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Judicial Legislation And National Liberation

by Bill White 

Readers of the Old Testament know that judicial legislation is the traditional method by which the Jews govern. There may be a president or parliament, a king or council, but the Hebrew places the judge, as the interpreter of the law, supreme. 

Thus, America has its Supreme Court and its black-robed tyranny, and, one of the first demands the Resistance made in post- World War II Europe was for a continental federation governed by a judicial tribunal with sole authority to interpret a European constitution. 

This unelected, oligarchic form of rule has been tied to international banking since the days of the Oniads, and is alien to the Aryan cultural soul. As an unjustifiable and illegitimate method of directing state violence, judicial legislation can only be countered by the violence of an emerging and legitimate state--in essence, a counter-law. This end of judicial state and its so-called “rule of law” must be brought about by the counter-law of our national liberation struggle. 

The Talmud and Tyranny 

Government has three functions: the legislative; the executive; and, the judicial. The legislative function is the crafting of laws. The executive function is the implementation of the law. In an Aryan society, the judicial function is the application of the law to disputes of fact. 

But, this is not how the Jews see the role of the judge. In Judaism, the judges do not merely apply the law to disputed facts, but assume the rabbinical function of passing judgment on the law itself. This process the historian Michael Hoffman correctly calls “judicial legislation.” 

In America, this concept of law has led to the Supreme Court’s usurpation of Congress. Internationally, it has led to an International Criminal Court which arrogantly indicts heads of state. By any natural standard, this view of law is illegal and illegitimate, but, like much that is illegal and illegitimate, it is a fact of life for nations under Zionist occupation.

Judicial law is Talmudic in origin. In fact, the boldest American jurists proudly claim this heritage. The idea that the interpreter has the right to alter the meaning of the law reflects the traditional relationship between the Rabbi and his God, YHWH. Beginning no later than the Babylonian captivity, “oral law” began to infiltrate Hebraic YHWH-ism- an “oral law” derived from Medean and Persian Zoroastrianism, with its hosts of angelic and demonic beings. Later, Greek and Egyptian magical traditions became integrated as well. This essentially magical way of reading the Torah and Tanakh replaced the actual laws of YHWH, and rabbinical interpretation became more important than YHWH’s intent.

The formalization of this methodology began with Rabbi Hillel. Hillel developed the first set of the laws of the Jewish system of middot, which is a kind of systematized irrationality. A yeshiva student applying Hillel’s method reads the Torah, but performs one of 32 manipulations on the text, transferring the letters of a word into numbers, or into an acronym, and, through this, substituting for YHWH’s words a new word or phrase. Over a millennia, this methodology became Kabbalah, which uses positional values for letters to make geometric extrapolations from the text, among other nonsense. These interpretations do not reflect YHWH’s intent, or have any meaning of any value, but, under Jewish law, are more important than what YHWH said or meant.

This is how Jews on the federal bench, and many of the gentiles they’ve trained, read American law and the Constitution. Instead of looking at the meaning or the intent of the law, the judiciary fabricates the law as they go, making irrational assumptions, embracing flights of fancy, and justifying it with arcane manipulations only other members of the bar applaud. As with kabbalism, the intent of this method is to evade the plain meaning of the lawgiver’s words and impose the will of the Jew in between. The same process is used in international and “human rights” tribunals.

The result has been the setting aside of the will of the American people, as expressed in their elective acts, and its substitution with the will of the Jew. Through this, Whites in America have been enslaved by the Zionist occupier. Desegregation, abortion, homosexuality, and all manner of Jewish horror, from torture to the arrest of political dissidents, have been imposed by these Talmudic courts, and America has been brought from a Constitutional Republic into tyranny. 

Legitimacy and Illegitimacy  

Only the national liberation struggle and the new law of a legitimate national state can resolve this.

