Monday, January 06, 2014

From Harold's Official "Court Jew"

From the one Jewish writer I will allow on here, because sometimes his stuff is just so effing good:

"Sorry to skip around, but a few stray words about the state of American culture. Outside the capitals of the “one percent” — Manhattan, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, etc. — American material culture is in spectacular disrepair. Car culture and chain store tyranny have destroyed the physical fabric of our communities and wrecked social relations. These days, a successful Main Street is one that has a wig shop and a check-cashing office. It is sickening to see what we have become. Our popular entertainments are just what you would design to produce a programmed population of criminals and sex offenders. The spectacle of the way our people look —overfed, tattooed, pierced, clothed in the raiment of clowns — suggests an end-of-empire zeitgeist more disturbing than a Fellini movie. The fact is, it simply mirrors the way we act, our gross, barbaric collective demeanor. A walk down any airport concourse makes the Barnum & Bailey freak shows of yore look quaint. In short, the rot throughout our national life is so conspicuous that a fair assessment would be that we are a wicked people who deserve to be punished."

-James Howard Kunstler


Blogger Luek said...

A nigger President (elected TWICE !!! in a row) and a self loather who is a couple of french fries short of a happy meal for a Vice President?

Isn't this punishment enough?

9:40 PM  
Blogger Jlynn Littleberry said...


Some of them are sneaky and clever enough to infiltrate and create the rot that destroys everything good and worthwhile about a nation - other's are observant enough to cry phony-baloney tears about how we are going to pot - still others are well-versed in the language enough to comment on how bad it has gotten.

They see a healthy vibrant nation - they infiltrate and create rot - they tell us how badly things are going - then they tell us how bad things have gotten - next they will tell us why we are being enslaved.

Kunstler is one of the third group. He is well-versed in our language and tells us how bad things have gotten (due to his very own kinsmen), and uses language so descriptive that even those of us who are jew-wise are impressed enough to not only listen, but spread his word to others of our kind. But Kunstler will NEVER tell us WHO is responsible.

Jews: Our misfortune.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so true. I can attest to this where I live the Main Street, ever since I was a child, has always housed a wig shop, a check cashing office, and loitering niggers, mulatto, Mestizos and other assorted dubious characters. I was always amazed when seeing historical photos of the same street from the early 20th century in comparison to what it has become.

-James Howard Kunstler, “In short, the rot throughout our national life is so conspicuous that a fair assessment would be that we are a wicked people who deserve to be punished."

“No” Mr. Kunstler, it is only “conspicuous” to those who know who the Jew is, and people like you only muddy the waters with your omission of truth. The White man and the rest of mankind as a whole are not wicked people. Those who are wicked are your ilk and their notorious influence upon the world, and the death of the best of the Aryan stock through illicit and fratricidal wars brought about by your people. -Your people Mr. Kunstler is what has perpetuated this modern Amurrica we live in; enjoy.

11:11 AM  

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