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Radio Free Northwest - January 30th, 2014

HAC speaks on the German Revolution of 1933 and WN entryism into the GOP; Dr. William L. Pierce updates the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion; Gretchen returns with another book review.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rich Old People: Lay The Shekels On Us Wicked Racists NOW


This is why I tell you not to leave anything  in your will to the Northwest Front or to any other White Nationalist or Revisionist group. Your wishes will not be honored by the courts, or by your asshole liberal kids. If you're going to give a serious contribution of this kind, give it now, when we need it, and then leave a codicil in your Living Will laughing at the little liberal bastards because you've already given your money away to racists and they're never going to see a penny if it, BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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Hi Harold,

.. they really seem to have a problem with the NA Handbook.  .. probably wouldn’t like the White Book either.

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From: paul@paulfromm.coM

Free Speech Takes A Thumping As Thought Control Forces Argue McCorkill Will Is "Against Public Policy"

ST. JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK - January 27, 2014. 

"Where is the McCorkill case being heard?" I asked the court officer just before 9:30 this morning here in St. John.

"Courtroom 13," he answered. 

"Is this our lucky day?" I wondered. 

The atmosphere inside Courtroom 13 was more frigid for freedom of thought than the bitter Maritime winter outside the courtroom. This morning lawyers argued that the will of the late Professor Robert McCorkill giving a bequest to the White Nationalist U.S.-based National Alliance be set aside. It was like an Anti-Racist Action meeting with slogans of "neo-Nazi" "White supremacist" and "racist" snapping through the air in the Court of Queen' Bench. There was a lot of "hate" in the air or, at least, how much certain people hate "hate." 

Moncton lawyer Marc-Antoine Chiasson led off the complainant's case before Judge William T. Grant. He represents the long-estranged sister of the late Robert McCorkill who brought this current action to nullify the bequest. She turned up or was found after being silent during the nine years since her brother's death, after the militantly anti-free speech U.S.-based Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC) found about about the bequest soon after the will was probated in May, 2013. The exceedingly well-funded SPLC, an arch enemy of the National Alliance, went on the warpath to stop the bequest.

The only problem for them was that they have no legal standing in Canada. Ottawa lawyer Richard Warman was soon being quoted in the press commenting that the bequest should be nullified because it was contrary to public policy. Isabelle McCorkell [yes, different spelling] emerged and, although she claims to live on $1,000 a month hired a pricey Moncton law firm to obtain an ex-parte injunction freezing the assets of the will and then a further application to nullify the bequest. Piling in to support her were the Attorney General of New Brunswick , the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs. 

"This is an unusual case," Mr. Chiasson noted. And then the smears and name-calling began: "The Court must decide whether it is acceptable or appropriate to leave a bequest to a White supremacist, neo-Nazi organization that wants to rid North America of Jews." 

"We should not be able to interfere with a will on a whim because we don't like the beneficiary," he added. [Then why are we here? I wondered.] 

However, he added, "there is a certain line that cannot be crossed, but the line has been crossed with the bequest to the National Alliance and we ask this Court to intervene." 

"The Court should intervene in very few cases," he admitted. However, an exception should be made for "hate propaganda" and "hate groups." He quote Mr. Justice Cory in the appeal to the Federal Court of Appeals in the Don Andrews "hate law case" back in the 1970s. The judge had said that "hate meant the instilling of detestation in others and does incalculable damage to the Canadian community." 

"Sec. 318 and 319 of the Criminal Code prohibit hate propaganda and the promotion of genocide," he added.
The three lawyers arguing for the application repeatedly demanded suppression of people and views their clients didn't like. "Any group that promotes views contrary to the human rights codes is unacceptable," Mr. Chiasson announced. "The International Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination condemn all groups that promote the superiority of a race and the participation in or financing of such groups," he added. [Did Canada or its Parliament knowingly sign on to such a mental straight jacket?]

"Multiculturalism and equality are the linchpins of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms," he said. The Charter, it might be noted, for all its talk of equality, grants special privileges to favoured minorities.

So, he argued, "we have adopted the view that, in Canada, the propaganda of the National Alliance, the existence of the National Alliance and the financing of the National Alliance is contrary to public policy." Mr. Chiasson professed himself outraged that the National Alliance believes in "the preservation of the White Race and racial separation." Reading from the National Alliance's 2005 Membership Handbook, he quoted the NA's programme: "We must have White work spaces, White farms, White schools. ... We want an environment where our own nature can express itself. We must root out Semitic and non-Aryan influences." 

Mr. Chiason equated White self-preservation with White Supremacy. 

"We just can't stop ideas at the border due to the power of the Internet," he complained. 

Apparently, dissenting in certain historical debates is against the law, at least in Mr. Chiasson's submissions: "The National Alliance says 'the holocaust is a myth'. This is hate speech and contrary to public policy." He expressed further shock at a comment by the National Alliance: "We have a debt of gratitude to Adolf Hitler who was the greatest man of our era."