It does not matter whether one uses American republican theory or national political theory to evaluate judicial rule; under either theory; the judges are illegitimate. Under American republican theory, the court cannot interpret laws in a way which defies the power of Congress. Under national theory, all law must be an expression of the soul of the people. Judicial governance both usurps the power of Congress and reflects an alien, Jewish cultural soul. Thus, White people are not morally bound to obey the dictators of American courts-- except insofar as the court has the physical power to enforce its dictates. White people need to be bound to a legitimate alternative.

In Aryan society, the ultimate arbiter of the law is the legislator, whether monarch or assembly. No judge has the authority to usurp the law, or declare a law he’s ordered to enforce invalid. A judge may only apply the law they’ve been given to the facts. In other words, to the Aryan, the judge is the servant, not the master, of the law. A petitioner’s final appeal is, ultimately, always to the law giver.

In America, and in other systems under judicial tyranny, there is no appeal to the lawgiver. An American litigant cannot take his appeal to Congress. Further, the courts do not primarily concern themselves with the facts. A decision on facts is left to the jury; the judge’s role is to rule upon the law. Even the Constitutional right to plead habeas corpus as to innocence is largely gone. A person whose case appeals to judicial politics is more likely to be heard in the Supreme Court than the innocent. As such, the American system is fundamentally flawed, and what we seek cannot be a constitutional restoration, but, a more fundamental change.

The problem of judicial legislation is the same as the problem of the Jewish religion. Ultimately, both are built upon a false foundation. There is a natural order to the world built upon natural law and nature’s lawgiver. The fantastic constructs of man are only valid in so far as they can form to this natural law. Man’s wisdom comes from the discovery of nature’s will, not the imposition of man’s will over that of nature. Ultimately, nature’s laws are not subject to interpretation, only to discovery. Thus, the arrogance of the Jews and the judges in substituting their will for their master’s dooms any system of law they may create. Our new law must absolutely exclude the Jews and Jewish principles.

In the social sphere, nature’s laws govern the appropriate limits of the use of state violence. When state violence is utilized outside those limits, it weakens society and provokes a violent reaction, or increases the latent potential for violence. Suppressing this potential consumes the resources of the state, and reduces the productivity of the people.

When this consumption and reduction exceeds the resources of the state, the state collapses. The state’s proper function is to preserve and protect different and hierarchy. The state can use force to break down social order and compel uniformity, but society’s reaction will always be greater than the resources the state can bring to bear. From the resulting anarchy, a new state emerges. Our goal must be to provide that state.

This process of collapsing illegitimacy is evident today in the United States. The Judaized occult minority uses “law” to attack hierarchy and differentiation based on sex, race, or psycho-sexual injury. White people react, seeking ways to preserve their institutions. The state is thus compelled to constantly expand to maintain its laws. Our state, thus, must fundamentally reject America. 

The New Law 

Kidnap, extortion and murder, called arrest, and execution, are the essence of law, and it is precisely for this reason that the three are considered such great crimes. They must remain the law’s exclusive province, just as in medieval times no man could hunt in the woods of the king. What transforms these acts from crime into law enforcement is legitimacy. When legitimacy is lost, law enforcement becomes an organized crime, and its practitioners become subject to treatment as criminals. Similarly, when legitimacy is gained, the “criminal” organization becomes the enforcement of the law.

The goal of the new law, then, is not to recruit criminals or terrorists, but to train and equip a new type of law enforcement agent, authorized by the nation to arrest, fine and execute into order to suppress the black-robed terror. When one considers how few the judicial governors are--692 district judges, perhaps 200 appellate judges, 9 Supreme judges--one realizes how small a task it would be to arrest them. Very little is needed to end judicial rule and replace it with national government. The barrier is purely mental. The people--our people--consent to be terrorized. When that consent is withdrawn, the system of judicial rule will tumble.

