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Edgar Steele 2014: The Complete Interview

The following interview with political prisoner Edgar J. Steele was carried out under very primitive conditions at the Victorville fortress prison in California, where Steele has been sent to die. After some thought, I think it is probably best that the identity of the fellow inmate who interviewed Steele not be disclosed in order to provide at least some cover against retaliation by both men’s captors. – HAC

Q. What were you accused and convicted of?

Steele: Murder for hire. My wife, they claim, was to be the victim.

Q. How much time did you get?

Steele: 50 years.

Q. How many years now have you been locked up?

Steele: Four years.

Q. Have you had any trouble inside?

Steele: Not sure what you mean entirely by troubles, but I’ve had many. I’ve not yet been raped, badly beaten, or killed, though.

Q. Is there anyone, a group or gang, who’s looking out for you?

Steele: Well, Skinheads and members of ARM, which is the Aryan Resistance Movement. Great guys there.

Q. What are you doing to occupy your time?

Steele: Reading, sleeping, and hating.

Q. Are you having issues with your mail?

Steele: Yes. The majority of it simply goes missing. I only receive a small percentage of the letters that are apparently sent to me. The rest just disappears.

Q. Are you and your wife still together?

Steele: Absolutely! She is my rock.

Q. So your wife doesn’t believe the government’s story. Can your wife visit you?

Steele: Of course she doesn’t believe them. No. They won’t allow it.

[There are then a few questions regarding the judge and prosecutor in Steele’s case, which are redacted due to the Bill White Precedent.

This is a bizarre legal ruling which was apparently instituted in order to shield federal judges, United States Attorneys, FBI agents, and others among the dictator’s servants in the judiciary from any public criticism of their rulings or job performance, and make sure that all us pale peasants remain humble and respectful in their exalted presence.

A Jewish judge ruled that Bill White had “an inherently criminal and violent audience”—rather like you guys reading this—and that any time he named someone on the internet, that automatically constituted a threat. This created a special category or underclass of American citizen—all of us mysteriously of the same pigmentation—who are effectively no longer covered by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, and who may now be arrested, tortured, prosecuted, and imprisoned as Bill White has suffered, for the heinous offense of offering any criticism, by name, of ostensibly public officials.

The Bill White Precedent has also removed the previous “reasonable man” standard for what constitutes a threat, replacing it with any speech which causes someone to “feel apprehension or in fear of their lives.” In other words, for Whiteboys like Bill White and Edgar Steele and thee and me, a legal threat is now completely subjective, rather than held to any objective standard or burden of proof by the prosecution. "Dat wicked man done scairt me, he tawk so mean," is now enough to send someone like Bill White to prison for many years – HAC]

Q. Who is Larry Fairfax and how did you meet him?

[So far, the Bill White Precedent seems intended only to protect judges, U.S. Attorneys, and federal law enforcement from uncomfortable or unwelcome criticism or public discussion of their behavior, although the horrendous Roger Shuler case in Alabama seems to have extended that special protection from the First Amendment to politicians as well. Larry Fairfax is a mere informer and a Whiteboy himself, so I am going to take a chance that he is not immunized against the First Amendment. – HAC]

Steele: My accuser. Formerly our handyman for over ten years. Called him from his display ad in the local throwaway paper.

Q. Fairfax planted a real bomb on your wife’s car, yet was wearing a wire. Informants are allowed to manufacture and plant real bombs?

Steele: Apparently. How else could they paste a bomb on me, after all?

Q. At trial you weren’t allowed to call two internationally accepted audio experts as defense witnesses. If you had been allowed to call them, what would have been revealed and would your trial have gone differently?

Steele: Both experts would have testified to over 350 anomalies in the two recordings, pointing to edits, splices, deletions, etc. One expert would have testified that it wasn’t even my voice, but another person’s morphed to sound like mine. Different verdict? Of course.

Q. Do you still have appeals or a re-trial coming up?

Steele: I was screwed by my appellate lawyer even worse than by my trial lawyer. I have only one appeal available now.

Q. You represented Aryan Nations Pastor Richard Butler in a civil trial against the Southern Poverty Law Center. Going up against Morris Dees, what did you think about him and what kind of person is he?

Steele: Dees is a scumbag, a cheat and a liar. The single most unethical lawyer against whom I ever tried a case.

Q. You were also friends with Dr. William Pierce, whose organization, the National Alliance, was at one time the biggest White Nationalist organization in the U.S. What do you think about the NA now, seeing what it’s become, and does it upset you?

Steele: It is a tragedy of the first order. Yes, very much so, especially since I invested so much effort in trying to persuade Erich Gliebe and others on how to save it, especially Pierce’s library.

