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The Most Enduring Monument of The Civil Rights Movement - Plexiglas

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It's illegal to discriminate as an official business practice. You can't deny anyone service at your restaurant or keep a person from entering your store on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, and handicap.

America is now officially in the business of waging war on those who dare stand in the way of equality, freedom, and tolerance, meaning any form of discrimination is reason for unleashing an army of lawyers, armed police/SWAT, and the full fury of the fourth estate (the state-controlled media.)

And yet the most enduring symbol, the ultimate legacy of the civil rights movement - you know, that epoch in history that forever destroyed a private citizen's right to determine with what to do with their privately-held company/business/property - isn't White flight from urban areas.

It isn't a monkoid in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It's Plexiglas, a transparent thermoplastic, a security measure required to protect those employees (and property) of business owners who still dare try and turn a profit in cities like Newark, Camden, Birmingham, Detroit, and Baltimore. 

Though the lingering evidence that civilization once existed in these cities is empty skyscrapers soaring into the air (that same air is routinely pierced with the sound of gunshots), those merchants sticking behind to gobble up easy food stamp/EBT money are required to ensconce their employees and entire stores contents behind impenetrable plexiglas. 


Though Black History Month celebrations this February will spend considerable amount of time detailing the horrors of segregation--whites-only seating and water fountains, and the utter evil of a business owner denying black people service--there exists no symbol more powerful than the erection of Plexiglas at a place of business to protect employees from the black customers it serves. 

It is the purest legacy of the civil rights movement, for nothing can undo the natural inclinations of a people who believe they're entitled to anything and everything like a wall of bullet-proof material. 

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for a Livable Future issued a study where the authors lamented the Baltimore city food environment was one where "behind-glass stores" was an omnipresent, ubiquitous reminder of differences in racial behavior (they didn't actually use those words, but Plexiglas at a business has a harsh way of saying nothing, but speaking to power everything):

"The final category of stores, behind-glass stores, is an important subset of corner stores. They are characterized by having barriers of Plexiglas walls separating the consumer on one side from the retail items and owner/workers on the other side. 
"Behind-Glass Stores: Small corner stores (found almost exclusively in Baltimore’s poorer, African American neighborhoods) in which all access to goods is limited by thick walls of Plexiglas serving as a barrier between the customers on one side and the cashiers and merchandise on the other. Considered a necessary safety measure by many store owners, behind-glass stores have the lowest availability of healthy foods in Baltimore as measured by the Healthy Food Availability Index ratings.
A revolving Plexiglas pass-through - where customers exchange money for goods (so that no psychical contact between employee can occur) - is the hallmark of Politically Correct America.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing new. Back in the '90s, PBS had a documentary on the Cabrini Green housing project in Chicago and they showed a store with something similar - I called it an "inconvenience store" which stood in a block of half-empty stores across the street. Half the store was liquor and the other half had junk food.

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Anonymous Dave said...

This was posted at Stuff Black People Don't Like. A moan and groan, bellyaching site about how bad we all have it, but no solutions offered. And due to a recent policy change, the word"nigger" is no longer alloewd there. Which wouldn't be a big deal, except I don't think he's posting links to sites that do allow it.

His blog, his house, but just realize that they are long on war stories and short on practical matters, so to speak.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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