Friday, February 14, 2014

Kaffirs In Maple Syrup Land

by Bill White 

A Somali Bantu refugee settled in Lewiston and Portland, Maine was among the al-Shahab fighters who massacred civilians at the Zionist-owned Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, highlighting the inherent criminality of the almost half million Somalis that have been settled in White nations.

According to a post made by al-Shahaban Twitter, a 22 year old Somali who had been settled amidst protest in Lewiston, Maine and later moved to Portland was among the group who killed 39 and injured more than 150 in the attack six months ago.

While media attention has focused on the so-called “White Widow,” a White British woman alleged to have aided the attackers, the Jewish media has ignored the role of over 100,000 Somali Bantu brought to the United States between 2001 and 2013 as part of a misguided United Nations resettlement program. 80,000 of these Somali Bantu, a particularly intellectually impoverished subgroup of the L-haplotype, were settled in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, making it a hotbed of al-Shahab and al-Qaeda terrorism. Over 20,000 other Somalis were settled in small cities like Lewiston, Maine and Roanoke, Virginia. Lewiston, a city of 38,592, is now 9 percent Somali.

At the time, the 2002-2003 Lewiston resettlement sparked protest from the National Alliance and other White organizations like Vanguard News Network, But these protests were shouted down by both Jewish and Judaeo-Christian groups who called concerns about the primitiveness and criminality of the Bantu “hatespeech.”

Yet the real hate came from the Somal immigrants themselves, who have raped, murdered, and stolen their way across formerly White communities. Each year, hundreds of Somalis are recruited from U.S. communities to join al-Shahab, and dozens are arrested in the process. In Roanoke, Virginia, Somali resettlement was inaugurated with a blatant daylight murder in the middle of a residential street by a Bantu suffering “post traumatic stress.” It grew worse, with the criminality of the Africans so severe that even other blacks began posting “Americans Only” signs.

This problem has not been limited to the United States. More than 350,000 Somalis have been settled in Great Britain and the Nordic countries, leading to anti-White race riots and calls for Islamic law.

These Somali resettlement programs, spurred after efforts to resettle the Somalis is nations like Mozambique failed amid widespread ethnic violence, have become part of an effort by the dictatorship to destroy White neighborhoods through forceful integration of welfare recipients into White communities, thus diluting the White vote and helping to ensure perpetual one-party rule by the Democrats.

The latest hotspots of Somali resettlement have been Shelbyille and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, two towns with a combined 129,000 residents, mostly White. Tyson Foods CEO has suggested settling 80,000 Iraqis, Afghans, and Somali refugees in order to depress wages and dispossess native White people. The League of the South has been organizing demonstrations against this move.


Anonymous George said...

".... thus diluting the White vote and helping to ensure perpetual one-party rule by the Democrats."

Ok then, but that does not explain why the Dictatorship would need to put these Somalis in states like Maine, which is a solidly blue state as are most of the New England states. My understanding is that the State Dept. put the Somalis in Lewiston Maine precisely because Lewiston has a very liberal and generous social welfare benefits policy, and so does much of Maine. In other words, Maine and all of New England are already solidly Democrat. Of course, Tyson Foods had a lot of influence in bringing the brown cloud to Tennessee, but that is hardly a new idea, since Micro$oft and other tech giants brought us the waves of Indians (as H-1B visa holders) long before Tyson decided to cash in on that ploy.
It is awful to think of this happening to Maine, one of the truly beautiful states bordering Canada. My wife and I had been up there on a trip back in early 2002, before the Somalis had been brought in, and I can say that I saw only one black face up there at that time. Only a million people total population at that time, but Lord, that won't last much longer and it may be an Islamic state in 20 to 30 years, maybe less most likely.

3:47 PM  

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