Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Radio Free Northwest - December 12th, 2013 

HAC talks about RFN paranoia, the institution of marriage, and some other stuff. Gretchen review a book on the dynamics of revolution, we hear from a Swedish comrade, and HAC closes with a brief tirade on internet kampf.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You do know that there is a precedent for modern "arranged marriages" in a modern society? In Japan. Japanese have used marriage arrangement services for years to arrange marriage. The purpose for these services is almost identical to the reasons you give for having them in the NWR.

Many Japanese don't have time to do the dating scene, they want to seek more traditional relationships, and they want to have a family and children. In this post industrial world, that's hard to do, even in Japan.

The marriages so arranged aren't based on sex, it isn't a Geisha service or a "hostess" service. These marriages are arranged to find two people that should be compatible enough to have a stable life together. At least so hope the Japanese who are trying their best. No one is compelled to use these services either. They are available for anyone who wants to use them but there is no compusion from either politicians, religion, or cultural leadership.

So, these "wierd" ideas of having a marriage arrangement service are not new. The goat dancers are going to accuse you of blowing smoke or trying to take us back to the caveman, club, dragging women by the hair days. But the Japanese are doing it. They are not Aryan and certainly have their failings but they do live in a post-modern computerized civilization much like what will need to exist in the NWR.

To learn more about how the Japanese are going about it, google "Miai" or "Omiai." The following is a recent article about it:

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