Q. The AN and the NA are now pretty much non-entities. The Movement has a problem with organizations being here today and gone tomorrow. What must be done for a White Nationalist organization to stick around and be successful?

Steele: Be well enough organized to survive the loss of charismatic founders. It is the job of the founder to ensure this. It is a founder’s ego that prevents it. Also, we must re-think what we believe and why.

Q. In your mind, which racial philosophers should our Movement lean toward and why?

Steele: Racial? That is unimportant. It will sort itself out just as it always has. I like the group-entity thinking of so many, like Yockey…Christ, Buddha, and Lao Tzu spoke truthfully to us in past ages, but while there are lots of voices today with pieces of the answer, there is not one single major voice speaking out.

Q. You wrote Defensive Racism covering racial and genetic differences, IQ, the New World Order conspiracy, a coming economic collapse, and gave a vision of a New America with other parts of the U.S. being cut up into ethnostates for others. Your book is clearly a call for White separatism, and you don’t advocate a violent revolution. Do you think there’s a chance to change America by legal means, still?

Steele: Only if we await other nations to impose it on America, which they will do in the fullness of time, if necessary, or if we await the coming of collapse. There is no chance of changing America otherwise, certainly not legally.

Q. Have you changed your views now toward a violent revolution?

Steele: Of course not. It is against the law to advocate violent revolution, after all. 

Q. Do you advocate for our Homeland being created in the Pacific Northwest?

Steele: Only partially. When the time comes, we will need a lot more living space, the bulk of what we today call America, in fact.

Q. Northwest Front’s White Book views you as a hero and a martyr who was set up by ZOG. Do you back Northwest Front’s program?

Steele: I greatly appreciate their support especially. Covington is doing great things.

Q. I can’t help but notice in Chapter Seven of your book, you discuss the symbol of the middle-aged man throwing away his family to chase younger women. I must point out that at trial you were accused of chasing younger Ukrainian women and that was the dictatorship’s alleged motive for your so-called crime. What was the real story about the Ukrainian women and what were you working on?

Steele: That was actually about the fifth “motive” the dictatorship came up with, and it would have been laughed out of court if the judge, the United States Attorney, and my own lawyer had not teamed up to railroad me into prison out of political motivations of their own. Look—I was 65 at the time, and I was accused of pursuing a girl young enough to be my great-granddaughter! Yeah, right. Hell, with my heart in the shape it's in, the sex alone would have killed me the first night! My wife and I both were working on the research for a book I was writing on human trafficking and cyber-prostitution in Eastern Europe. Cyndi knew all about the girls I was stringing along and read a good deal of my correspondence with them.

Q. Do you have other books coming out?

Steele: I have a couple in very rough draft form. I have several others partially written, or at least in detailed outline. Several other concepts, too. I need a typing machine at least, and extensive secretarial help, so I can’t while I am in here.

Q. How can people get hold of Defensive Racism?

Steele: I think stocks are pretty much gone, but you can e-mail Cyndi at [e-mail address uncertain, only partly legible] or also to ask if any are left.

Q. You’re still listed on the board of contributing editors in the Barnes Review. Do you get the Barnes Review or American Free Press, and are you in contact with Willis Carto?

Steele: I am in contact with practically nobody in the Movement outside of guys like yourself, and you are phenomenally informed. I have tried and tried, but I have not been allowed to receive American Free Press or the Barnes Review, which people have told me they subscribed me to. Maybe someone can help me out to get it?

Q. What do you think about Vladimir Putin?

Steele: I think Putin would make a great American President.

Q. Hillary Clinton has called Putin “the new Hitler” and the media vilifies this great populist. What do you think about Putin’s new anti-homosexual law and Russian Nationalism?

Steele: I am against national/social do/don’t laws, but I love nationalism of all flavors. States, provinces, etc.—that is the place for social engineering if it really must be done. That way, every citizen has a place in a nation where he or she can be comfortable. For example, “same-sex” marriage should go where it deserves to be: at the state level and exclusively decided by Church authorities. If a church says I can marry my cat, I should get an exemption for him on my tax return, no questions asked.

Q. Russia has now reclaimed the Crimea. What do you think Putin should do next with the Ukraine?

Steele: I think Putin should shut up, sit down, pull all Russian troops out of the Ukraine and transfer Russia’s major seaports to its own Black Sea coast, just east of Crimea, then evacuate Crimea as well. Self-determination always should be a state’s right. Russia has had about 100,000 troops, especially naval, in the Crimea since before Khruschev realigned geography along more sensible lines by making Crimea a semi-autonomous province of Ukraine—Russia’s province of Ukraine, by the way. The Ukrainians picked that fight when they parked a tank outside the entrance to Russia’s main base in Crimea. Putin, all along, has done just what he has said about protecting ethnic Russians in Crimea. However, now he is being an unjustifiable opportunist by annexing Crimea, just as I now expect he will do east and south of the river Dnieper, thereby bisecting Ukraine. NATO should prevent that or else dissolve itself. I oppose imperialism of all flavors, especially American imperialism.

