Monday, March 17, 2014

Letter From Bill White on "White Supremacy"

March 10, 2014

Hello, Harold:

It seems that I upset the Orlando Sentinel a few weeks ago by objecting to the dictatorship's use of the term "White supremacist" to describe me. This kind of objection is very upsetting to the Jews, because the quasi-legal persecution of someone like me is supposed to be a highly scripted affair. I appear in court. They hurl invective at me. The facts of the case are ignored and I am convicted and sentenced based on pure hatred for what I am--Edom, Amalek, the eternal enemy of the Jewish people, whom they have been taught to hate from birth.

The Orlando Sentinel did not in any way cover my argument or reasoning, and as I'm sure most of the lemmings out there did not bother to go and read my motion on PACER--it's much easier just to duckspeak junk from the paper--I thought I'd explain.

My objection has two parts. First, James Porazzo's American Front is just not a White-oriented organization. Apparently there are different American Front splinters, some possibly White-oriented, but the main group is just not a racial nationalist group. It's more of a Vinlander-social-club type anti-social entity, and its links to North Korea make its politics plain. So no reasonable person could call Porazzo's American Front-New Resistance a "White supremacist gang" by any standard. It's not even White-oriented.

Second, "White supremacy" is the belief that blacks and Whites should live together under a single law that disadvantages blacks. Some White activists believe this, particularly some Christian Identity types. The origin of this belief is the Biblical statement of Genesis 9:26-27 that Canaan should be the servant of Japeth in the house of Shem. Racial slavery in Europe was based on this belief, which is derived from the Midrash and which was sold to the Church by the Jews in 1452 and 1456.

I don't believe that blacks should live in White society as slaves, as segregated peoples, or under legal disadvantage, because I believe blacks should live in black societies. I then included a brief academic article on National Socialist racial theory showing that H.F.W. Gunther's Nordicism was never National Socialist doctrine, and that Hitler always advocated that each people have their own nation on their own land.

My argument is that White supremacy is a Jewish ideology based on the Midrash, and when used to justify multi-culturalist slavery is clearly dangerous to the Jews, which is why the Orlando Sentinel had  to respond. 

The Jews rule America by controlling the dialogue. The Jews invent words and define words in order to control people and to generate unthinking responses. Should people have to start thinking about "White supremacy" and what it means and where it comes from, the Communist dialogue on race would get sidetracked. Blacks might--I'm not hopeful, but they might--start asking where they came from, how they really got here, and where they should go. White people might start seeing alternatives to multi-cultural society outside of the false alchemical opposites of racist "hate" and multi-cultural "love."

So, the Orlando Sentinel did not publish my argument that White supremacy was invented by Jewish slave-traders and that segregation was largely created by northern Jewish userers, just as many modern "White supremacist" groups are organized by the FBI and local police forces to conform to ADL and SPLC norms. They also didn't note that Morris Dees' grandfather, Mr. Seligman, was a major architect of segregation. Instead they published an article warning the power structure and the judge not even to consider what I am saying about the phony Zionist-Marxist construct of "White supremacy."

Above and before anything else, the Jews are blabberers. Words are their weapons. Taking words like "racism" and "White supremacy" away from them disarms them. Questioning the nature of "White supremacy" is one of the most dangerous things nationalists can do. It disarms Zionism-Bolshevism.



Anonymous SpenglersGhost said...

The American Front are ironically fully Russian controlled, and if anything are just a front for the Eurasian Movement - thus the great irony here is that foolish American government by chasing Bill White and the not the American Front, is actually helping their no#1 Enemy: Russia and Dugin. And Dugin has already declared 'war'not only on America, but also on National Socialism and Nationalism. When it comes to politics, and especially those of Russia and America, you would all bear well to remember the proverb - "The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend."

3:55 PM  

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