Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Quick Bill White Note

Hi, guys:

Just a quick update. Bill tells me that his ETD (Estimated Time of Disappearance) is approximately April 3rd, so you still have about ten days in which to get a last-minute letter of support to him at

William A. White #20040199844
324 Campbell Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24016

What they usually do with Bill when they're moving him, is they take five or six stages to get him wherever he's going. The first stop usually seems to be some transit center in Oklahoma, and after that he could go anywhere. The entire transition may take as long as six weeks, if he reappears at all.

It's kind of like "find Wally," searching the BOP website to try and follow his progress and figure out where he's being warehoused this week. His average stay in these "transit" stops is about a week; on several occasions in the past he and other captives have simply been locked into a big cage in some federal hangar at an airport for several days.

If Bill disappears off the BOP website, he may have been "extraordinarily rendered" either to Guantanamo Bay or some secret CIA prison in Eastern Europe or the Canadian Northwest Territory or something like that. Once he's gone that way, he's gone. Inquiries will simply elicit from bored clerks in federal cubicles a baffled response of "who are you talking about? We have no such record of any such prisoner.  If the computer says he ain't there, he ain't there." 

If the BOP website doesn't update within ten days of his last known location, I think we can assume he's gone, sent to Gitmo or maybe just kicked out the door of an airplane over the ocean. The people who rule us reputedly do such things, although of course the state-controlled media allow no such public discussion since it might spook the livestock. Murder by federal officials is now legal under the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011, and certainly a power structure that sentences people to prison for crimes committed by their own witnesses and informants is entirely capable of it.

Assuming they don't disappear Bill White for good, they'll probably send him to Orlando, Florida (if they go for the third "conviction" which will make him a "career criminal" and allow the dictatorship to sentence him to life imprisonment.) 

Or else, if they decide the Orlando case is simply too bizarre and improbable, and even they with all their power to persuade, coerce, fabricate and suborn can't put any lipstick on that particular pig, they may even decide to just say fuck it, let's wash our hands of this, and send him back to Loreto in Pennsylvania to just do his time and hope he will be forgotten about. This depends on how obsessed de Big Nig Eric Holder is with Bill White, and how insistent he is that White must be broken and made to crawl on his belly for mercy before The One. Holder may have other things on his plate by now.

Bill won't be forgotten as long as I have anything to say about it, but that may not be for long. I understand I and this blog have been threatened again by certain of the dictator's servants whom I will not name, since I would not want them to be "caused to feel apprehension" from my "inherently violent and criminal audience", i.e. you guys.

Seriously, apparently there are certain lawyers in government buildings who leap to their computer screens every morning when they enter their cubicles to check on Thoughtcrime and see if there's anything on Bill White, and then if there is, they run screaming to the break room waving their arms in the air like windmills, to bitch and howl over the coffee and krullers to their co-workers, or whatever the hell the scenario is in these bureaucracies. So if I disappear, that's probably why.

Fuck 'em.


Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

I'd say that government officials are personally responsible for any action that they take under the purported laws of the NDAA or the PATRIOT Act as these Acts can so violate the Constitution that they can only be regarded as null and void and of no effect from top to bottom.

Government officials are only protected when they stay within the limits set for them by the Constitution. Acting ultra vires to the Consitution makes them no different from common criminals and they may be treated as such. i.e. May be arrested; and if they resist arrest heaven help them.

5:21 AM  

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