[One wonders whether we'd be in Court with a two volume record o fwell over 600 pages of submissions and exhibits if the National Alliance had hailed Joseph Stalin or Mao Tse Tung or even Pol Pot as the greatest man of our era.] 

No evidence had been adduced of homicidal inclinations on the part of the NA, but, Mr. Chiasson concluded: "The sole purpose of the NA is promoting hate and killing non-Whites, its sole objective is to create White living space, and, thus, it offends public policy. The gift is illegal and against public policy and should be voided. Mr. McCorkill should be declared intestate and, therefore, my client and her brother would be the beneficiaries of the estate." 

Next up was Richard Williams of Fredericton, representing the Attorney General of New Brunswick. "Our only interest in this matter is our belief that the bequest is illegal and contrary to public policy," he said. A strong voice for repression, he declared: "The theme of the Charter and human rights codes is that racism will not be allowed in this country." He professed himself upset at the notion of "White living space", although he made no mention of native land claims or special lands for Indians or Eskimos. 

He added "there is no redeeming merit" in the National Alliance. Attempting to answer an argument in CAFE's brief that nullifying the McCorkill will could launch a flood of similar litigation, he concluded: "I never expect to have a case like this again in my career." 

The final presentation of the morning came on behalf of another intervener, the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith. Representing B'nai Brith, Catherine Fawcett insisted: "The National Alliance has a presence in Canada and is well known to the League." Whether the NA has actually committed acts of violence "doesn't matter. They put out ideas that incite hate. Their membership is restricted to White people who support the objectives of the NA. [One wonders whether certain Jewish or Catholic groups might not similarly be restricted to adherents of their faith who support the group's objectives.] 

"What you read in their Handbook," she charged, "is we will recruit and build infrastructure for final victory. But you must read between the lines. A further danger of the National Alliance is a video game they produced called Ethnic Cleansing," she added. She didn't explain what it was about. 

"In the NA Handbook, they say: "The holocaust story in engineered by Jews or is full of exaggerations.' This is contrary to Canadian values," she insisted. 

Elsewhere, the NA says that "AIDS has taken off undesirables among Whites -- homosexuals, intravenous drug users, and those who have sex with non-Whites. That, M'lord, is hate." 

In a country that does not have a Second Amendment to protect the right to keep and bear arms, Miss Fawcett was very critical of the NA Handbook urging members to have weapons for the defence of their family or to join the state militia, if necessary. The Handbook recommended a riot gun, a military semi-automatic rifle, a handgun and at least 500 rounds of ammunition. 

She took great exception to the NA saying: "The Aryan Race has the right to ensure its own survival and it must have a White living space including Europe, North America and the southern tip of Africa." 

NA Chairman Erich Gliebe in an affidavit "says the National Alliance has no programmes in Canada, but the effect of the National Alliance message is to corrupt people and turn a small receptive minority against multiculturalism. We can stop printed material at the border and we have 'anti-hate' legislation but the internet can reach so many." 

Concluding, she said: "This Court has the power to strike down the testamentary gift to the National Alliance and stop it spreading its message of hate." 

The hearing continues tomorrow. -- Paul Fromm

Monday, January 27, 2014

Our Planned Racial Destruction (Video)

This is a kind of basic one-shot brief introduction on my part to the essential issues of race, the Jewish question, and the impending genocidal destruction of the White race if nothing is done about it.

Back To December

Hi, guys:

Back in December I published a truncated version of this letter, which apparently got Bill upset; he feels that I am deliberately redacting the boring intellectual parts of his correspondence and cherry-picking his letters for the interesting parts, i.e. his actual case wherein he is being destroyed by the dictatorship through the abuse of the law by evil clowns. 

Actually, the redaction largely had to do with the backlog in getting all his stuff typed and digitized for the internet from the reams of handwritten pages of yellow legal-pad paper he produces every week. (This was immensely easier when Bill was in federal lockup and had access to the Corrlinks e-mail system; he could actually do a lot of his own typing. God knows when he's going to be back in actual federal custody in an institution with Corrlinks; I am sufficiently paranoid to believe the evil clowns are looking for excuses to keep him in a box in Roanoke for 23 hours per day for as long as they possibly can, out of no reason anyone can figure out besides pure personal malice.)

[Sigh]...anyway, here is the complete letter Bill complained about. - HAC

* * *

December 18,2013

Hello Harold:

Not much going on here. I've sent you some AFP articles these past few days and thank you for the fliers and newspapers you sent. I see The First Freedom has run a real nice ad for me with, perhaps the worst photo of me ever taken. I'm also told that the US Attorney's Office has provided the media with a photo of me with my head shaved. Funny thing about that photo--I usually don't shave my head. However, in BOP solitary, where you can neither get a haircut nor get shampoo. I do. So, the media is using something I do to respond to the horrendous conditions the BOP imposes on political prisoners to make me a Skinhead. LOL. I really have to thank you for helping me communicate to the world all of this--from the charges to the trials to the media coverage--is a carefully stage-managed fantasy.

