Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Famous "NVA Attacks" Video

Colonel House’s famous video from 2010, possibly one of the most-banned videos on YouTube. Of course it's still on YouTube, hidden away in various innocuous guises where it will suddenly leap out at unsuspecting little Whiteboys and girls and corrupt their pristine minds, washing away all that liberal brainwashing like so much soap scum.


Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

By Jerry P. O’Neil to Karen Hudes

Written on October 27, 2013


This document is important ­ Please Read!

Page 1 “The People of America, including each of us, are presently captives of the sovereign power of the District of Columbia and our nation has been “conquered” under international law. Adoption of International law by the federal government together with a total abandonment of their constitutional duty to prevent such conduct, is the keystone of this history.”1

“…Please contact me if you feel you need more evidence. The factual information relating to subversion of our constitution by those sworn to uphold and defend it, and the complete abandonment of lawful governance by those in control of it ~ has eluded the consciousness of the American people for an entire century. This was no accident.

…the obscurity of these facts has also helped to conceal them from public knowledge, including almost certainly, nearly all of those national politicians whose uninformed cooperation made it all possible.”

I'd suppose that this is the real reason for the War of Northern Aggression. The northern states were, as much, the willing victims of this aggression as well.

These actions exactly duplicated the positions taken y the United States under war power granted to it, and employed against the insurrectionary rebel states during the Civil War of the 1860’s. This time however without actual military hostility. The adoption of International Law was fully accomplished in the District of Columbia before the beginning of World War II, and had reached full implementation by the 1960’s. “Since war destroys or suspends municipal laws in the [conquered] country

no government is left there but such as is derived from the law of war.”14 We are all a conquered people today. Civilly dead to our constitutionally guaranteed liberties, and ruled by conquering governments of an enemy People.”

This, I'd say, is the real nature of beast against which you've started your one man war.

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