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Letter From Bill White 11-29-2013

November 29, 2013

Hello Harold,

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoyed yourself and ate well with family and friend. I dined alone with cold beans, LOL.

Thank you as well for the typed articles. This year I gave thanks for all the wonderful people who support me.

Having finished William Shirer’s Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, I moved on to Barbara Tuchman’s Guns of August. When I was 12 or 13 I had an Avalon Hill war game by that name, which I bought for a dollar in a liquidation, and used to play with when I was bored. This was before computers really had satisfactory strategy games, no Hearts of Iron or Europa Universalis.

So call me Lyndon LaRouche, but as I glean the family relationships between the last members of the European aristocracy, the House of Windsor seems to play a nefarious role, along with the House of Orange. Many people do not realize the role that the occult-aristocracy played in organizing the so-called “resistance” to National Socialism or their role in the current One World movement, but the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Bilderberg organization come from the crowns of England and the Netherlands, and created the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the European Union, and the United Nations, among others. Windsor—then Hanover—and Orange have been aligned with the Jews since the 17th Century, and their mischief hasn’t stopped with the nominal decline of their monarchies.

Which brings me to some final thoughts on Shirer. I recently wrote an article for the Barnes Review where I mention the only work of literature Jewry produced in Franco-Germany during the Germanic Dark Ages, the Toldot Yeshu, or Life of Jesus.  It is a filthy, hateful Jewish interpretation of the story of Christ. This is the only book I can really compare Shirer’s Rise and Fall of the Third Reich to, as Shirer’s book is a wonderful story about a beautiful man told by a liar smearing filth on him on behalf of Jewish interests. Yet still, with all of these lies, the love and beauty which was Adolf Hitler and his Reich shines through. I still tear up when I read of Hitler’s decision to remain in Berlin, and it inspires me as I wait for the next coming.

Shirer, though, has me thinking of some of the errors or National Socialist and Fascist revolutions, particularly vis-à-vis Stalin and the old European aristocrats. As a distant descendant of a Teutonic knight, Caspar von Schwenkefeld, perhaps I should sympathize with the Junkers, the landed descendants of the Knights—but my sympathies are with Himmler, who tried to resurrect a new and truer Teutonic aristocracy. People say that Stalin’s purge of his generals in 1937 and 1938 left the Soviet army unprepared. However, Hitler and Mussolini’s failure to purge their reactionaries in both the military and, in Mussolini’s case, the Fascist Party and government, was the direct cause of their failure between 1943 and 1945. Stalin did not hesitate to shoot leftists, who had helped Bolshevism come to power, and suppress socialist critics around the world. Hitler left “rightists” in power, though they were not true National Socialists, and Mussolini failed to suppress the monarchy. Both of these allies then betrayed them, while by 1941, no one who would even think of betraying Stalin was left in power.

Mussolini was deposed when the Italian king and the monarchists of the Fascist Grand Council betrayed him in 1943.Hitler’s betrayal in 1944 came from aristocrats in the military, first with the attempted assassination, then the with wholly unnecessary surrenders of cities like Paris, along with entire armies, on the Western Front. Why wasn’t Paris razed? Why as it not even defended? And while I can understand an exhausted, starving, freezing army surrendering, I cannot believe 300,000 men in France and Belgium could reach this state in two weeks over and over again. Why was there no guerrilla struggle? Why no Operation Werewolf? Why weren’t the capitalists and Communists defeated like the Zionists in Vietnam and Iraq? Hitler was not a defensive strategist, but he was betrayed.

This betrayal is doubly bad because in 1933 and 1934, Hitler suppressed the SA precisely because the SA wanted to continue on to a second revolution and purge these decadent aristocrats. The more I study the occult roots of the One World movement and trace its development from Roman, Graeco-Egyptian and ultimately Minoan, Anatolian, and possibly Phoenician cults into modern Judaism, Zionism, and Judaeo-Christianity, the more I recognize why the old traditional European aristocracy was no longer fit to rule. Not all of the European lines were equal. Some have been corrupted since the 5th and 6th centuries. What National Socialism had to do was elevate a new aristocracy, and despite the problems with Röhm and some others, the corrupt aristocracy had to be supplanted, particularly in the military. Ultimately, Himmler would have been the man to do this, but he did too little, too late.