And, I still have not seen the charges. I was told today that someone might be by to show me the latest indictment sometime next month.

However, I have heard that, a year and a half ago, the feds were pursuing someone else in this case and, having not been able to pin these emails on anyone, the feds have decided, almost at random, to pin these emails on me.

Why not, right? Who is going to take up for me? I'm "offensive" to all sides of the Zionist political spectrum- so, I'm a safe scapegoat.

This past week, I've been wrestling with the critiques of Michael Hoffman, whose Revisionist History news letter is consistently brilliant and provocative--even though I differ with him on several points. Hoffman is the leading Catholic pro-White scholar of Judaism. His Judaism's Strange Gods, which I read ten years ago, is the leading introduction to the subject for serious white activists. But, Hoffman is strongly critical of both National Socialism and the modern White movement- on philosophical grounds, not because he wants to complain about fringe degenerates, and the like.

Hoffman's view is that the White movement essentially applies rabbinical methods to white people, and that it should instead approach Judaism from a "loving" but critical, non-persecutory and non-racial world view that seeks and accepts Judaic converts. He also attacks the underlying philosophy of National Socialism--Platonic idealism--by labeling it occult and neo-Platonic. While I am indifferent as to whether a given philosophy conforms to the Bible, Hoffman's critique deserves thought.

For the benefit of your readers, philosophy is generally divided into two perspectives- the Platonic and the Aristotelian. Platonic philosophy believes there are absolutes, and all phenomena are imperfect imitations of these absolutes. Aristotelian philosophy believes there are things, and humanity merely extrapolates absolutes from them. To illustrate:

You drop rocks off a high building; Plato says that gravity is a law that determines each rock's fall to the earth. Aristotle says that each fall of a rock makes us believe in some "law of gravity" which has no real existence.

Applied to race, Plato says that race exists, and each individual is greater or lesser representation of the racial ideal. Aristotle says that individuals exist, and race is just something you and I extrapolate which has no real existence. Ironically, the observed phenomena of biology- the DNA haplo groups--prove Aristotle wrong.

Hoffman leaves Plato himself an open question in his writings. Hoffman's objection is to neo-Platonism. Neo-Platonism is, essentially, a magical theory developed between the 3rd and 6th centuries BC. Neo-Platonism can be best said to systematic magical practices from several cultures, primarily the Egyptian, Akkadian-Babylonian, and Persian-Medean. It deals with manifesting the ideal through inner spiritual transformation.

Essentially, the spiritual world is arranged in hierarchies of spirits emanating from the one perfect God, and various means of contracting and embodying a higher spirit. One can say, for instance, that there is an ideal of love and kindness, and I am going to embody it. Or, one can say, there is a spirit named Qwijibo who is the elemental master of love, and I am going to become him and take on his power to fly through the air. Both ideas, roughly, can be called neo-Platonic. The first idea I would argue is essential to Aryan religion. The second is more Egyptian-Babylonian-Hebrew magical.

Neo-Platonism is really fundamental to Catholicism. Neo-Platonic ideas of heavenly hierarchies entered Catholicism in the 5th century, and are first admitted by Pope Vigilius in 533 AD. Augustine integrates them into his City of God, and Dionysius the Aeropagite makes them explicit in his On The Heavenly Hierarchy and other works. Neo-Platonism reentered the Latin-Frankish Church, after Charlemagne's purges, in 826 AD, when Hilduin received the works of Dionysius from Michael the Stammer of Byzantine. And, the big reintroduction was in the 15th century, where the Medicis, as Babylon fell, bought and translated much neo-Platonic lore.

Now, neo-Platonism is not a religion per se. It's a religious method. Once applied to a religion, however, it eases syncretism- the merging of multiple religions- and some groups, like Free Masons, use neo-Platonic method to do just that. Once Catholicism made YHWH the One and systematized his angels into hierarchies, and, separately, systemized Allah and his heavens, and Buddha and his bodhisattvas, it becomes easy to make one YHWH- Allah-Buddha and blend the religions all the way down.

Besides Catholicism, there are really two religions in Europe that were systematized in this way. As I describe in that essay you have "Precursors to Christ"--and in my book Tradition of the Mother, there were several ancient paganisms in Europe which were systemized, first in Macedonia, then in late Rome, into a single occult faith.

Isis-Osiris-Horapollo, Cybele-Dionysius-Attis, and Cybele-Dionysius-Apollo all describe this, with the focus being on a "Great Mother," her ecstatic resurrected consort, and her emasculated, also resurrected, light-god son.

Eventually, Dionysius and Attis were collapsed by the Romans into a composite being, which the Church identified with Christ. The origins and manifestations of this religion cannot be compress into one paragraph, but the Orphic rites, the Eleusinian mysteries, and even Druidism are expressions of this religion.

