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Letter From Bill White - December 18th 2013

Hello, Harold:

Not much going on here. I've sent you some AFP articles these past few days, and thank you for the flyers and newspaper you sent. I see that The First Freedom has run a really nice ad for me, with perhaps the worst picture of me ever taken. 

I'm also told that the U.S. Attorney's office has provided the media with a photo of me with my head shaved. Funny thing about that photo--I don't usually shave my head. However, in BOP solitary, where you can get neither a haircut nor shampoo, I do. So the media is using something I do to respond to the horrendous conditions that the BOP imposes on political prisoners to make me a Skinhead. LOL. 

I really have to thank you for helping me communicate to the world that all of this, from the trials to the indictments to the media coverage, is a carefully stage-managed fantasy.

I still have not heard anything about the Florida charges. I was told today that someone might be by to show me the latest indictment some time next month. Or, they may not. However, I've heard that a year and a half ago, the dictator's people were pursuing someone else in this case, and not having been able to pin these e-mails on anyone, someone in the power structure has decided, almost at random, to pin these e-mails on me, whatever they were about. Why not, right? Who is going to take up for me? I am offensive to all sides of the Zionist political spectrum, so I'm a safe scapegoat, and somebody gets an easy case clearance.

The past week I've been wrestling with the critiques of Michael Hoffman, whose Revisionist History newsletter is consistently brilliant and provocative, even though I differ with him on several points. Hoffman is the leading pro-White scholar of Judaism. His Judaism's Strange Gods, which I read ten years ago, is the leading introduction to the subject for serious White activists. But Hoffman is strangely critical of both National Socialism and the modern White movement, on philosophical grounds, not because he wants to complain about fringe degenerates and the like.

[Okay, I'm going to redact several thousand words here and most likely publish this one in full in Northwest Observer. Let's get back to the juicy stuff toward the end of the letter. - HAC]

So these are my thoughts. Merry Christmas, Harold. LOL. Thanks you for your recent defense of me, but one point: there will be no government dweeb talking about IP addresses at my Florida trial, whatever else they dream up by way of evidence. This is one thing the dictator's servants do not want to discuss. There is no IP evidence linking any of these things to me, and never has been. These cases are literally being made up out of whole cloth purely out of personal hatred of me. I really do wish to hell I knew who I pissed off back in '08.

And while I thank everyone who writes to me, please do not threaten anyone in my case in your letters. (Not you, Harold, your readers.) It is against the law for me to even suggest that I want anyone harmed. I cannot even say "do as you like", and I must firmly say no to any suggestion. 

Why on earth would any sane individual write to me, of all people, seeking my permission to commit a crime? I am not some kind of boss of anything. I am a writer and a historian, and the people who are holding me in prison know that even if some of the strange people out there don't.

Thank you, Harold, for all your support.


P. S. I have finally figured out what a fedora is. Your books mention them, I saw a U.S. Marshal's report claiming I wear one (I don't--it never ceases to astonish me how wildly inaccurate some of their information is) and today, I see one advertised in the Wall Street Journal.

P.P.S. Not to pile on, but what a piece of shit Dietrich Bonhoeffer is! I keep hearing this asshole being lauded in conservative media. I remember being given a book once, denouncing mass psychology, that I believe was written by this guy. In the past few weeks I've discovered who he was--he opposed the Reichskirche and practiced Zionist-Kabbalistic Lutheranism. The fact that he survived until 1945 is evidence of Hitler's excessive tolerance of political dissent.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO @ the propaganda photograph. Bill's head shaved because of the lice and sanitary situation in the prison but they make him out to look like a "howwible ebil whait mahn!" in his mugshot. Its so typical! Sounds like something the Brits or Stormmont would have done to the IRA internees in the 70s.

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