Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Message To Our Comrades In Ukraine

[This is a message to the new government in Ukraine from Bill White, the man who is coming to be known as "the White man's Nelson Mandela."]

Recently, a popular rebellion of ethnic Ukrainians seized Kiev and much of the country from a weak, corrupt president, Viktor Yanukovych, the latest in a recent tradition of weak and corrupt Ukrainian leaders. The Ukrainian people deserve better and will get better.

This rebellion is constructed, like the Syrian rebellion, from two political movements. One, the Zionist-led coalition which has taken power in Yanukovych's absence, is a tool of Western Zionism and  European Union socialism.It cannot be allowed to rule. The other is comprised of National Socialist comrades, some of them personal friends of mine. These are the men, walking in the footsteps of Svatoslav, who are purging Ukraine of its Jews and Zionists. To you belongs all power in Ukraine.

But comrades, do not be deceived. You must not attack Russia, in any sense of the term. Russia does not want Ukraine and does not want to stop your national revolution. Russia wants an independent and allied Ukraine, one that is not a base for American and EU imperialism, and will let you have a national state it you give it what it needs. You will lose a war with Russia. Germany made peace with the Soviet Union. Put the national revolution and the Ukrainian people first.

Russia has had the ability to annex Ukraine and Belarus for over a decade.Belarus has sought union with Russia. Russia does not want to absorb Ukraine and Belarus because your countries are poor, poorer even than Russia, and absorbing you would burden Russia. Russia has enough restive ethnic minorities. Russia wants you independent and dependent on it.

Economically, you cannot break free of Russia. Until you have economic development, you will depend on Russia for energy.Before you can break free of Russia, you must have your own factories, your own power plant, your own infrastructure. Russia and Russian capital may assist you in this, if you can stabilize yourselves. You must build the national economy and the national state first and foremost.

Further, you have the weakness of being a multi-cultural state. Ukrainians and Russians are almost one people.You should not have your ethnic conflict. But you do, and an ethnic minority is a weakness. You don't need Russians in your territory at this time. If Russia wants a majority Russian territory, you should cede it, and invite ethnic Ukrainians to migrate to your new national state, but it is nothing to give away what you can't keep. If you are wise, you will sell Russia the Crimea and whatever else it wants before Russia takes it from you. Russia will thank you for legitimizing what it is going to do anyway, and humiliating America and Europe.

American and Europe are not the paradises you think them to be. Had I been able to escape America, I may have migrated to your country. America is under Zionist domination, and Communist Jews dictate to Europe. Russia, despite Putin's compromises with some Jews, is much freer of Jewish control than the nations supporting your coup.

My Ukrainian comrades: make peace with Putin. Ally with Russia. Expel the US and EU and expel corruption from your government. You need a Ukrainian nation, not a multi-national empire called Ukraine, and you must recognize your weakness. National Socialism is too important to jeopardize by war with Russia, a war that will leave you occupied, if you win, by Western Zionists and Communists as bad as the Soviets. Build the national state, but compromise with Putin. 


Anonymous Daniel said...

I am belgian and I married a russian woman in 1998 and she's still my wife and have 3 children, we recently visited her mother and siblings in Moscow and Kazan and what I saw there wasn't nice at all: whores and drug addicts everywhere, beggars, used sirynges on sidewalks, lots of homeless people, people living in shacks, lots of pregnant teens and many very young girls with babies.... I dislike what happens here in Belgium with all the disgusting mud inmigration and the liberal perversion but nowhere in belgium one can see such monstrous levels of destitution and decay. I wish Belgium were the Belgium my greatgranfather told me about!

12:56 AM  
Anonymous Nadja said...

I usually like what Mr. White writes but I think he's idealizing the satrapy of Putin, I think that is very exaggerated to say that the only choice to the west is to surrender to the russian asiatic model of tyranny instead of find a cure (however painful) to our western societies, I want my country (sweden) to be sweden, to be western, to be european, Putin is too much an asiatic satrap.

2:37 PM  
Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

Mind you, if our Ukrainian friends start following real National Socialist principles; they'll be turned into bad guys so fast they won't know what hit them.

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Joseph Anthony said...

Self-determination for all and enforced diversity,or inclusion, for none should be the hallmark of a universal nationalism advocated by White Pan-Racialists.

It will bode ill for the Ukrainians if they accept the offer of the International Monetary Fund to help alleviate their economic woes. That money comes with attachments and the attachment is that you become part and parcel of the Globalist agenda. If you do that you lose you sovereignty because a people are not truly free, even if they can vote and are the numeral majority, if an insider elite controls your destiny.

9:48 AM  

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