Along with Dionysian occultism, there was what became Kabbalisitc Judaism. In my essay you published, "A Light Unto Nations." I outline the absorption of paganism into Judaism. I believe Judaism originated as a synthesis of paganism in Egypt. During the Babylonian captivity, it absorbed Zoroastrian magical thoughts, which were the beginning of the oral law.

During and after the Macedonian Empire, Judaism absorbed Hindu ideas, which were brought West in the 7th century AD by the migration of Makhir of Babylon to the Narbonne. These syntheses produced Kabbala.

I have not been able to read the neo-Platonists because I cannot receive books here. It is likely Egyptian; Greek and Babylonian magical beliefs entered the Church with neo-Platonism at the beginning. They certainly fortified the Dionysian element within Christianity from per-Catholic times. But, I do not believe that neo-Platonism per se is the taint that Hoffman has identified. I believe Dionysian "Great Mother"
paganism and Kabbalistic Judaism are the problems, and that neo-Platonism merely informs them.

In simple terms, this is what is at issue: is all Traditionalism, along the lines of Julius Evola, and National Socialism "Aryan" Kabbalah, as Hoffman contends, or is Kabbalah a Jewish inversion of Aryan Tradition? (Kabbalah, BTW, means, "Tradition"). If all neo-Platonic and occult method originates in Judaism, then Hoffman is right. If it all originates in anti-human Dionysianism, Hoffman is right. But, I do not believe it does.

Looking at Evola's life, he certainly began his career in Masonic-magical circles, like those around Reghini, and continued in them through his involvement in the 1920s UR Group. But, he broke with this philosophy at the time the UR Group dissolved because Evola discovered a hidden philosophy other than Masonic-Kabbalism. So, Evola appears to have been aware of two occult tendencies, and chosen to reject the destructive one for the constructive.

One rabbinical idea Hoffman attacks is the Kabbalistic idea of the differentiated soul. In Judaism, the Rabbis have the nefesh soul, which is higher, and the "little Jews" have kelipot souls, which are lower. The nefesh soul gives the Rabbi shaman-like powers. The first is tikkunolam, the process by which the Rabbi "repairs" God's imperfections by reshaping God's laws with the power of his mind. The second goes by a variety of names--mitzvah ha-ba'ah ba-averah-- to fulfill a commandment by breaking a commandment; "averah li-slimah," to commit a sin for a good purpose: or yeridah letzorckh aliyah, to ascend by descending. Hoffman agrees with me that this is essentially Tantra-with shekina being the Tantric shakti.

Lastly, the rabbi-shaman can hamtakat ha-dinim, or sweeten God's judgment.

The concept of the differentiated soul is Aryan, and not Christian. The four-fold caste hierarchy existed in the Vedas and certainly predates and is alien to Judaism, which sees only two castes-priests and kelipot. As this idea seems to originate in Kabbalism, I'd say it originates in Hinduism, and entered Judaism via Persia and Babylon along with Shaivism and Tantra. So, Judaism really is here imitating a corrupted imitation of an Aryan notion.

Is the Christian notion of a uniform soul superior to the Aryan notion of a differentiated soul? There is no question that the fact I am prisoner at this moment has no impact on the quality of my soul. But, do I possess a soul of the quality as the aging drunk two rooms down or the negro conman elsewhere on this prison block? No. Given the same circumstances, I produce works of philosophy and they produce nothing. Could this be a quality of mind? No, because they do not attempt to produce philosophy--or anything of value. Open these doors, and they burden healthy society; I seek to restore society to health. Do we all have an equal salvation? That may phrase the question wrong. Are all of our souls equal after death? Jesus taught the first. I'm not so sure he taught the latter. In fact, the Catholic idea of a multi-layered heaven-originating in neo-Platonism in the 5th and 6th centuries, and expressed, not least, in Dante's Paradise, suggests otherwise.

Now, that said, some things do speak in Hoffman's favor, particularly in the time period where he is focused- the 15th and 16th centuries AD. I do not yet have the knowledge to collect all of the dots, but there is a strong correlation between the early slave trade, the early explorers, secret societies and Judaizing elements within the Catholic Church. Henry the Navigator, King of Portugal, who discovered colonized much of Africa, was Grandmaster of the Knights of Christ, which was a successor to the Knights Templar, a vehicle by which occultism had spread in Europe.

Nicholas V, the Pope who authorized Portuguese African slavery in 1452 AD, certainly had a staff of hedonistic occultists. Charles I of Spain (V of Holy Rome), who authorized the conquest of Mexico and Peru, had an illegitimate child with a Bomberg, whose family translated and published the first Talmud in print, and I suspect broader ties between the Hapsburg and occultists in general. There are certainly a lot of links and ties between the institution of African slavery and "racism," Jewish Kabbalism, and initiatic orders.

