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"The Demon I Saw Was America"

December 25, 2013

Hello, Harold:

Merry Christmas! No, I cannot receive books here in any way. I wish I could, because I have a long list of books I'd like to read backing up. But this jail won't allow it. The next jail might. Should you or any of your readers know where federal inmates are held in Orlando, let me know and I'll find out. (Note that federal and state holding facilities are different. The feds usually contract their detention out to for-profit private corporations, who also get to use the prisoners' slave labor. Good way for the ruling party to share the wealth with those who are on their good side. This dictatorship doesn't need Stalin's clubs or execution cellars; they have access to the endless well of cash which is the U. S. taxpayer to keep themselves in power.)

Some clarifications to one of your commentaries you published: On April 15th, 2012 I received specific information that the dictatorship was planning to commit new crimes just prior to my May 12, 2012 hearing, for which I was to be framed. The information was not that I was going to be re-arrested on my old cases. My firm belief is that the charges the dictatorship is throwing against me now relate to their failed plot to frame me 18 months ago--for instance, I note I have now been indicted for "crimes" which may or may not have occurred, but which involve my being physically present in Florida from May 17th to May 19th 2012, when I have now twice been convicted of being in Mexico, one count of which was a "crime" in itself, i.e. parole violation, between May 4th and June 8th of that same year. 

The indictments are now mutually contradictory, which is why they are being brought in separate cases. The United States, under its rules of evidence and court procedure, can legally convict me of being in two places at once, so long as the allegations are separated into distinct cases.

[Comment from HAC: Bill is entirely correct, believe it or not. I've heard of this happening. Every legal "case" exists in a kind of self-contained bubble, and in the eyes of THE LAW (Sing hosannas unto Its Ineffable Name!) nothing outside that self-contained bubble or file exists--not fact, not truth, not mitigating or aggravating circumstances, nuthin'. This is how a man in Texas can be proven completely innocent on the irrefutable scientific evidence of DNA and still refused release from prison for years on the grounds that "the court has determined he received a fair trial; the fact of innocence (which the appeals court accepted) is irrelevant. Only the process matters." Yes, an American court said that, and it required presidential intervention to set the poor bastard free finally. The Beast never willingly gives up its favorite chew toys. This is called The Majesty Of The Law.]

This Christmas,  I reflect how much worse life could be and take pleasure in the small things. When I am eventually released--and that time will come--my life is ready for me, which is something that has come about only in the last year. I have no obligations that prison keeps me from--my business is long closed, my debts have been settled as best as possible, my ex-wife has voided my obligations to her and made any duty to my daughter impossible. Nothing weighs on me. 

I devote my days to study and to writing. And I have had the privilege of making new friends, such as yourself and the wonderful folks of the Northwest movement, whom I would never have met had this persecution not occurred. Rarely does one have a chance to truly separate the wheat from the chaff of one's acquaintances; situations such as mine are thus an opportunity. 

But I can also reflect back on another holiday, five years ago, just after my arrest, at the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center, and reflect that thank God I'm not there. (White was arrested in Virginia, I always thought for publishing a proposed magazine cover on the internet which the dictatorship found displeasing, although as you will see, Bill has his own ideas. For reasons best known to themselves, the dictator's servants shipped him to Chicago, the incoming dictator's home town and political power base - HAC)

I was arrested in 2008 not because of some nonsense on the internet but because Hal Turner, with two assistants, cooked up a story about assassinating Barack Obama with a truck bomb at the Poff Federal Building. This is similar to the same story [name redacted] cooked up about a gang of Charles Manson followers assassinating federal officials. The bureaucrats love these stories because they are both crooked and gullible. Federal sting operations like this supposed truck bomb in Topeka  are written by Hollywood movie producers, and every federal agent wants to be part of one of these fantasy blockbusters, which may be turned into a movie where he gets played by Brad Pitt or Mark Wahlberg. 

So the Organs, as Solzhenitsyn called them, routinely team up with the mentally ill and push these fantasies into federal court, where racially aware Whites are not allowed any meaningful defense, and where federal law enforcement understands that the truth does not matter and they can commit whatever acts of perjury and fabrication of evidence they feel will best frighten and confuse a jury into convicting.

After my arrest, I was brutalized in an effort to find this non-existent bomb. [NB. Certain details of his mistreatment are redacted here because in my considered opinion they might lead to even more severe retaliation against Bill than these repeated lunatic indictments. I frankly don't share Bill's optimism about his release someday. Bill and I have discussed this and we know the risks to him, which he is willing to take. He has to have the voice I provide, but I would rather not be the trigger for his death in custody if I can help it. Let's be clear on something: these people we're dealing with are entirely capable of murder. Even being a personal friend of the President of the United States can't protect someone who knows too much or who has angered the wrong people--ask Jim McDougal. The dictator wouldn't have decreed that National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 giving him the legal power to kill anybody he wants without trial if he didn't intend to use it.  - HAC]

I was subjected to a week of sleep deprivation and another week in an unheated room exposed to the -20-degree Fahrenheit  Chicago winter. But the worst was the day when America's scum placed me in a room flooded with human feces.

It was the day after Thanksgiving, late on Friday--the 28th, if I recall--when I was taken to a new cell on the 11th floor of the Chicago MCC. As I was settling in, I heard a negro down the hall screaming "they be doo-doo in my cell!" I went to the window in my door, and I could see brown water, with floating turds and toilet paper, slowly creeping down the hall. The feds were housing a number of inmates on the unit who weren't co-operating as they desired--Obama's former buddy Tony Rezko, several Muslims, alleged cartel members, etc.--and they'd decided to teach us a lesson. They rigged the sewage pipe serving the 14 floors above us, and now it was spewing raw human waste into our unit.

Within an hour, the unit was two to three inches deep in shit, literally. The COs, after letting us know this was the price for non-cooperation, turned up the heat and fled the unit. and the next day, well into Saturday, we were left alone. The stench was beyond description. I was forced to sit on my bed, my room flooded with piss and shit, and just stay there. Having just experienced a week of being frozen and of sleep deprivation, this was just too much. I admit that I had a nervous breakdown, and this explains some of the weirder things in my earlier letters about seeing a demon in my cell. In a way, I did. The demon I saw in my cell was America.

Eventually inmates working facilities were brought in to clean up.The MCC denied the incident occurred and recorded it as a "maintenance issue." Each of us was made to clean our own flooded cell, and when this was done the COs returned and began feeding us again, although the fecal stink was still present and took a long time to disperse.

It was when this and [text redacted, see above] failed to obtain a confession from me or any information about a "bomb" that never existed, that the dictator's servants began to turn on Hal Turner, because they believed that he deliberately fed them false information. They did not release me, and they eventually indicted and convicted me for posting things on the internet the dictatorship didn't like, as you know, but a month later they at least put me in general population for a while.

So, every day in prison that is not that day, is a day I can be happy for. This Christmas, though, I miss all of those things that make days like this worthwhile. I reflect, instead, on all of the small things that are not wrong with the world, and all of the people who have been supporting me and helping me battle the incarnate evil that is the United States and its régime.

Thank you, Harold. I hope your Christmas has also been good.


William A. White #20040199844
324 Campbell Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24016


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What's next? Close upon his head an iron mask? The tru dark ages are upon us.

Terry in Florida

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