Withdrawal of consent has three phrases. First there is an awakening, as the people recognize that the judges are ruling without legitimate authority and against their interests and culture. Second, a new center and a new source of legitimacy must be proposed and accepted, as the national liberation movement educates the people as to why a shift on power towards the new law must occur. Third, the physical powers of the old law, now divorced from any legitimacy, must be dismantled through the application of force by the physical power of the new law enforcers. 

Legitimacy is what distinguishes the force of the new law from terrorism. Recognition of the illegitimacy of the old law fuels terrorism. Men who hate what America is attack malls, schools, movie theaters, military bases, political meetings and marathons. These men see American society as illegitimate, but they posit no new legitimacy. Their protests are merely anarchic and nihilist. They seek to destroy themselves and others, but, they do not seek to build.

The violence of the new law, in contrast, is constructive. It seeks to not only dismantle the alien rule of the judges, but to impose a new rule under which society will prosper. The new law enforcers target the organized crime of the old law, not the people being oppressed by it.

It is an error to believe this process can be achieved without violent force. Americans have been lulled into believing that democracy makes their rulers accountable under law. But it is precisely because the true legislators, the judges, are not accountable under law but are above the law that the system is illegitimate and must be changed. The law, judicially legislated, is illegitimate and not law, so as long as it is defended by force, it must be brought into submission to the new law by force. Then, when it abandons force to defend its crimes, let it petition our courts.


American tyranny is rooted in judicial legislation and in false notions of the rule of law. This rule by interpreters of the law is Jewish and Talmudic in origin, and represents an alien ethic tyranny over White people.

It is a fundamentally illegitimate and illegal form of government. The goal of the national liberation struggle must be a new law, based in Aryan tradition, and representing a legitimacy rooted in the spirit of our people. This new law requires new law enforcers, not terrorists or anarchists seeking to destroy society, but individuals willing to use force to suppress an old, criminal law, and to supplant it with the new, legitimate one. Such acts of force are constructive, not destructive, and elevate, rather than degrade, mankind.

* * *
Dissident writer Bill White was "convicted" on November the 1st of allegedly sending an irate e-mail to his former wife over a money dispute. The United States Attorney trying the case had already been informed by the government's own techncial expert that White did not send and could not have sent the e-mail in question, that he was in Mexican police custody at the time, and that it was at least highly probable that the e-mail was sent by a woman who later served as the dictatorship's star witness against him.

All of this was simply ignored, and a jury was terrified and intimidated by being "anonymized" into the belief White had some kind of secret army hiding in the woods that would come and slaughter them and their families in the night if they failed to convict him.

The Bill White case is political from top to bottom and has nothing whatsoever to do with any criminal acts committed by anyone, never mind Bill White. Even the dictator's servants admit White never actually did anything at all; he has been held in prison for five years, including almost three years in solitary confinement, for posting things to the internet that the dictatorship doesn't like.

Bill White needs your letters of support:

William A. White #20040199844
324 Campbell Avenue SW
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I know why the Jews have it in for Bill White - he understands them and explains it to other Whites. Can't have that!

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One principle of Jewish Talmudic law now in effect is the principle of descendants being liable for the crimes or debts of their forefathers. The Joos now inflict this on Gentiles in their usury credit schemes where children or even grandchildren are held liable for the credit debts of their parents and grandparents and must pay.

This is also the reason the jews are still going apeshit on the Germans and other white people since the horrible "crime" of attempting to throw off their control in WW2. The Germans of today are held as guilty as their ancestors and will be for many generations to come. There are talmudic tables outlining how many generations such-and-such a crime or offense is to be punished.

As long as you know the right places to read and look, the operations of the Jews are pretty transparent.

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Joseph Anthony said...

To late now but if you read some of the writings of the Anti-Federalists (Who in reality were genuine federalists ,wheres the so called federalists were actually Centralized Unitarians as regards government) they warn that if we adopted the Constitution it would turn into a form of centralized Judicial tyranny since the Supreme Court, and not the states, had the final say so on what is, and what is not,Constitutional.

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