Ironically, a number of other figures within the same movement-or apparently so, and the whole point of occultism is that appearances are deceiving-also lay the first seeds of multiculturalism. The same Popes and rulers who established African slavery also established African priests and bishops.

I doubt that slavery was an inherently European institution. I have only studied in depth to about the 10th century AD. While it existed throughout both Rome and post-Roman Europe, it was always dominated by Jews and generally disdained by the German monarchs. The trade seems to have primarily been into Islamic countries before 1452, and, then, primarily into the New World, along with Islamic countries. Frankly, I think it's fair to say that slavery was a uniquely Near Eastern institution which German Europe was corrupted into adopting. And, I disagree with any defense of slavery within the United States, as it brought alien racial elements into this country. I almost think that Lincoln's idea- to end slavery and repatriate the blacks-may have been the best one.

However, admitting that black slavery was a Jewish institution that functioned to break down barriers between the races by bringing blacks into white society, and that "racism" was, in part, conjured up to justify this institution, does not imply that racial differences do not exist, or that racially-based nations are undesirable. The idea, of, say, Northwest independence is to expel the Zionist occupiers and establish a white nation- not to place blacks in a position of slavery. Nor is any particular exploitation of black nations planned. All of the hate and violence is directed against the current, illegitimate and corrupt, order, and towards the correction of a state of being which it has brought about and maintained with hate and violence, not towards creating a new, re-stratified society. I can find nothing Kabbalistic in the creation of a racially homogenous society; Kabbalah urges a multi-racial society in which Jews rule.

So, the idea of a true nation--a racial nation--does not originate in Judaism, though Judaism has, at times, fostered "racist" attitudes which support it- for the purpose of creating a multi-racial nation. And, Judaism is in some ways, a poor reflection of Aryan philosophy. Neither of these objections condemns National Socialism or Tradition. This leaves us with Hoffman's final criticism- that, as a practical matter, the refusal to accept Jews who convert to Christianity empowers Zionism by giving Jews of good character no place to go but into rabbinical arms.

I have no idea if Hoffman supports the idea of a multi-racial society united by faith or not. However, I would posit that all true religion must be reflective of a Volksgeist- and that requires a Volk. The idea of a multi-racial world united under the Catholic Church became the defining characteristic of that faith under its occult elements in the 11th century, and is really a development from Judaizing heresy, as the book I am working on, Serpent's Blood, exposes. But, I would go even further, and suggest that respect for members of another culture does not imply integration with that culture. If Catholics want to respect Jews who sincerely convert, they should--but the primary mission of these Jewish converts should be to convert their people and transform their society. It's a lonely job, and a White society might harbor such people, as Germany harbored Lenin, but it would not integrate such people.

Lastly, there is the question of loving one's enemies. This is a Christian value which finds a peculiar reflection in Traditional doctrine.

Many take the Glenn Beck approach, which interprets this to mean that white people should not engage in an armed uprising against illegitimate authority, or seek to clear a white territory within the United States.

However, Savitri Devi makes an interesting point- if to love one's enemy is to deprive them of pain (she phrases this in terms of God's Order), than the greatest act of love is to terminate degenerate existences--in so far as possible, without suffering, cruelty, or pain. Love is to preserve healthy life and destroy unhealthy life, to improve the quality of life for all.

Compare this with the preserve Christian tradition, which wishes to preserve all life in pain. America's Supermax prisons reflect this worldview--holding men alive, preserving their lives at all costs, while destroying all possible quality of life. Much of America is built on this false presumption of "love"--human beings are preserved forever, encouraged in a self-destructive, degenerate "freedom," as contributors to an ever increasing sum of suffering. Why? Could it be that the Jews and their dark gods feed on human pain? Could anything be less Christian and more occult?

I mention Mr. Hoffman here not to attack him ad hominem, but because he makes some of the most challenging defenses of some of these views.

Others I have heard the same from. No one would like to live in a world of peace and love more than me- but to love evil is evil and peace with evil is evil, too. There is a time for peace and a time for war- and we live in a time where white non-Americans are at war- whether we desire it or not.

So, those are my thoughts. Harold. Merry Christmas. LOL. 

Thank you for your recent defense of me--but, one point: there will be no government dweeb talking about IP addresses at my Florida trial. This is one thing the dictatorship does not want to discuss. There is no IP evidence linking any of these things to me. It's all anonymized--some Tor, some other services. These cases are literally being made on no evidence, just out of personal hatred of me.

And, while I thank everyone who writes to me--please do not threaten anyone on my case in your letters. (Not you Harold--your readers). It is against the law for me to even suggest that I want anyone harmed. I can't even say "do what you like." I must firmly say no to any such suggestion.

But, who on earth would write to me to seek my permission to commit a crime? I'm not the boss; no one needs my permission. Just don't discuss such things with me! 

Thank you Harold- for all you do and your support.


