Saturday, April 19, 2014

Comrade Rodney Gets Some Gentleman Callers

Grittings, dewds:

FYI, Comrade Rodney Martin just got a visit from our friends in the silk suits, claiming they wanted “background information” on Frazier Glenn Miller. Since Miller was one of their own informants and had a lengthy legal and financial relationship with the Bureau for well over a decade, I’m not sure exactly what kind of “background information” any of us could provide that they don’t already know. (I myself haven’t seen the man for 34 years, since I kicked him out of the NSPA for uncontrolled alcoholism.)

This could be a case similar to another FBI employee, J.T. Ready in Arizona, who flipped out a couple of years ago and whacked some people. Ready had been boasting to all and sundry that he was an FBI informant, and it could be that in that case they were trying to found out who Ready had told about his status as a $400-per-week man.

In Miller’s case they’re probably worried that the 27-year-old can of worms of the Shelby homosexual bookstore-killings might get dug up again if Miller can somehow obtain an actual defense attorney instead of a public defender. Bureau involvement in those murders was strongly posited by the defense at the time, and it seems to have worked, because Doug Sheets was acquitted and Jack Jackson was never brought to trial, the federal government having had their fingers burned once and not wanting to risk a complete catastrophe; the truth might have come out in a second trial.

If that’s the way it looks, that they feel paranoid and vulnerable and worried about Miller spilling his guts about Shelby, I suspect Glenn will be mysteriously found dead in his cell. Or they can probably simply buy his silence like they once bought his testimony, with whiskey.

Or most likely, they’re just using the whole stupid incident as an excuse to cruise around looking for more snitches, although given their track record with morons like Miller and Ready, you’d wonder why they’d want any more.

Anyway, just wanted to give Comrade Rodney an attaboy. He handled the visit exactly according to the protocol. (I’d call it the Covington Protocol, but I did not by any means invent it, so I won’t. I just push it a lot.)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with said protocol for dealing with the droids, check out:


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