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Ukraine Guide

Dear HAC;

I will attempt to summarize what is going on in Ukraine.  I do not know a great deal myself.  My research on the web has shown the following.


Black and red, this flag is a Ukrainian Nationalist flag, it came into being during WW2.  In Russia this flag is viewed as “fascist.”  The Ukrainian Nationalists collaborated with the Germans.

Red, white, and blue flag: This is a Crimean flag, similar to the Russian flag but thinner bars.

Black, blue, and Red flag: This is a Donetsk Republic Flag or separatist flag, dates back to 1918 when part of Ukraine broke away from the rest of the Soviets but only for 36 days.

Russian Naval Ensign flag: a symbol of Russian military strength. Flown at the stem of the warship, it's a St Andrew's flag but with reversed colours from the Scottish version. It was instituted in 1699 and apparently designed by the Tsar himself.

Black and orange flag: Pro-Russian supporters have been seen sporting the St. George's ribbon which symbolises Russian military valour, and has long been used as a ribbon for medals awarded for valour in the Russian and Soviet armies. 

Five Main Groups

Svoboda (Freedom in English): Ukrainian Nationalist party.  They currently hold five positions in government.  They are viewed as anti-Semitic and fascist.

Trident: Like Svoboda.

Patriot of Ukraine: Like Svoboda

All-Ukrainian Union (Fatherland):Opposite of Svoboda in beliefs.

Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reforms: Opposite of Svoboda in beliefs


Yulia Tymoshenko (the "lingerie model" you refer to in RFN) is a pro-Western pro European liberal.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk is a strongly suspected Jew agent. (Suspected by whom and on what grounds? - HAC)

Vitali Klitschko is not “one of us.”  Pro-European Union.  Not a Ukrainian because he was born in Kyrgyzstan.  

Wladimir Klitschko, brother of Vitali.  Born in Kazakhstan.  Dating U.S. actress and liberal puke Hayden Panettiere.  Both Klitschkos live in Beverly Hills California, when they are not country hopping to Germany, Poland, and Ukraine.

East Ukraine:  There is basically a Britain/Northern Ireland situation going on there.  In this case Russia would be Britain and Crimea would be Northern Ireland.  This part of Ukraine is economically strong.

West Ukraine:  Seems to be in favor of the Axis of Filth, Degeneracy, and Perversion….the EU and US.  Economy in this part of Ukraine is not good.

Closing Summary

I believe the reason we are having so many problems as to who is National Socialist and who is not might be due to the fact that “fascist or NS” groups from what I understand often ally themselves with political opposition such as they have during these protests.  I suspect they may have done that  to get into positions of government, or do a mop-up operation after the other two sides (pro-EU/US and pro-Russian)) get through offing each other.  This is speculation on my part.  

What is funny about the "government in Western Ukraine is that their core complaints were 1) Rampant corruption 2) Little or no democracy.  Now, how have they practiced "democracy" by taking control of a government that was democratically, elected, while they were not?  Pro-government protesters  were denied democracy by the very people who are running Western Ukraine right now. So much for "democracy."  

As for the corruption claim.....apparently they missed a report about the EU having lost hundreds of billions due to corruption in the EU, right around the time these protests started.

-M. C.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

" As for the corruption claim.....apparently they missed a report about the EU having lost hundreds of billions due to corruption in the EU, right around the time these protests started."

You don't say... Hmmm, now I guess I know what all this business was about in the first place. Sounds like a "wag the dog" to me.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about Right Sector Harold?

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Arya Nova said...

If only the world would adopt a sane form of nationalism, what I would call Universal Nationalism, which would involve self-determination for all and enforced diversity, or inclusion, for none! If that regard Eastern Ukraine, mostly Slavic and Pro-Russian, would be a separate nation from Western Europe,mostly Western with Germanic elements.
But of course then we would have to grant Native-Americans, Latinos, and African-Americans, control of their own destiny. After all, a people are not free, even if they are a numerical majority, if they are not in control of their destiny.All of these groups could benefit from Universal Nationalism as none are in control of their destiny, including white Americans.

5:24 PM  

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