Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Message To The Federal Bureau of Investigation

Look, guys--I know you won't listen to me when I advise you to sit down and have a long, serious re-think about what you're doing with your lives and what kind of future the people who are paying you are trying to jam down the throats of all of us--including you and your families. I am, after all, a wicked and evil White Su-PREEEEM-ist. 

Okay, then, maybe you'll listen to a Jew. They are, after all, God's Chosen People:

* * *

The US would be better served these days to literally mind its own business. With Detroit in bankruptcy, why would we send Kiev billions of dollars? 

American urban infrastructures — water, sewer, gas, and electric lines — are falling apart. We have no idea how we’re going to manage most of the crucial economic activities of daily life in ten years, when the illusions of shale gas and shale evaporate in a dark cloud of disenchantment, when we no longer have an airline industry, and most Americans won’t have the means to own automobiles, and there’s not enough diesel fuel to plow Iowa mega-farms, or enough oil and gas based fertilizers or herbicides to pour into the eroding topsoil, and not enough fossil water left in the Oglala aquifer or enough electricity to run the center-pivot sprinklers where the prairie meets the desert? 

How are Americans going to live and eat and get from Point A to Point B and keep a roof over our heads in this beat-down land?

We’re having no conversation about these things and the political landscape in this country is a wasteland of mirages and dust devils. That is the true weakness of the USA now. We’re incapable of seeing the disorder in our own house. Why should we even glance overseas at others?

-William Howard Kunstler


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