered a new paradigm. I did know something, but I didn't know half as much as I should have.

From 2003 to 2008 I learned business and construction. Most of my day was spent on this; the rest of my time with my wife. Had I not been arrested, I would never have learned how little I knew.

The years 2008 to 2010 were wasted with drugs and torture and the senile madness of the law. In 2010 I started to learn again Had the Bureau of Prisons not  drugged me, and had I not returned to school while in prison, I may not have resumed growing intellectually. But motivated both by new knowledge and bizarre visions due to the drugs and the torture, I started studying again.

[Lengthy section redacted because in my opinion it might be used against Bill by his captors. Sorry, Bill. I know that you want this stuff published because you have given up hope that any of these evil men and women will ever see any kind of reason, or feel any sense of shame over what they are doing to you. You're right, they won't. If they were capable of reason or shame, never mind any basic sense of human decency, they would not be involved with the American judicial system. But I won't help you dig your own grave. - Harold]  

Hitler wrote that a person should not begin to expound on politics until he is 30, and there is wisdom in that. As an adult, I am having to give myself the education I did not receive, and did not know existed, in my childhood. And even someone like me, who was more aware than most, would not have known to seek this out if I were not in prison.

Otherwise, not much is happening. I slept badly--there is a schizophrenic here talking loudly to the walls at night, and my ear plugs slipped. (Ear plugs are standard issue in all correctional institutions to try to drown out the screams of agony and madness. They don't work.) This jail is miserable and I am glad I will finally get a hearing, because I've endured all I can. With luck, I'll get a concurrent sentence Thursday or next Thursday, the dictatorship will drop the Great Facebook Trial as either too expensive or too potentially embarrassing, and I'll be out next year. Wish me luck.


[Sigh...I wish I could share your optimism. Good luck, Bill.] 


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