Saturday, February 01, 2014

Northwest Front Videos For Download

Hi, guys:

My latest video on our impending genocide (see below) inspired some of you to ask for copies of our other videos to be uploaded to your own YouTube channels. These are two NF videos that have been repeatedly banned from YouTube due to complaints from assorted self-appointed Jew and Democrat net vigilantes. The first is the famous "NVA Attacks" video by the late Colonel House of Kalispell, Montana. The second is “Why I Say Nigger” by Your Friend and Humble Narrator, and it seems to really freak the hebes on YouTube out.

Apparently their cyber-Jews have identified the coding or some hashtags or whatever inside the mp3 file. This trips some kind of alarm or defensive shield, and it will not allow YouTube to upload “Why I Say Nigger” at all, on any channel. I understand that there is some way you can diddle with it and alter the configuration of the software or file size or some such so as to get around this.

Anyway, here’s the files on


* * *


Here's the version of "Why I say Nigger" that I have confirmed successfully uploads to YouTube.  The original was blocked on my channel the same time yours was on NorthwestFreedom.   But all I had to do to put it back up was re-compile it in a different (slightly lower) resolution, and then it slipped past YouTube's algorithms.

And the most recent video "Our Planned Racial Destruction" topped out at seven additional downloads...not bad.

-The Phantom


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