PS: I have finally figured out what a fedora is. Your books mention them, I saw a US Marshal's report claiming I wear one (I don't)--and, today, I see one advertised in the Wall Street Journal. LOL.

PSS: Not to pile on, but what a piece of shit Dietrich Bonhoeffer is. I keep hearing asshole being lauded in conservative media. I remember being given a book once denouncing mass psychology that I believe was written by this guy.

In the past few weeks, I've discovered who he was- he opposed the Reichs kirche and practiced Zionist-Kabbalistic Lutheranism. The fact he survived to 1945 is evidence of Hitler's excessive tolerance of political dissident!

William A. White #20040199844
324 Campbell Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24016

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Demon Thing

Acting frankly against my advice, Bill White wants to make a public statement regarding his "demonic" experiences in prison. It's not that I necessarily disbelieve in demons; I think people would be amazed at what I believe in my own mind. I have made no secret of the fact that like Fox Mulder, I believe that The Truth Is Out There.

The problem is that for White Nationalists, any public discussion of the paranormal or the occult,  cryptozöology, UFOs, or any unusual phenomena feeds the Goat Dancers among our own ranks and among our ideological enemies as well, and makes it even more difficult for the few remaining “norms” among the Muggles to take us seriously.

Nonetheless, I’m not the one sitting in the steel and concrete box, so here’s Bill. – HAC

* * *
January 16, 2014

Hello, Harold:

I received your letter of January 11, 2014.

From at least September 2010 to April 2011, I was placed in solitary and drugged with what purported to be an allergy pill, chlorpheniramin (sp? not completely legible in original) but which caused me serious psychiatric symptoms, some of which I describe in Tradition of the Mother. These symptoms continued for several months after I discontinued the drug, and included night terrors and an inability to sleep, sometimes for days. Furthermore, I am not the only person in the Bureau of Prisons to have been subjected to this experience.

I have been trying to discover what happened, but the BOP is not being exactly responsive. Overall I suffered tremendous abuse from 2008 to 2011, and the fact that this is done to prisoners, and is well attested by any review of §1983 claims on Lexus-Nexis, is an important thing people in the United States are not aware of.

 I do joke about demons and reptiles, but the things I described in my letter—sleep deprivation, freezing cells, being in a cell flooded with feces, being drugged, and other acts of deliberate and malicious abuse—were quite real, and are not funny. [Bill doesn’t say so, but from other sources I suspect Movement assholes may have been sending him mocking and taunting letters laughing at him for being in prison, which is simply disgraceful, and makes me more determined than ever to somehow force us to rise above the GUBU.  – HAC]

Unfortunately, so many people have become so used to doing what they want in this society in comfort and pleasure that they have to deny to themselves that these things are happening. On this point, the FBI has just informed me that my file consists of 14,573 documents which they are producing to me. This means that the FBI has been producing 2½ documents on me every day for 20 years. When I get them (electronically) they will be placed online and will substantiate everything I have said.

The BOP, on the other hand, is claiming that my six years in prison have generated 29 documents. So they are holding back.

As an aside, Houston Stewart Chamberlain also saw demons, so I’m in good company.

Hope you are well, Harold. Thank you for the recent typing work.


William A. White #20040199844
324 Campbell Avenue SW

Roanoke, VA 24016

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Edgar Steele Update

[Excerpt from a comrade in the fortress prison of Victorville.]

January 20, 2014

Dear Harold:

Happy James Earl Ray Day!

...Mr. Steele is doing well, now no longer needs to use his wheel chair, is in high spirits and [he is] a great man. We have awesome racial conversations when we see each other, especially about Francis Parker Yockey. He says keep up the good fight.


* * *

I received one brief note from Ed in mid-December promising to write a regular commentary for this blog and Northwest Observer, and nothing since. The dictatorship appears to be tampering with his mail again; several letters to this comrade who wrote have been returned even though the address is clearly correct, and the mail to Edgar Steele himself seems to be simply disappearing again, with both incoming and outgoing mail being intercepted and made away with.

Ed's official address is:

Edgar J. Steele #14226-023
P. O. Box 3900
Adelanto, CA 92301

If we all really pelt the prison with mail they might decide to let some of it through.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Illegally Recorded Conversation

[This appeared in my e-mail box. I have no idea what it is or where it came from. - HAC] 

What you will read is a transcript of an illegally taped, purported conversation between two men, two cousins: former US Secretary of  State Aaron Stanton, and Michael Oswald, the director of the CIA.

It is presumed that NSA recorded the conversation. 

Michael Oswald, CIA Director:  Listen, Aaron, Darlene told me she believes your marriage can be saved.  She's willing to talk.  You don't raise three children and then just walk away because you had an affair.  I'm  sure you felt "liberated" with a much younger woman.  I've seen pictures of her, and she's certainly beautiful. But did you ever think you were being set up?  They do that, you know.  They send in a honeypot, and then they nail you to the wall.  But now Darlene knows.  She's a very stable person.  She can handle it. 

