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Letter From Bill White 3-24-2014

[Okay, so that previous letter wasn't the last one before Bill disappears again. It looks now like he' s going to be in Roanoke for a while yet. -HAC]

Hello Harold:

Sentencing was continued again today. The judge was sick.

On the upside, this gives me some time to read the dictatorship's ridiculous sentencing memorandum. The government's argument boils down to this: They have repeatedly framed me. I refuse to admit that they were right to frame me, and I refuse to change my point of view and kowtow to them, so I should go to prison for 17 ½ years for
the minor offense of arguing with my ex-wife over $400.

What this is really about is this: the dictator's servants were going to offer me a plea. [Name redacted], our politically active race-mixing U.S. Attorney, thought he could make political points giving me 17 ½ years in prison. His people miscalculated, and now they are at sentencing and like "oh, shit, he's not going to get all that time! We spent a year and a few hundred grand on this petty case, and he's not going to get anything at all!" So they are just making a crazy, impossible demand because they are too stupid to adjust to an evolving situation.

The reality is that just about no one believes the government's story. I have received maybe 700 letters in the past ten months on top of packages and other material. I am not going to be able to share these letters with the court but they have been almost 100% supportive. The dictatorship has repeatedly complained about this situation--they believe they should be able to control the narrative. But even people who have only read about my case in the Roanoke Times, who have never seen any of my supportive media, send me letters saying I've been framed. So the regime's narrative--that I am a "White supremacist" guilty of whatever they say, and thus the appropriate subject for a Two Minutes' Hate--is failing.

What the prosecutors want is for me to start lying. It would be easy for me to lie. I could falsely claim that I committed the crimes that federal employees actually committed against my wife. I won't. I could falsely claim that I wanted to harm [name redacted.] I didn't. I could falsely claim that Adolf Hitler is not divine and that the United States is not a filthy, ugly country that should be wiped off the map. I won't. I used to respect the law, until I got into a federal courtroom and I saw what federal courts are--corrupt institutions where perjury and manufactured evidence are the daily norm.

This is why the dictatorship is so upset that the trial transcript and material on their star witness [name redacted] has been posted online. Of course, it is impossible for me to have posted this online because I'm in prison. But more importantly, there is nothing even colorably wrong with posting a trial transcript, supposedly a matter of public record, online. If the trial transcript tended to make me look guilty, would the regime be complaining about it? This is the irony of the situation--making public the evidence used to convict me is, in the mind of the dictatorship, "disrespectful" and "obstructive of justice."

All of the dictatorship's objections are of this type. Making a defense in Orlando, Florida shows "disrespect for justice." Filing a habeas corpus motion shows "disrespect for justice." Testifying truthfully in my own defense obstructs justice. Doing anything other than rolling over and pleading guilty to crimes I didn't commit, and which often did not occur, obstructs justice. So what is justice? Any lie Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder and the Zionist power structure want to tell.

Any system based on these principles doesn't deserve respect. But what the system doesn't get is that it, and its persecution of me--not me and my behavior--are what is fostering a lack of respect for the law.

There are more lies in the pleading. On page 6, for instance, the government claims that "one of my followers" threatened [name redacted]. The truth is this: [name redacted] was a mentally ill man who was kicked out of the ANSWP. He went to the FBI with a crazy story and was brought to Roanoke to testify against me. When the U.S. Attorney decided he was too crazy to take the stand, he took the car and the money the FBI gave him and tried to kill my wife, threatening both her and me. Apparently [the U.S. Attorney] had forgotten that the same judge who is on my present case was also on that one and knows what happened. LOL.

[Interpolation from HAC: Chalk up another one for our Movement's failure to address the issue of White character or exercise any quality control at all over who associates themselves with us. With friends like these, Bill doesn't need enemies.]

These kinds of lies, and their repeated use, are why the U.S. justice system is not worthy of respect. The evil and violence it does is one of many reasons why this society and this world we live in must be brought to an end.

If I had beaten my wife, I'd face a year in prison. A federal informant paid with taxpayer dollars uses my account to e-mail my wife, and the dictatorship demands 17 and a half years. Better had I actually beaten my wife. Had someone actually shot federal juror [name redacted], they would have faced less time in prison than I am serving for criticizing him on the internet.

The lesson, Harold, is that in the United States system of justice, actual physical violence is less critical than political criticism of the dictator's servants. So everyone out there just stop talking.


William A. White #20040199844
324 Campbell Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24016


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Ha, ha, Bill White is beating the bastards. Keep it up.

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