There is a lesson here for the national liberation movement. Like Hitler, we are faced with a “conservative” right wing which, even when it is awakened to the issues of Jews or race, is pursuing a very different goal from us, comparable to the relationship between the Socials Democrats and the Communists or the monarchists and the National Socialists. The Communists always expressed the issue as one of “alliance from above” or “alliance from below” in their politics, whether they should make common cause with the leaders or with the rank and file of such movements. In my view, such people can be won to the national liberation struggle, but in doing to they must ultimately abandon American or Constitutionalist ideals for national-revolutionary ones. As in Europe, the old institutions, the U.S. Constitution and the old U.S. identities, have failed, and the people must be led—over their leaders and if necessary beyond them. 

On another front, there is some amusing legal news from Wednesday. Five years ago, the former desegregationist Attorney General of Virginia, Anthony Troy, tried to sue me. He lost, sued me again, and won an $860,000 judgment the second time, largely because unknown to me, my wife stiffed my civil defense attorney for his fees. At the point at which he “won” his $860,000 judgment, Troy had by his own estimation spent $1.2 million dollars of his law firm’s time and money pursuing it. As of today, Troy has collected $0—that’s zero dollars and zero cents. Zip. Nix. Nada. Bupkis.

So, having won a worthless judgment, and gotten his day of fawning lies in the Roanoke Times, you’d think Troy would sit back, pat himself on the back, and try to persuade himself it was all worth $1.2 million dollars. But no—like Br'er Fox, Troy is stuck in the Tar Baby, and he can’t stop punching. So he has spent the past three years trying to add more money to his worthless judgment. He has now been rebuffed, I believe, five times by three different courts—and burned another million in the process. But he just won’t give up.

This led to my call Wednesday morning. The Fourth Circuit ordered my case to mediation. I made a very fair offer: if Troy would drop his appeal, Troutman Sanders will not have to pay $500,000 pursuing it. Troy refused it. He seems to think that he is doing something other than burning up money and time and making a fool of himself.

This is what I call the pathology of lawyers—the belief that they can take anything they want through the passive-aggressive paper-filings of the dictatorship’s law. Too weak to assert their own will, they try to assert the law’s will—and go insane when they fail. What else but insanity can explain spending millions on worthless paper? What else but insanity can explain prosecuting me seven times and believing it would make me shut up?

I understand, as the man once said, that “naked I came into this world and naked shall I leave it.” There are things that can be taken and things that cannot, and I understand that the things scum like Troy and the United States want are among the things which cannot be taken. When a government loses its legitimacy, the law can no longer punish anyone. Obama’s America and these people who hold me captive can martyr, torture, murder, yes. The dictatorship and the dictator’s servants can still do immense harm to others. But they can no longer punish anyone. They lost that moral right a long time ago.

That is the news for this Thanksgiving. Not much else is going on. I am working on two longer essays, and that is about it. AFP ran another article this week.

Hope all is well with you. Thank you for what you do.


P.S. Looks like China has decided to call out the negro-in-chief. They know Obama couldn’t stomach Syria, now they’re showing him up in the South China Sea. This is a dangerous game, though, because China may now force Obama to respond.  Obama will persuade himself that a “limited” response is possible, and soon after, America will meet nuclear death.

I, for one, pray for nuclear death to this filthy nation. Remember that in 1910 a learned university professor “proved” that world war was impossible because of the economic interdependency of nations. I only regret that I am on the wrong coast to be “liberated” by Chinese hordes. At least my Fallout 3 experience should prove useful.

* * * 
Dissident writer Bill White is being held in a county jail in Roanoke, Virginia, until March of next year when he will be sentenced to up to 16 years in prison for the unspeakable crime of sending his ex-wife an irate e-mail over a money dispute. As it happens, the regime's own IT expert informed the prosecution that White did not and could not have sent the e-mail, since he was in police custody at the time but--nyeh! Little details like that are no longer allowed to interfere with the dictator-artist's broad canvas as he renders Amurrica perfect.

White needs your letters of support to let him know that the dictatorship has failed in its objective of burying him out of sight and out of mind.

William A. White #20040199844
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