Aaron Stanton, former US Secretary of State:  That's not why I came here to talk.  We can chew that subject to pieces some other time.  I want to talk about Justin Whitehead. 

Michael Oswald:  I just wanted to assure you the CIA did not send the woman to you. 

Aaron Stanton:  Whitehead once worked for CIA. 

Michael Oswald:  Yes, he worked for us.  In 2009.  In Geneva.  He was head of computer security, under diplomatic cover. 

Aaron Stanton:  He quit.  He went to work in the private sector. 

Michael Oswald:  So? 

Aaron Stanton:  Why did he quit? 

Michael Oswald:  Apparently, he became disillusioned.  He witnessed one of our little operations with a Swiss banker.  We helped the man out of a jam, and he subsequently gave us confidential information about numbered accounts. 

Aaron Stanton:  Sounds pretty thin to me.  This boy Whitehead quit the CIA because he discovered you people turn civilians into assets?  What did he imagine the CIA does?  Sponsor knitting parties? 

Michael Oswald:  Whitehead was and is unstable.  Who knows why people like him act the way they do? 

Aaron Stanton:  Michael, that's self-serving.  After the fact, after he steals all those secrets, you say he's unstable.  I've watched his press conferences.  He appears to know exactly what's he's doing.  And on top of that, he's perfect in the role of dissident patriot, for the yuppie computer generation.  He's young, white, wan, thin, with that little stubble, those glasses.  I'm convinced that if he were 50, bald, with a pot belly, he wouldn't have aroused nearly as much favorable sentiment. 

Michael Oswald:  So now you're a profiler? 

Aaron Stanton:  I've heard rumors.   

Michael Oswald:  Such as? 

Aaron Stanton:  The CIA's turf war with NSA.  The battle over budget money. The fact that human intelligence, which is the CIA's bread and butter, has taken second place to electronic spying. 

Michael Oswald:  Jesus. You're saying we helped Whitehead steal all those files, just to fire a torpedo into NSA? 

Aaron Stanton:  Well? 

Michael Oswald:  That's ridiculous. 

Aaron Stanton:  Would you even know? As Director, you're miles above operations. 

Michael Oswald:  I would know, believe me. As soon as Whitehead went public, we launched an internal investigation. We've put together every shred we have on Whitehead's days with the CIA.  Nothing sticks out. He's just a wild card.  No one could see it coming. 

Aaron Stanton:  Or your people are hiding the truth from you. They would, you know. 

Michael Oswald:  Where is this coming from, Aaron? 

Aaron Stanton:  It wouldn't be the first time an employee of the CIA quit or retired, but was still working for you. It also answers the question of how he was able to get to all that secret NSA data. He had help. From your people. They set this whole thing up. 

Michael Oswald:  I could spin a dozen wild hypotheses about Whitehead. But none of them would be true. He was a lone operator. He was very talented. NSA gave him access to everything. 

Aaron Stanton: You should know there are people at NSA who believe Whitehead is still working for the CIA. 

Michael Oswald:  Of course there are. NSA wants to get off the hook. They want to blame us, or someone else, for their own problems and screw-ups. 

Aaron Stanton:  People who work as spies lie. They're trained to. This whole thing is a mess because...who can you believe? 

Michael Oswald:  By that theory, there is no answer and there never will be. Doubt everybody all the time---that's a self-defeating philosophy. You have to put your faith somewhere. 

Aaron Stanton: I'm beginning to reject that proposition. Maybe doubt is the state of mind we need to cultivate. 

Michael Oswald:  What is this? A primer in existentialism? 

Aaron Stanton:  Whitehead leaves the US for medical treatment. He arrives in Hong Kong and stays there for almost a month. And the NSA can't find him. But two reporters can. They meet with him, and he turns over all his stolen files to them. Do you see how absurd that is? 

Michael Oswald: So the CIA helped conceal him in Hong Kong? Is that what you're suggesting? 

Aaron Stanton: The Whitehead story line doesn't make sense. He joins the Army and is accepted into a training program for the Special Forces. Why? Because he's a physical marvel?  Obviously, because of his computer skills. But then he breaks both legs in an accident, and he's discharged from the service.  Why? He can't operate a computer anymore? 

Michael Oswald: I don't know anything about that. 

Aaron Stanton: Well, you should. 

Michael Oswald: Who sent you to talk to me, Aaron? 

Aaron Stanton:  The Vice President. And he's no doubt acting on behalf of  the President. 

Michael Oswald: The President? Who has his ear? 

Aaron Stanton: I would assume the NSA does

Michael Oswald: Are you saying this whole thing could blow up and affect us [CIA]? 

Aaron Stanton: Not out in the open. 

Michael Oswald: I need to meet with the President. 

Aaron Stanton: Consider this a preliminary to that meeting.