Q. Would you say that Russia is becoming a White Homeland?

Steele: Yes. Russia is the future of White Nationalism. Edgar Cayce foresaw this nearly 100 years ago. I wish I lived in Russia. Ten years ago I actually had my wife talked into moving there, or Belarus or Ukraine. I deeply regret not having done so. It’s ironic that America is now the land of GULAG and Russia is the land of freedom. Solzhenitsyn must be laughing in his grave.

Q. Have you read Bill White’s books, Centuries of Revolution and his new one, Tradition of the Mother?

Steele: No, I don’t get out much these days, but would love to receive a copy of the book.

Q. Bill White has been accused of committing many different illegal acts, yet has beaten charges, been released, re-indicted, sentenced, and then charged for other offenses mainly on First Amendment issues. Like Matt Hale, Bill White, Chester Doles, Shaun Walker, myself, and others, someone doesn’t want us out on the streets. Who do you think is behind your false imprisonment and why?

Steele: You get one guess there. Hint: rhymes with “news.” It’s because I am politically incorrect with a loud voice that was beginning to be heard.

Q. Is there anything you would like to tell Bill White?

Steele: Get out of America at the very first opportunity.

Q. Years ago you spoke out against White Nationalist leaders who wanted the Movement to accept Frazier Glenn Miller back into the fold. Glenn had been in Witness Protection for many years because he testified against Order members at the Fort Smith Sedition trial as well as against Pastor Richard Butler, Pastor Robert Miles, Louis Beam, and also against Douglas Sheets at the Shelby, N.C. homo bookstore murder trial in 1989. He wrote A White Man Speaks Out and gave excuses to justify his testimony and deal. On April 13, Glenn made the news for killing three people at a Jewish Community Center, yet the victims weren’t Jewish. What was your first impression when you heard that a 73-year-old Glenn Miller went on this rampage and why do you think he did it?

Steele: Yes, I did. Then he began to openly praise and support my efforts, causing me to sit down and re-think the whole concept of vengeance. Even so, I admire the Order members, Richard Butler, Louis Beam, William Pierce, and so many others that he has maligned in the past. I don’t like him for that, but he has never attacked me, which probably should make no difference, but it does.

Harold Covington and I had some pretty spirited differences until I was arrested, [Ed once threatened to “crush me like a bug,” internet-wise. – HAC] but he has had my back ever since that day, thereby demonstrating what White solidarity should be. I am proud to call Harold a friend and we, including me, should take a lesson from that. After all, I know Christ would accept Glenn without even thinking—how can I possibly deem myself better suited to refuse to forgive others?

Why did Glenn do it? Just speculating, but I guess he saw himself at the end of the line, but wanting to do something else. It is the height of irony that the only people he killed at those two Jewish centers were all Christian. We could all take a lesson from Miller’s final act, too.

Q. Could Miller have been a Manchurian Candidate?

Steele: Maybe. Probably not. Just seems like this is just another pathetic Von Brunn-like empty, useless, counter-productive effort. 

Q. Why did certain Movement leaders want to allow Glenn Miller back into the fold? 

Steele: I don’t know, and shouldn’t speculate. 

Q. You were the first to renounce Miller and expose those leaders to what they were trying to do on your web site. Did you receive any backlash for your stand or was it more positive? 

Steele: Your memory is better than mine. I honestly have very little recollection of this or many other things that occurred that long ago. I have drawn backlash for so many things down through the years. You become inured after just so many arrows fired into your back by the Movement faithful. 

Q. Did you have any dealings with these leaders afterwards? 

Steele: Of course. Always, there is this sense of such people keeping you at arm’s length, but no open hostilities in person. The whispering, though---the whispering in the background can be maddening. Within the Movement there is so much jealousy. 

Q. Glenn Miller is now facing state murder charges, but Obama even came out on TV saying he will face hatecrime charges, which are federal offenses. Since you are doing time in a federal penitentiary in Victorville, CA and know all the rules and politics inside, what do you think would happen to Glenn if he arrived in a USP now being known as a paid government informer who was once im Witsec? 

Steele: He cannot be placed in general population anywhere, state or federal especially, without expecting to be beaten again and again. He must request solitary confinement at all times, i.e. protective custody, or else he will not survive for very long. 

Q. Recently a man died in your unit of medication issues and it was locked down. Corrections officers on the compound spread the rumor that it was you who died. Why do you think that is? 

