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Bill White Needs Research Assistant

December 19th, 2013

Hello, Harold:

I want to thanks you for immediately realizing that this indictment in Florida is a crock. More than a  week after it was issued, I still have not seen the actual indictment, nor have I been able to get any kind of official explanation of what's going on. As best I can tell, I am being scapegoated for almost random internet posts made by some person unknown to me, over a situation which is unknown to me. I have many questions. As best I can tell, whoever made these threats e-mailed them to my former account, which I was not tending, and this is the only linkage. None of my e-mails or Facebook accounts were used, and I had nothing to do with this.

I am curious on one point--what the hell is the underlying case these people were arrested for? I thought the American Front was the National Bolshevik "New Resistance," but the SPLC is making some wild claim about an "Aryan compound" in Florida. Does anyone have a clue WTF this is actually all about? If so, please write and tell me.

I've been working on a longer letter to you on the issue of rabbinical methodology, racism, and neo-Platonism. addressing Michael Hoffman's views on these issues, I have nothing but respect for Hoffman, whose works I've discovered, but I believe he is wrong on several points, points which deserve deep thought.

However, a situation has developed, so I'm running off a shorter note. In 2010, when my wife stabbed me in the back, liquidated my business, and ran away with all the money, one person assisted me. That person was [name redacted]. However, over the past year, maybe more, this person has really turned on me--insulting and attacking me on the internet, lying to me in letters he writes, and really double-dealing me and undermining me for reasons I don't understand. After six months of fighting between my bloggers over nothing, [redacted] has admitted lying about being "hacked," lying about not being the person insulting me on message boards, and has refused to return certain property entrusted to him, claiming he will destroy it rather than give it back to me. 

[I won't interrupt Bill's letter with a tirade of my own, except to say that for reasons I have never understood, White Nationalists seem almost incapable of sustained loyalty to a group or individual for any length of time, to the point where treachery is now a recognized hallmark of Movement people. It's kind of who we are and what we do, and it's one of the many things we must change about ourselves if there is ever to be any hope at all for the continued existence of our race. - HAC] 

You see, Harold, my life is a series of betrayals, probably due to my own foolishness. Again and again, I have trusted someone and been stabbed in the back. This is why I now spread trust around and never make myself dependent on just one person's assistance.

However, I now need a historical research assistant--someone to explore the occult aspects of history with me--pagan and occult religions, obscure leaders and figures, and books covered with a thousand years of dust. This has to be someone with time, patience, and a sincere interest in the subject--someone for whom this is not "work" or an obligation, but something you want to do. The job involves internet research, like printing out Wikipedia articles, and often research on obscure genealogical questions, as well as collecting my papers from the half dozen or so people holding them from me.

If anyone out there is interested, they can send me a letter with material on the Byzantine Emperors from Constantine V Copronymus to Michael II the Stammerer, and particularly their relationships and intermarriages with the Khazars. Information on original sources would be helpful.

Thank you for posting this, Harold. It is very easy to trick people in prison, and I have only a handful of folk I can trust. You would be amazed at how much phony mail I get--letters from transsexuals working with the SPLC and similar nonsense. I haven't fallen for those, at least. But I do know that there are good people out there, sometimes in surprising places, and I am willing to be burned from time to time to have the privilege of meeting some of those good people.


William A. White #20040199844
324 Campbell Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24016 


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