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Bill White On Literature Distribution

January 6th, 2014

Hello, Harold:

I greatly enjoyed the latest Northwest Observer. Some litdrop technique to share with your readers:

First you are right in saying a good litdrop is at least 2,000 pieces. I would suggest ten times that. Plan to distribute 20,000 pieces of literature in your first month, 2500 pieces on each weekend day. In a city, this is a drop in a bucket. In rural Virginia, this can be five counties. Frankly, 200 pieces of literature will cover every single family home in a town of 10,000. 

Second: target single family homes at first, because they are easier. Multi-plex units require you to walk door to door, increasing the chance of  trespassing violation or a violation of local solicitation regulations. 

Third, the best way to distribute literature is this: make your literature heavy enough to where the wind won’t blow it. Put each literature set in a plastic bag—you can buy 500 bags for $2.00 at Wal-Mart. Put all the literature in 40-gallon trash bags—500 or so pieces per bag, so you can keep a rough count. Drive around between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. and toss the bags onto driveways from a car. 

Before going out, go to Google maps. Print out maps of the areas you will be targeting. Count how many houses each segment will have. Plan your route through the neighborhood. Plan an escape route if you are confronted. 

Move quickly. If confronted, ignore the person and move on. The mission is to move literature, not engage people. 

Hitting parked cars does work in large cities, but not in rural areas. You have to walk to do this, which means you need to be in shape. Bring a good carry bag with you and something to drink. 

In all situations, it is best to do litdrops with a buddy. A witness is best if you are confronted by citizens or police. 

The goal should always be to put out so much literature that neither the police nor “concerned citizens” can collect or destroy it all. Distribution in multiple neighborhoods or towns helps. 

As for the Danville, Virginia case you mentioned, the law requires two things for a conviction: 1) A property owner has to complain; and 2) Someone has to have seen the literature posted. [Note from HAC: unfortunately, these days that can also be provided by the increasingly ubiquitous 1984-style spy cameras in most cities and which are now oozing into medium-sized towns.] 

I had the same charge in Winchester years ago, and it was tossed because the cop didn’t inquire to see if I had the car owner’s permission before I put the flyer on it. 

Oh, and another point: it is illegal (insofar as America has laws any more, which isn't very far) for law enforcement to interfere with electioneering, including election-related literature drops. This is where an electoral campaign is helpful—it provides legal protection to political organizing. 

[Section of Bill's letter on Edgar Steele case redacted. He asked some questions which I cannot answer, due to the dearth of information and the sensitivity of the topic. What I wouldn’t give just to be able to sit down with Bill for a couple of hours in some situation where we could just TALK, without being monitored and spied on and eavesdropped! But if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. – HAC] 

Thank you for all you do, Harold. I hope the info here helps. 



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to be a naysayer or sound like a defeatist because, literature distribution is an effective means in the dissemination of information…”but”-

“Before going out, go to Google maps. Print out maps of the areas you will be targeting.”

The above mentioned would be ill advised, if you are attempting to be clandestine or as Mr. Covington say “Make the Silk Suites work for their money”; use a hardcopy map instead. If the Alphabet-Soup types really wanted to thwart the efforts of a literature distribution, reconnoiter on one’s personal computer, a public computer you log into, or one under the surveillance of CCTV; would be telling. Just as the company who creates the literature if the printing process is sourced out, or if the precursor to the ONR has a thumbtack on a map that represents your house and the literature distribution happens with a set radius of your dwelling.

I’m not trying to spread paranoia, pessimistic, and fatalistic dissention, and discourage anyone who has the courage to tell the truth but, we should all not be under any delusions that “the powers that be” can’t find out who we are, or already don’t know who we are. Contacting dissident like minded people and anything you do on a computer or a phone (especially your own) has the potential to be known by more than just the desired recipients; obviously the NSA or some other Cyber Warfare/GS or private contractor company…and probably Israel too. Also the U.S. Postal Service has its own “inspectors” (Police Service) whom more than likely creates files on mail sent and received to persons that hold unfavorable dispositions to our Lords and Masters.

Yes, In theory as Amurrican’s, we can converse with any one we want, say anything we want, read anything we want, and write anything we want; within the confines of “…Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”

Of course in practice “Life” in Amurrica is presented as decadent, cheep and disposable, thanks to ZOG and its dimwitted accomplices. “Liberty” is presented as “autonomy” but when applied, and naturally so, it is not without rule. And “Happiness” is as relative as “private property” and the “tolerance” of our Lords and Masters. Contrary to popular belief Amurrica is Indistinguishable to any other country when it comes to the exposure of its own hypocrisy, and its consequences can be just as extreme or subtle as any other country. But more often than not, Amurrica does prefer to piss down our backs and tell us it’s raining, before putting a bullet in our head.

With that said I’ll reiterate, “use a hard copy map”, and if you wish to maintain complete anonymity print the literature yourself, use gloves, disguises…aaaand theirs about hundred other counter measures that can be taken. Though, the best rule of thumb is “never be captured”.

“Theirs is never a right way to do the wrong thing, but sometimes there is never a wrong way to do the right thing.”

I don’t play a badass on TV, and I’m not one in real life.

7:15 PM  

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