Steele: Every time anybody dies here at Victimville, the rumor is that the person was me, the price of notoriety such as I possess. 

Q. You worked as Prussian Blue’s legal manager and worked closely with their mother, April Gaede. What do you think about her work of helping White Nationalists move to Kalispell, Montana, to network like a Pioneer Little Europe? 

Steele: I think the world of both April and all the members of her family. For years I have been trying to engineer the marriage of my son to Lamb or Lynx, or better yet, both of them. It would be a shame to break up the set. I truly love them all in a fatherly way, of course. As for a “Little Europe”, such will not really occur until the government starts shooting us in the streets, which is what really started all the problems in the Ukraine and nearly occurred in Nevada on the Bundy ranch. I can hardly wait. 

Q. Is there anything you’d like to tell people? 

Steele: Get out of America. Get out of the stock market. Get out NOW! What needs to be done will be done—the times make the man, not the other way around. Our leaders are among us now—unknown, unsung, and impossibly young (aged 20-35). They will become visible to us in the fullness of time. All current Movement “leaders”, including me, will be remembered only for the verbal confetti we sprinkled on the faithful. First and foremost, we are just entertainment, the opening act to a very long and grand production. What we all have to say is really of no moment. Just wait until the curtain goes up in America and you will know exactly what I mean. You need to survive and provide too, just as always. Jews? Ignore them. Make jokes about them, if anything. They hate that. It makes them crazy. 

Q. How can people support you? 

Steele: Go to for legal contributions. We have received a little more than $100,000 so far, perhaps $20,000 of it from Movement people and the rest from friends, family, and my own list members. (Thank you so much!) We have thrown about $450,000 total into the bottomless legal pit, with the difference coming from the retirement fund Cyndi and I had built up. It will take about another $250,000 to navigate upcoming legal “events” including a new trial, which we can and will win.

* * *

Technically speaking, Ed can receive mail at 

Edgar J. Steele #14226-023
U.S.P. Victorville
P. O. Box 3900 
Adelanto, CA 92301 

However, as he states in the interview, the bulk of his mail is simply disappearing. This has been the situation ever since his arrest; Ed’s communication with the outside world has always been highly restricted, including a period of almost three months after his arrest when he disappeared completely, was held incommunicado, and no penal institution would admit holding him, including the one where he was being held.

What might help Edgar, for those who are not afraid to bring themselves to the attention of The Beast, is to write to him via certified mail or something that requires a return receipt, so that you will have some record of the letter arriving at the prison, and then demanding the post office do traces, filing official complaints with the prison administration and mail room, etc. when you do not receive a reply or any record that Ed got your letter. You might also try writing your Congressman, writing the Bureau of Prisons, etc. In other words, make their practice of withholding Edgar’s mail generate a paper trail. 

Prison-industrial complex bureaucrats are like any other of the dictator’s servants: they hate to be made to work. It is possible that if we can create a situation whereby continuing to withhold Edgar’s mail generates more paperwork and annoyance than justifies whatever spiteful pleasure someone is getting in tormenting a sick old man, they may just say “Screw it!” and just give him his mail. - HAC


Blogger Bill said...


Thank you for your interview with Edgar Steele. I was a follower of his comments on his website. I bought and read his book, which was excellent.

I especially was interested in the comments about Putin and Russia. Edgar Steele's comment about Putin for USA President matches my thoughts for the past few years.

I worked with/against the Russian Army in 1961-1962 when the Berlin Wall was built. I was back and forth across the border on various missions into Communist countries. Got to know the Russian soldiers and some Russian civilians. The Russians are very similar to the citizens of the USA. I've thought about moving to Russia, but for now, its easier to stay here and milk the system like everyone else.

If the USA crashes soon enough, and Edgar Steele would no longer be imprisoned, he would be a good person to help re-align the USA.

Thank you,
Bill Moore

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beware of Russia. People inside Russia who are Nationalists are having the websites blocked and being 'removed' from the internet the same way Bill White and Edgar Steele are. Putin does not support WN policies. If you go to Russia, expect the the same treatment you get from the US Government. Don't be stupid and except Russia to be softer than the US. [GD]

8:11 PM  
Blogger Luek said...

You wrote, "The following interview with political prisoner Edgar J. Steele was carried out under very primitive conditions at the Victorville fortress prison in..."

Wouldn't it be more accurate in Obama's Amurrica today if the term "fortress prison" were changed to the more accurate "fortified compound" because the word prison used to refer to a place where bad people who hurt other people where sent. As Mr. Steele and Mr. Bill White have shown us one no longer has to be a criminal to be held captive by the government only be inconvenient to the state.

3:39 AM  

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