Michael Oswald: You're going to pass along what I say here? 

Aaron Stanton: Parts of it.  But I want to give you cover if you need it.

Michael Oswald:  The Vice President should know the CIA has important details about what really happened in Benghazi. And Operation Fast and Furious is also on our radar. Don't ask, don't tell works on both sides. 

Aaron Stanton:  Yes it does. The Vice President knows the CIA and DEA made highly illegal arrangements to protect the Sinaloa drug cartel, in exchange for Sinaloa providing intel on other cartels. 

Michael Oswald: As usual, it's a standoff. 

Aaron Stanton: That's true. However, the NSA is the joker in the deck. Nobody really knows how much information they've gathered on politicians and what they're willing to leak to the media. So they're in a strong position with the White House.  The whole situation could become unstable, unbalanced. 

Michael Oswald:  Which is precisely why NSA needs to be taken down a few notches.

Aaron Stanton: Are you saying that's what the CIA did in the Whitehead affair? He is your man? 

Michael Oswald:  I'm not saying anything. All of us...maintain an  equilibrium with each other. We protect America, and in doing so we sometimes step outside the boundaries. 

Aaron Stanton: My extra-marital was exposed by the files Whitehead stole. So I'm on your side, Michael. I want NSA to feel pain. I wouldn't balk if Whitehead is the CIA's man and he's sticking it to those people. 

Michael Oswald:  There's something else you should know.  We have evidence that NSA has been shall I put this, spying on where black-budget money actually goes. They have files on it, going back a number of years.  Huge amounts of federal money that have been derailed, diverted, stolen.  Were that information to be leaked, it would be devastating. 

Aaron Stanton: Significant heads would roll. 

Michael Oswald: Many heads. NSA must be curbed. 

Aaron Stanton: This is a very delicate situation. 

Michael Oswald: In a reasonable world, if I have something on you and you have something on me, we stay silent. We protect each other. 

Aaron Stanton: Here is what I think happened. At some point, while Whitehead was stationed in Geneva, working for the CIA, he was profiled extensively by his own people. They discovered he was a bit of a loose cannon, a libertarian, with strong patriotic feelings. So a few men approached him. They hinted that they were looking for a man to perform a risky bit of business, for the sake of the Republic. They told him the modern Surveillance State was going too far, it was endangering people's basic rights, and the NSA needed to be exposed. Eventually, Whitehead responded positively to this suggestion.  So these CIA people, who were vetting him, who might have been real patriots themselves, or just agents with orders to take down the NSA, explained the mission in detail. Whitehead, if he volunteered, would go to work for the NSA a few years hence, and he would be given access [with vital CIA help] to an extraordinary range of documents detailing NSA surveillance operations. Whitehead would leave the country with these documents and leak them to the press. Of course, he could never come back to America, and he would face dangers, but the CIA would do everything in its power to protect him. And Whitehead agreed to take on this role. 

Michael Oswald: An interesting tale. Are you outlining a novel? 

Aaron Stanton: No. I'm just putting pieces together. 

Michael Oswald: And where are you getting these pieces? 

Aaron Stanton:  Think about it. NSA has floated at least three explanations for how Whitehead was able to stroll into work and steal the farm.  They said he had a thumb drive, a weapon against which the greatest,  smartest, and richest spy agency in the world was powerless. Then  they said Whitehead had obtained passwords from colleagues at the office, an equally absurd story. They also said Whitehead was such a natural genius, NSA put him in charge of security-oversight, with access to everything. We're supposed to believe that NSA, for all its spying efforts around the  world, simply forgot to lock its own doors.  It forgot to install an internal security system that would thwart its own employees and  contractors. Far more likely, NSA does have exceptionally good security.  But  highly

trained and dedicated professionals, from a rival agency, the CIA, were able, over time, to crack that system. And then their front man, their lone wolf, Whitehead, was given his cache of files, and he walked out of work and never came back. 

Michael Oswald: No comment. Except that you're delusional. 

Aaron Stanton:  I no longer have faith in the mission. And I'm not just talking about the American government's agenda, but any government's. 

Michael Oswald:  A thinking person has to take sides. 

Aaron Stanton:  But suppose reality makes that impossible?

Michael Oswald: I don't know what you're talking about. 

Aaron Stanton:  Suppose reality is a charade? 

Michael Oswald:  At the CIA, we work with charades all the time. 

Aaron Stanton:  Well, consider that you're inventing illusions in order to support other illusions.  The CIA and the NSA are two dream merchants fighting for turf, fighting for the right to define What Is for everyone else. 

Michael Oswald:  I don't see anything wrong with that. Somebody has to say, "This is real." 

Aaron Stanton: How about the individual? 

Michael Oswald: There is no such thing. The individual is dead. 

Aaron Stanton: Well, I'm certainly glad we can agree on  something. We won't need humans in their present state. We would do far better with androids. 

Michael Oswald:  We're working on it.