Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Good Christmas News: Edgar Steele Is Alive

[From this week's Radio Free Northwest]

Okay, let’s start out with a little bit of true Christmas cheer. I have finally been able to get a report on Edgar Steele’s situation from inside the Gothic walls of the Victorville maximum security prison in California, and it is better than expected.

One of our prison guys was transferred to Victorville recently and he has been able to speak with Edgar, finally. On the downside, Ed is confined to a wheelchair due to recent heart surgery. By all rights, he should never have been sent to Victorville at all; he’s pushing 70 years old now, he still has an extremely serious heart condition and  he should either be in the federal prison system’s main medical facility in Springfield, Missouri, or else he should be in their geriatric unit at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, which is where the dictatorship sends the old men who are doing ten thousand year sentences to finally die in prison like some insane judge decreed fifty years ago. 

But Victorville is kind of like a medieval oubliette; it’s a hole in the ground into which the dictatorship drops people it wants to disappear. According to our contact, Ed now has long hair and although he’s in a wheelchair he is coherent and as cheerful as can be expected under the circumstances. 

Apparently the rumors about him having had some kind of mental breakdown are not, repeat, not true. Ed is able to conduct a coherent conversation, although he is very easily tired. 

Also, his captors have withheld his mail for well over a year by placing him in some kind of weird security classification, but apparently they are now letting him have a little of his mail from the past two years or so. Ed asked our guy to convey his thanks to me over an article on his situation I ran in the Party’s magazine Northwest Observer which as near as I can figure was over a year old.  

Whether they are allowing him personal letters yet I don’t know. I’ll see if I can find out. Ed said that he had written me a letter thanking me for the article, but that was several weeks ago and I haven’t received it yet, so apparently the commandant of the prison still isn’t allowing him to send any outgoing mail, which is why no one has heard from him for two years. 

I was going to link to the official Edgar Steele site here, but either it's down or my archaic Windows XP can't connect; I'm getting an error message. Try


I checked that and it's still up.


Anonymous Bob M. said...


Most of your comment is accurate, particularly the near-total (if not total) prevention of printed and email communications with Mr. Steele. The "heart surgery" mentioned was not of the open-heart or angioplasty type, but minor surgery regarding a cardiac pacemaker. Mrs. Steele fortunately has had reasonably regular phone contact with her husband. This is the only way the support non-profit (Edgar Steele Defense Fund) officers and Steele family can know of Edgar's current status. We have not promoted relaying these reports so as to not give the prison system reason to shut that communication channel off as well. It's clear the prison excels in isolating those inmates it chooses to further punish.

Best regards 2014,
Bob M.
FES Webmaster

1:20 PM  

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